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Sciqueen sends her regards.....

I have had a message from sci today, she has good news. She is doing that well on cimzia that they have reduced her mtx to 15mg. She is busy getting ready to go back to work next week and asked to pass on her news. She still pops in and reads the blogs,but she is so busy at the moment all she can do is read them.

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I know the feeling, good to know tx is working and reduction of mtx great.

Thanls Syl.



great news! delighted thats she's better and well enough to be too busy for us lot!! lol

so happy for her, thanks sylvi xx


Oh how lovely for her, I wish her all the best too! she sounds like she's heading in the right direction.


That's fabulous news - lots of delight from me too long may it last! Tilda x


That is good news!

Im on cimzia, and I think they are going to take me off it, but I am begging them to keep me on it! I just feel so good right now, but my neutrophils keep dropping - I put it down to the six months of stress at work, but I will listen to them!!

Any way - take care and don't work too hard!!

:) Pen


Great news Sci

Don't work to hard and remember to take some time out for you.

Beth xxx


Hi All

Thanks to you all for your support. I hate the new term as its always hectic!

Will blog sometime this month, when things settle down a bit and hopefully I will adjust to being back at work.

Many thanks Sylvi for posting on my behalf.

Take care all Joanne x


Really glad to hear that you are doing so well. Try and take it easy going back to work.

Take care Joanne

Wendy x


That's marvelous news Sciqueen, all the best for the future x


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