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La la la!

Hello all! I hope you are well!

Weve had glorious weather up in the north east of England for the past couple of days. I was driving home from work yesterday and its was 23.5 degrees!

I absolutely love this kind of weather. I love driving in it, walking in it and relaxing in it! Many people ask me whether the weather affects my Arthritis. Now some of you may disagree with but my answer is no. I find that this kind of lovely weather affects my mood more than anything and if Im in pain then thats what helps me manage it. For example when the sun is shining and I can wear my Summer clothes then im going to be in a better mood and be able to deal with my aches and pains more than if it was raining and I was in a hugely bad mood. I dont feel that the weather actually takes away the pain or makes it worse.

Ive been feeling quite chipper recently. Things are going well and I seem to have contained my pain to a reasonable level (as soon as it rains again though, Im sure Ill feel differently!)

The plan for tonight?? I think Im going to clean my car and chill. Wouldnt want to miss out on this gorgeous weather!

This blog post isnt about anything in particular, I just wanted to spread some smiles :) x

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You certainly did that little em,i find the extreme temratures are what does me in. When it goes from cold to very hot very quickly. I have been in the garden with my hubby tidying up and setting seeds. Will take some snaps and post them later.

Enjoy washing your car.



i don't think the weather has much impact on how i feel at all - it certainly makes everyone feel a little chirpier,


Even though I can't go out in the sun without a raging red reaction, its lovely to feel the stirrings and see all the people outside sunbathing and bbquing etc. We have bluebells coming up in our back green in Edinburgh!



Nice to hear from you little-em, and glad things are going well. Hope it all stays that way, even if it rains. Polly


Hi Little em

Nice to hear from you. Really glad that things seem to be going well for you including your pain management. I pulled somthing in my lower back thursday evening changing bed sheets. It's my birthday today and I haven't been able to leave the house due the pain in my lower back, so will celebrate my birthday later this wk. when the pain hopefully eases enough for me to get out and about again.

How is the course going are you on easter hols now? My son came home on friday hence getting his bedroom ready etc.

Don't forget to use sunscreen if the good weather continues where you are!

Sci x


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