New fellow here, used the HealthUnlocked site when I quit smoking, now I have Rheumatism, been diagnosed almost a year now. I am on 8 x mtx, folic acid, omeprazole, naproxen (as and when required, about 1x500 a day, at times 2), amiltriptolyne, fish oil and the odd bottle of newcastle brown ale and the odd zopiclone.

I'm from Leicester, so looks like we will be poping over to meet the Warwickshire NRAS gang as theres no group in Leicester.

Its been quite a scary journey, my first meds were a huge jab of roids into my swollen knee and a few doses of hydroxychloroquine which turned me into a walking boil and my skin fell off ;-) That was a rough intro to RA! I honestly didnt think I would make it.

I have osteo arty in my feet too, that hurts more than my knees. Things are a settling down a bit since I went on the mtx. I do have a few issues which I could use advice on, but I thought I would say "Hello" first ;-)

kind regards


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  • Welcome to the nut house,


  • Hi Snnoze Master and welcome... Well go on then - hit us with those few issues - we'll do our best!! 🙃


  • My main issue is fatigue, utter outright shatteredness! I am managing to work full time, but it leaves me with nothing, I spend most of Saturday in bed and Sundays getting my work stuff sorted, my house is falling to bits! What can I do?

    I feel like I need to hire a gardener, a window cleaner and perhaps a bit more help, it doesnt seem fair for my wife to have to do "my jobs" as she works long days, we dont really have lots of money, would I be able to get some financial help? I had the pip form come thru twice, but as funny as this sounds I just didnt have the energy mentally and physically to go thru it, it seems designed to stop me bothering, does RA qualify for a little financial help? My problem being I just want to scrawl on the form "I DONT HAVE THE ENERGY FOR THIS". ;-)

    Ive become a little short fused, Ive never been like it before, is it a side effect of the meds or lack of good quality sleep?

    I have all sorts of aches and pains, I was wondering if I am perhaps ready to seek stronger pain relief.

  • Yes ra does qualify  for pip as i know i have got it. It is a hard form to go through,but it is worth filling the booklet in,also welcome to this site.xxxxx

  • As regards PIP form, you can get support from Citizens Advice.  Why not book an appointment to fill out the form?  I think most bureaux book a long appointment slot for a PIP form, an hour or more, so the hardest bit for you might be getting the time off work.  

    The CAB adviser will know exactly what the questions are getting at so that you don't waste words or go off at a tangent.  I'd recommend that you prepare by looking through the form and having a think about how RA & OA affect the way you function on a daily basis.      

  • And I hope you go for it.  Do it for all of us!  I for one would enjoy thinking of a hard-working fellow like yourself getting a bit of extra cash to make life easier or more enjoyable.  

  • Hi, certainly make an apt with cab to do form. I applied when it was DLA and was awarded care and mobility. I wasworking 40 hours a week. It meant would afford the help needed to let me keep on working.x

  • Hello Snooze Master. I think you are seeing things quite clearly. The pain is something most people in our situation can cope with. Fatigue is the real bummer. It drains the last bit of strength from your whole being and makes you a different person. It will get better though. Hopefully you'll soon get medication that will make you feel better and that in turn may lessen the fatigue. You have willpower and determination so I'm sure you'll get through this. RA/RD is not the end. It's the beginning of a journey and I wish all the very best. NRAS is an invaluable source of help and information and of course so are all of us here. Been there - living with it. Good luck. 

  • I slept most of the weekend away, I can't believe how much I sleep these days, I can sleep 12 hours, get up for a cuppa and then go back bed for another couple of hours.

  • Still getting about ok, on Embrel now and MTX. Its works well for me apart from a very very nasty infection in my hand that tracked. Went back on the drugs and now have one in my right leg. Coping ok with all that kinds of nonsence, still struggling with the fatigue. I also find Im very foggy minded now!

    Kind regards from Leicester!

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