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Has it really been two months already?

Well I’m sure we have all heard the expression ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, but maybe it’s more appropriate to say ‘time flies when you’re working hard and having fun’! It has been two months since I joined the ranks of the NRAS team and I have to say I love it. So far at HQ I have been firing out applications to trusts and foundations trying to fund all the different areas of NRAS, so far it is going well and I'm playing the waiting game having sent over 40 applications since March. I was in Brighton in the middle of April for the BSR conference, which was good experience and I recently ventured to Leicester for the launch of our 41st NRAS Group.

The Leicester launch was really something special for me to witness and be a part of. I am currently sending out applications for funding for the work the Volunteer Network, and to see the launch of a group first had, really was beneficial and the passion driving the co-ordinators was inspirational. It also fell to me to stand up and speak about fundraising, which I can assure you, it was a very daunting task with the high turnout of over 70 people! Having never given a presentation to more than 20 people from my Uni classes, it was an experience, but honestly it was a lot of fun, good job too, I’m going to two groups in the coming months (West Middlesex and Uxbridge in May and Sidcup in June) to talk about NRAS and fundraising, hopefully see you there!!

Now let’s get down to my own fundraising in my free time...

Well Easter has gone as quick as it arrived and I found myself hosting a little house warming with some good friends. Saturday evening we were sat in the garden enjoying a couple of chilled beers and far too many burgers and steaks. Maybe it was the beer going to my head, or the smoke coming off the sizzling sausages, but I found myself getting talked into applying for the London Marathon and running for NRAS, I think I even said “How hard can it be”. Well next morning I slept through the coverage of this year’s race and awoke around midday to be greeted by a chocolate egg or two. Fast forward three days to yesterday and I casually mentioned this plan to run, to Val our events fundraiser who said it was a great idea and promptly told anyone and everyone so I couldn’t back out. Well conveniently my friend and I missed the Ballot for the London Marathon, brilliant I thought, the pressure is off! Next thing I knew, we had signed up and been accepted for the Brighton Marathon, being held on the same day, the 15th April 2012. What have I got myself in for.....

Keep your eyes peeled for a justgiving page coming soon, to sponsor us on our quest to tick that box off, from life’s little goals.

Until I write again, enjoy the Royal Wedding if you are watching/celebrating it and if not have a great four day bank holiday, hopefully with some of that brilliant weather we have been having!!


Trust and Grants Fundraiser

P.S. Neither my friend or I have run a race or run any considerable distance before. Oh my, this will be a challenge!

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Hi there Oli, excellent work you do for the NRAS. it's amazing what we say in the heat of the moment especially after a few beers!!

Good on you for giving the marathon a go, before I had RA I was quite fit and to do something like this would have been great, but never mind.

Anyway, I just want to say good luck and happy training over the coming months!!!

mand xx


Hi Mand,

Thanks for the encouragement I feel I will need all I can get!



Hi Oli

Sorry only just read your blog. You do some sterling work and would like to say a big thank you. So is it off the chilled beers and onto the training then? You got to watch that deadly mix of having fun and being slightly quiffy and saying things you regret!

Like Mand I used to enjoy the odd spot of donning trainers and loved running all over the Malvern Hills with my old doggy Hollie, RIP. Come rain and shine, funnily enough I enjoyed it more in the rain! Ah those were the days..... so I am envious! I was training for a walk up Killimanjaro for a mental health charity when I started with plantar faciitis and it has been all down hill since then.

Oh god I always go on on and on.

Here look, have a good train and the best of luck, you'll love it!

Thanks again.

Julie xx


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