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I've had RA since age I8, rheumatoid lung disease, & extreme dry eye is there anything that helps with night driving re light sensitivity?

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Is there anything that helps when driving at night re RA and light sensitivity re dry eye syndrome? I am on infliximab, steroids (long term - over 10 years) anti inflams - celebrex can any of these be causing light sensitivity?

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probably the steroids im afraid x


You can get glasses with a yellow tint that are especially for night driving.

Whether you need glasses or not you can ask at your local opticians or maybe google them as I'm sure places like Betterware used to sell them.


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I have also had RA since about age 18 (57 now), and had increasing eye problems in last year. Now the docs say RETINITIS PIGMENTOSA or else PLAQUENIL TOXICITY. However, I have been off the plaquenil for years. However, I have complete night blindness, so bad that the day the docs told me, I drove my car up a ladys tailpipe and totally wrecked my car. Now I cant drive at all past late afternoon!! However, the Retinitis Pigmentosa is progressive, there is a heredity link, and I may ultimately become blind. That seems really a lot to take, on top of having RA and Sjogrens, also Interstitial Cystitis.....

Extreme light sensitivity is also part of having dry eyes....

There is a new kind of glasses. Check our SuperFocus.com I think I will save up and get some. If I cant read, I dont know what I will do. Yes, there are Talking Books, but that isnt the same as snuggling into bed with a book. Time will tell, I guess.

Good luck to you, and to us all!! This is Nina, writing in from Texas, USA. Wish I was in the UK...

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Thank you all for your replies, I will definately try the night glasses as being able to drive is the only way I can get about.

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