Help with a cough

I have had a bad cough now for three weeks. After the first week I went to my GP who gave me a course of antibiotics. It seemed to clear and I finished the course last Wednesday over the weekend it started to come back again and last night I could not sleep as all I did was cough, anyone else had this. I am in the process of moving and am living with my brother until I can move to my new home. Any suggestions from anyone on what to do next

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Hi Lesley - you will have to remind us all - do you take MTX and what other drugs are you on? Tilda


Hi Tilda I take 10mgs of methotrexate folic acid three times a week and naproxen when needed. I don't take any thing else for my RA


Personally I think it would probably be best if you see/speak to your GP again. Sometimes either more or a different antibiotic may be needed.

Hope you feel better soon



Thanks for the replies, just been to the Docs another round of antibiotics


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