hi guy been really having a bad time with my ra lately had a really bad flare up so doctor took me of humira and put me on steroids since been on the steriod i have been having really severe bacache and running the toilet every five mins having no sleep so no they have got to test my loo needs cant go back on the humirs untill my toilet motoin stops so more pain for me great sorry to seem like i am moaning but i really need to tell sum2 thanks xxxxxxxxx

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Ah poor you Ords - I had a 24 hour stomach bug on Friday and Saturday and insomnia for weeks so know how unpleasant that feels. Steroids really upset me too but I find the first week is worse and then it settles down and works on RA better. Hang in there. TTx


Hi Ords,

Sorry have no advise, as not really sure what is going on, seems Humira has stopped working. I hope you feel better soon with steroids.



hi everyone I have ra have been on embrel for a month. Have had severe back pains and keep running to the loo 5x a night been to A E THEY TOLD ME TO GO AWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE ONE KIDNEY)) anyone had similar symptoms

zeban alias rokia


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