Hi everyone, me again!!! Had to get the on call doctor out this afternoon and he has given me a prescription for clarithromycin antibiotic, told me to up the ventolin and symbicort. I have another infection and he said there is mucus in the lungs that needs to be shifted. Also ointment for my conjunctivitis. Hope these work as I feel lousy. Just loads of rest and keep taking the pills and plenty of fluids. Hope your all ok'ish.


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  • Oh Jan, as if that was wanted or needed! I might be tempted, given your history & that it was an out-of-hours that you've seen, to ask your GP if it would be an idea to have a sputum sample tested, what do you think? x

  • Just hope the Antbiotics kick in soon, if not I'll be back to GP"


  • Oh that doesn't sound good. And I am impressed you have Drs that call at your house. We don;t have that here! I hope it all works for you and you start to mend. Keep an eye on that chest though it can turn to pneumonia quickly.

  • Hi Someonesmother, it's very rare that my own gp would make a home visit, but as it was the weekend we have out if hours GPs, because of my breathing and conjunctivitis I was advised by the call centre not to drive, otherwise I would have gone to them. I hope it all starts to mend too, feeling really weak and got the shakes. I'm sure it will clear soon. Hope you are doing ok.


  • Ours still wouldn't do home visits hahah I am glad you have that option as I am very sure there are times I so shouldn't have been driving but I had no option. I hope you start to feel better soon. Sounds awful.

  • Oh my darling you are rough aren't you. Sending you big gentle hugs for a speedy recovery.xxxx

  • Thank you Sylvia for gentle hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery. Hope you are not too bad today.


  • Hi Jan hasn't your doctor perscribed Muycadine for shifting the mucus of your chest? I use it 2 tablets 3 times a day it is going for breaking it up.

    Might be worth asking hope you feel better soon. Rose x

  • I have had this in the past, but it was an out of hours GP that called. I think with all the other meds he just prescribed clarithromycin and upped my inhalers. My hearing is better today, but not quite right, but I still feel lousy. Suppose it takes time for the antibiotics to kick in. If not better in a few days will vist GP again. Thanks for your advice.


  • Try high dose Liposomal Vitamin C 1000mg in glass of orange juice and also 1000mg powder Vit C in orange juice, drink plenty of water. Try to take 3000mg of Vit C a day . Take the powder up to bowel tolerance level and top up with liposomal. Google for selection. It will help clear lungs and any other infection. Best natural anti bacterial known to man. Read about Linus Pauling 2 times Nobel prize winner for his research. God bless.

  • Hi NMHs, yes I think this would have to be looked into further. I do have a varied diet and think I probably get my daily quota of vitamin C, but I'm a bit sceptical due to my other medications and medical problems.


  • Also your diabetes has to be taken into consideration Jan, it's always best to be guided by your GP or nurse, they know your medical history. ;)

  • Yes that's what I'm concerned about. Will be guided by GP I think on this.


  • Hi a believer, not sure about this, will have to look into it further. I do have varied diet and think I have a good daily intake of vitamin C and also the Orange juice may or may not cause a problem with my type 2 diabetes. Certainly worth a look at though. Thanks.


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