Ouch! is this RA

Hello all can anyone help?

I get an ache in my shoulder, nothing I can't cope with, it doen't hurt to move it neither does the elbow which doesn't ache, but...... the bit of arm between shoulder and elbow is excruciatingly painful If I try to move the arm away from the body or in any direction. It can happen to left or right. Is this RA do you think?

Since thursday I have had the problem for 12-18 hours at a time, on three occasions.

I wonder ....if this is RA perhaps the anti-tnfs are working which would explain the short sharp pain sessions. I have been on Cimzia for eight weeks.

thanks bloggers and blogettes

Sue x

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  • Hi Sue.. I really don't know if this is RA But it is something I have suffered with too. Like you can't do anything with your arm because it hurts so much and pulls. But having said that it was a symptom I had before I was diagnosed with RA???? But i recognise the same problem as you. Hope someone can help and answer this one

    Take care Julie xxx

    (How is the sandal surfing going?)

  • absolutely love the lime green wolky sandals but is that a practical colour now debating whether I have the courage to be a lime green fashionista or should I go for something cheaper so I can get another colour decisions...decisions......and why am I worried, who cares what colour my shoes are anyway!!!!!

    Sue x

  • Love your style Su... if you like lime green, go for it... xxx

  • have painful shoulders and v bad elbows too at moment physio had emailed my consultant, she says elbows are swollen and is muttering about possible carpel tunnel syndome caused by RA too!!. going great guns as usual sigh!! v possible your is a similar problem?

  • Hi Sue, I had a very similar problem recently and paid my gp a visit as I wasn't sure either and as I was having the occasionally pins and needles in my hand when I lay on that side thought it was best to get it checked. Was given a thorough examination and was told it was muscular pain,I presume your talking about the humorous bone, around that area? that's where my pain was and it was very painful too. I was given ibuprofen for a few days and it certainly helped me, if I were you i would do the same and pay gp a visit if it doesn't ease.

    Good luck

    Mandy xx

  • Hi Sue

    I have the same problem with my upper arms. Elbows are rubbish too. I have some physio on my neck and shoulders because they keep seizing up which helps for a little while but I can't bear her working on my elbows or arms as it is far too painful.

    When I saw your pic I didn't realise it was Mother T from the thumbnail and was thinking how badly the RA had taken it's toll !! Sorry!.

    I can't take anti inflammatory drugs as i am still on steroids for GCA but wish I could. I take panadol but it's not very effective.

    Hope it eases for you



  • Caroline you really made me laugh regardless of looks, I would be proud to be mistaken for Mother Theresa xx

  • Hi Sue

    My shoulders ache and are sore at times. I have lost strength in holding things too like large cappachinos n stuff which i like! also elbows hurt and wrists are v weak too. OH and dont want to leave out fingers. Consequently keep dropping things. Just put it all down to RA. Not sure if thats right but it makes sense, sort of

    fi xx

  • Hi Sue. On a few occasions I've woken up with terrible pain between the shoulder and elbow, seems more on the muscle than any joint and too painful to move and it lasts hours. I put it down to the RA cause it seems you can get pain pretty much anywhere with this condition. Just a case of take the painkillers and carry on.



  • hi Sue

    I have this and it's def RA as I had radio active xray that showed up the RA in my neck shoulders elbows wrists fingers knees and ankles, it's actually a relief in a strange way knowing that is what the pain is but I worry if my hips start to ache, so I would have a word with your GP or Rheumy nurse, just to rule out anything else.


  • I have this too. spoke to rhuemy nurse last time about it and said that it was painful between the area of shoulder and elbow and again between elbow and wrist. she said it is referred pain from the shoulder and elbow and is the RA. Hope that helps. Jules x

  • Thanks everyone for your advise, sounds like it is defo RA causing the problem which is fine, accept it and move on.......just didn't want to be missing something different.......doh! like I need something new to add to my ailment list!!

    take care all

    Sue xx

  • Hi Sue

    I think it needs checking out (sorry to be awkward!) :)

    RA affects the synovium around the joint causing pain and inflammation. It doesn't willy nilly cause pain in areas that aren't joints! However as juliep suggests it could be that the RA problem in an elbow or shoulder is causing referred nerve pain. It could also be muscular pain from holding the shoulder or elbow in an awkward position.

    Nerve pain can be dealt with meds, muscular pain with guidance from a physio.

    Better to air on the side of caution I always think. Hope you get some improvement soon :)

    Lyn x

  • ** air ** brain not in gear .... should be "err"! What an 'err' or to make!!

  • Oh Lyn you make I laugh... as they say down 'ere. :-) :-)

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