frequency of prehistoric gold injections?? any one know??

went for rheum appt??.. having 50mg.. fortnightly??.. just bout to have 2nd jab in the rear todar thurs.. rheum nurse.. asked me bout meds.. just wrote down list I gave her.. then asked how doing on gold.. well ok so far..weekly she said?... fortnightly??.. are you sure she said?? yep i know how often some one sticks needle in my bum!!. (know didnt actually say that to her!!)

look at bloods i helpfully suggested...she huffedand puffed.. some kind of upgrade.. has happened to computer patient notes.. whilast off>>!!. oh she said... the old.. stufff. april. and before.. diff place on computer!!.. look at date i helpfully said.. yes .. fortnightly.. by then bit cross.. did say...

correspondence.. between hosp and drs,, bit adrift>>>>???

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Hi Alison, Don't know much about gold as I've never had it, but I did have a look. generally gold is started at one injection per week 50mg, then if your doing well this can be reduced to fortnightly or even monthly.

Hers is a link that might be helpful;

Sorry I couldn't help more, but good luck I'm sure someone else can give you more information.

Hope your feeling better, take care

mand xx


ta mand-- had looked appears should be weekly things going well for me as usual,, becoming an old cynic


Oh Summer Ali, it could only happen to you chick, it's because you have the medical knowledge morethan them sometimes, I too wonder if they know what they're talking about, the last time I saw rheumy nurse a new one to the dept. I was telling her what meds and dosage to take and also explained bloods,maybe we should set up our own clinic, Mand Ali Julie Sue Lyn Wonky jenny warrior and all the gang.

have a good hol

love triciax


yes lets slowly getting ready for hol tomorrow,, just got back and blood test at gp.. staff there much nicer than the hospital lol xx im signing off now xx


URGH, how frustrating ... and how frustrating too that the nurse took her irritation out on you. I would have made the needle in the bum comment to her ... then again, maybe that's why they don't like me much up at the hospital! :-)


I had mine weekly and after three months changed to two weekly. Also had mine in the thigh where it is much easier to ensure it goes 'intra muscular' and you feel the benefit of the full dose. Sticking needles into 'wobbly' backsides isn't quite as effective! Somewhere I had a report on this but it must be 15 years+ old so maybe things have changed :)

Lyn x


the jury is out then on the frequency.. top of bum.. mine quite firm welcome back lol c


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