RA, diet, food intolerances and microbiome

Since I'm back in Spain again for warm sun and cold sea didn't see Simba's post so can't comment re andy S removal from the blogs etc. I Promised to let people know re the seminar i attended recently at my old university and will do so IF NOT BLOCKED. I have traced medical research sources re the topic and leaky gut and will try to summarise in small bites when back but i have given keywords hints here. I have no axe to grind re any programs u pay for but am loving the brain activity of being back in a med-psych research environment. fat fingers mean short bursts of typing and typos xxto all

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  • ps - didn't see Simba post till discussion was closed sorry folks x

  • pps! have now beenrererred to a post by Virginied 4 yrs ago re rw food diet which is part of what i learned .. nowt new under the sun is there LOL

  • It's been around along time....


  • Lots of new and ongoing research on this front. Here something interesting.


  • Yes Simba - v v interesting - thanks!! Doing ok on sulfa at the moment having gone to half dose, but still wondering about biologics, not sure .. mixed messages in the research , i think? Anyway, many thanks for this, again. x

  • I think you already are aware of the risks with biologics. What I however find the most worrisome is the fact that biologics is the end of the line treatment. When they stop working, and they do at some point or need to be stopped because of adverse effects then you are left with very little options if you do not have a plan B. To me the best plan B is a dietary form of treatment alongside the meds or without them. The abundant research on microbiome and the effect of nutrition on AI, is very promising as well as the fact that more and more prominant medical doctors are turning to functional medicine, really gives you hope for the future.

  • thanks so much HH - v interesting and has saved my fat fingers from trying to transcribe my scribbled notes - glad u brought it to my attention. all abt asking the right questions ... and more. btw have u come across collagen injections 4RA? seems 'they' considering them 4 brittle bone as well tho' it seems a long stretch. warm sun, cold sea and salads 4 breakfast here xx

  • GranAmie if you are talking about a raw vegan diet I started off raw and then added in some steamed food etc but after a while I think it is easy to get bored so you need to have a wide variety of fruit and veg to keep yourself going. I still eat a lot of raw food but over the years included things like coconut yoghurt etc into my diet I know there has been a lot of info about keeping your fat lows but when I hear about these drs that talk about alzheimer s and the risks of sticking to a low fat I have come to realise it is all about listening to your body and doing what is right for you.

    TBH I think the best way to help reverse stymptoms of any autoimmune disease is to find a good functional health dr who will take the time to do your blood work , give you any herbs etc that will help heal your gut etc etc.

  • yup, the medic who gave the seminar seems to be just that, but not sure, think i'll just stick at no meat or dairy, no processed foods and only theclean organic fruit n veg if i have to buy, and fresh fish as far as poss. also avoiding plastics, .. xploring flax n chia porridge w / almond milk too. You?

  • sorry GranAmie are you trying to ask me what I eat? I think it can be hard to avoid plastic at times for example the coconut water I buy can often be in plastic containers but then Maple Water is in boxes and tbh I believe it gets to a stage where you can be hell bent on worrying what to buy and what not to buy.

    I tend to buy my fruits and veg in bulk and whatever I don't eat I share with friends and family.

    I don't eat fish and I was told by someone called Dr Sebi's to avoid almond milk. You can google him his name will come up

    Just make sure you grind your chia seeds cause apparently we only digest them unless they are grinded up. I either grind mine in a coffee grinder or my vitmax.

    I normally eat raw food during the day but sometimes I change things and for example recently I have buying wraps some are wheat free and some are not. I either buy them from planet organic, whole foods or ocado or waitrose sell and amazon also have a wide range f wraps but I am also really enjoying making vegan pancakes and sticking them on my grill. I also love white potatoes. Don't know if you have read Dr Gregors book how not to die but his website is also very good and the medical medium boosk and his podcasts and seminars are amazing.

    If you need any help with anything you can always inbox me or message me on here. I will reply to you eventually.

  • i try 2 use shorthand as my hands/wrists are a prob but yes that was what i was asking. btw ? vegan pancakes recipe? we have apples plums raspberries n blckcurrants n veg so are lucky


  • Hi you'll be glad to get a bit off sun , we are off to the Costa Brava tomorrow for a week and looking forward to getting the sun on our backs and just going at right time as it is pouring down in Scotland right now

  • enjoy!! xx

  • Interesting on the effect of drugs on microbiome.


  • hey I have been learning about the microbiome for years and have been to a few meetings about it. Any info you can share would be great. If you are not allowed to share it on the page if you can private message me that be great. Thanks.

  • Why would it not be allowed to be shared on this page😳

  • LOL - just testing xx

  • ok - briefish summary at last. BTW got a ring on my finger, 1st time since Dec 2014 so diet must help a bit? down tohalf dose sulfa now too. have ditched all plastics, tinfoil etc. who mentioned dr.mercola -sounds ok 2me too. Here goes comments pse!.1.OUR GENES unchanged for abt 90k years. Human Genome project reveals

    1. we

    each have 20-30k genes PLUS 300k in our gut [microbiome]

    2. very few illnesses are genetic [down's, cystic fibrosis]- most are

    cause unknown, triggered* by diet, envt/pollution , stress, or mix of these.

    3. 'family history' of strokes, arthritis etc = a tendency but needs a

    trigger* to develop. maybe a family tendency to LEAKY GUT?

    4. Gut {MB} affected by stress etc , diet inc Drugs, envt - we absorb

    thru our skin and body orifices.

    5. ENVT FACTORS - crop sprays,weedkillers, plastics, teflon, chemical

    cleaners, SUGARS, sweeteners,tinfoil,additives and FOOD

    6. DIET - grains are relatively new, better avoid[incbaked goods].

    Dairy: small amount if tolerant, use butter/fullcream milk NEVER marg,


    Use fresh organic food as far as poss; avoid DIRTY 15 fruit and veg

    [sprayed, modified] avoid processed food USE SS OR IRON PANS, STEAMERS

    7. ENVT - avoid plastic jars, bottles,freezer boxes, teflon, non stick,


    8. TO REDUCE INFLAMMATION ; Organic berries esp blueberries, fresh

    ginger ,and grated as tea, pickles

    dark choc 70%+ w/ apple peel; wild salmon, oysters

    garlic, rosemary,turmeric, xtra virgin olive oil, walnut oil - but

    not 2 cook

    - use ghee, coconut oil 2 cook

    walnuts hazelnuts,almonds brown rice,quinoa millet, amyranth, black beans - drain and rinse any canned veg

    beetroot, broccolli, spinach, fresh pineapple, canned skipjack

    tuna,eggs, suerkraut, fermented veg, BONE BROTH

    if unsure of fresh veg source, steep in filtered water with trace of vinegar.

    readup on PALEO DIET, avoid red meat, poult pork, PROCESSED MEATS -


    [not sure yet abt salt beef, smoked salmon.]

    v brief summary of 4+ hr seminar

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