Second knee 8 days on or something

I'm recovering away here. Last time the physio was keen to get me going but yesterday she was quite impressed by the bruising so encouraged me to stick with the rest and exercises which suits me. She says I can start more walking in a week. 

But my bends are going quite well and I'm waggling my feet to keep the circulation going. 

One unexpected side effect is that the inflammation from my RA has subsided noticeably, hands less swollen. Maybe it's the painkillers but I'm grateful for the respite as next load of rituximab isn't due til end of May.

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  • Best wishes Cathie. Hope you continue to recover well


  • So happy your making good progress

  • Keep going, well done xx 

  • I hope you are feeling ok and keep wiggling ! xxxx

  • Yes I like having permission to rest!! But I am trying to do a few things!

  • Really encouraging news. Excellent


  • Nice to hear your doing well cathie keep it going xxx

  • What better reason to sit wiggling your toes, your Physio said so. I hope you continue to improve steadily Cathie. x

  • Thanks friends! I had company in my afternoon rest - our cat came and sat on me which made me forget the dull ache I had. Pain isnt too bad, but then we RAers are used to a bit arent we.

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery.  Sounds like you are going great guns there Cathy. x

  • Well done, Cathie. It sounds as if you are done really well.   

    As you know, I'm having knee no.1 done on 21 June.  Can hardly walk at all now, but I'm keeping up with the floor exerciser.   Are you able to do stairs?   I have a loo downstairs, but no shower room, so am wondering how I will cope in the early stages.

    Off to Cornwall on Wednesday, for some sea air, and hopefully a little painting.  I need to recover the creative plot; my open studio is looming.

    Jo X

  • They make sure you do stairs before letting you out.  You will be surprised how 'strong' the joint feels (might be slightly different with your parts replacement).  Find a shoulder bag that you can manage with your crutches so you can take things up and down stairs with you (painkillers and a bottle of water for night time).     Hope the weather is good for you Wednesday although it is not looking good for the weekend.  Farm

  • Thanks, Farm. I've already got my 'stairs bag' . I've been using it for 2.5 years, I couldn't cope without it.    

    I'm getting quite excited.

     Weather forecast is not good. I hope they're wrong!  Jo 

  • Good that all going well!  Don't forget that rest is as important as exercise at this stage, make the most of it. Once you get going there'll be no stopping you!!! M xx

  • Yes. My cat Arran is the secret rest weapon. She pins you down for a rest and purrs! 

  • Lovely news keep wriggling the toes and striking the cat good therapy.x

  • Your doing well girl, keep up the good work.....xx

  • Thanks everyone for the encouragement. It was more bruised than the first so I'm not in a hurry to do a lot but the bending is doing well. And it feels more stable when I walk - more even. 

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