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Trying to get pregnant with RA

Hi, this is my first post on here. I normally try to keep my chin up and keep going on my own, but recently I've started to realise that I need more support. Having to come off medication I know is working is really difficult. I know it is for an amazing reason and is really the best reason anyone could have, but it's difficult. Even more so when the idea of getting pregnant for other people can be a happier and easier time.

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on how to cope with increased pain in hands and feet without taking any more meds whilst trying to get pregnant ? Any advice and guidance would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

A tiring primary school teacher at the end of her tether.

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Hi Elaine, not sure if you've tried this but if you type in pregnant into the search box (top right hand) you'll see previous similar posts. You could send a personal message to see how if anyone in same situation got on?

I'm so thankful that my RA didn't present itself fully until my baby was born but looking back I did show signs for months before falling pregnant however they went into remission until my daughter was born.

Hopefully this will happen to you.

It's so unfair, what should be an exciting time can be fully of pain and anxiety.

I wonder sometimes if a support group for women with RA trying to get pregnant up to having children (not to mention the grannies ect!) would be a good idea, I found this site when diagnosed and it was a lifeline for me having the support from my cyber 'aunties' . something like mumsnet? Sorry, getting carried away :)

Is there not some meds you could take? I'm sure someone else here could advise better. I was very lucky, my RA was under control within 10months, meds starting to fail now but for me, the only thing that would ease the pain is holidaying in a dry heat country! Found myself checking world weather for humidity this morning, Paris was looking good :) you'll be finished for summer holidays soon?

Sorry I can't advise much but wish you well and hope you get some relief soon x

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Thank you 😄 I always say to my husband we should move somewhere hot and dry. X

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Maybe Occ Health could help with a workplace assessment? Perhaps they could suggest different ways of working or aids that might be useful?

Have you had referrals to Occupational Therapy and Orthotics at your hospital? OT can help with aids/splints/different ways of tackling things. My orthotics make the difference between being able to work with my sore feet and not.

At a less technical level - how much can you get your pupils to do around the classroom in terms of moving things, keeping tidy, handing out books etc?

All the best. I hope you go into remission once you are pregnant.


I have orthotics from my podiatrist which help so much. I saw the Other when I first started working at this school but since coming off my meds, my symptoms have got worse again. I will speak to my head about getting a referral.

The children have been very good and I have 'helping hand's who do different jobs. I think the ot is probably going to be the next step.

My problem has always being stubborn and trying to carry on as I used to. And I can't really do that any more.

Thank you 😄


I do that too. Think of it as adapting to a new situation and not as giving in. :)

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I do feel for you, it is very hard (and painful). I had steroid injections in my most troublesome joints (knees) and the big overall steroid injections (the one in backside!) that helps your entire body- forget what it is called. I was also on prednisilone, painkiller and anti-inflamms but discovered after about 3 years that I shouldn't have been on diclofencac but that is another story. I actually was very ill and not sure how I would have managed as a teacher. I was working in an office and they were vaguely lenient about me getting in late as I couldn't move. My friends used to pick me up with their car and take me to work on very bad days of which there were more than a few. Best wishes, hope it happens for you very soon,


Thank you. I'm not on diclofenac as it does'nt agree with me. I think if I do need steroids, I'm going to have to suck it up. I'm not a fan of them but if needs must. Thank you 😄 x


I actually did ok on the steroids, I didn't have any of the side effects of bloating or weight gain that I was worried about. Took me a long time to wean myself off them after I had my twins and was well medicated again (methotrexate and Humira) however, but I did manage it by going down slowly. Best wishes x


I have RA almost all my life from the early childhood. As I've discovered, a mostly vegetarian diet doesn't aggravate RA condition. And from Yoga classes I know, that fasting on water (weekly) helps to eliminate toxins from the body and thus diminish the pain too.  But, occasionally  the joints get inflated, and then the willow bark tea, some homeopathy and hot/cold compress  are a good help to ward of the tearing pain. 

Now I have 3 grown up daughters and hope YOU will have your kids as well 😊


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