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Still rather confused after 1st appointment...............mmmm

Not the experience I was expecting...bloods ,....x-rays( Everything except FEET!!)......then a massive steroid jab in the bum!!

He ignored the fact that my previous bloods were RF positive!!...then said we dont take any notice of them...EH!....Thats why the GP sent me along with the pains in my poor feet!!

Took scans of both wrists and hands saying there very inflamed. Then said grip was poor off to Physio for you my dear! (grr!..Im not his dear!!!!!)...

Then handed me a scrap of paper with Glucosamine etc on....said go buy and take these ......come back in 6month

Not likely Im thinking.......

Anybody know how long these steroid jabs last??

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mmmm, same as you, that sounds strange. Steroids work for me within 48 hours and last about six weeks.

Did he say he would send you an appointment for the nurse specialist, in general i think they let you see the nurse in between consultant appointments, and you see the consultant if there are major flares or side effects, and I wasnt allowed to have any physio whilst i was very inflammed but maybe that was just me?

why dont you ring the specialist nurse and ask them, they will have the treatment plan in writing and ask them what treatment he is thinking of putting you on so that when the steroids wear off you have started some RA treatment, and ask when u see the nurse as you need more advice than this for your long term care?

Ye for me ring and pester the helpline, if they didnt give you that number just ring the rheumy department and ask for advice. good luck!!


Thanks for responding Allanah.......x

I have to say the steroid jab is bloody wonderful......can move around almost without pain !!!

Just dont want it to end...................cos then I'm in the do dah!!!! Have been diagnose with a massive Gallstone, (so much more pain!) so the medication I can take is limited atm ...

But I will take your advice and chase up the nurse .....

Your right I need a plan.....

Thanks again Allanah...


ps to top it all off ..have developed a chronic cough.......tis now 1:35 am.....cough cough cough ......argggggrrrrr


let us know what they say?


I'm with Allanah on this


I have a massive gallstone and it doesn't affect the RA medication I've been prescribed at all. Perhaps he is just waiting to see what the further blood tests reveal and what the scans come up with before diagnosing and treating you. They should explain this to you though.


That sounds like poor treatment.. ignoring a positve RF factor.. I beliieve it is possible for a false positive but thats not the point.. the other symptons seem to point to RA?

Are you less than 50?? if so its more likely to be inflammaorty arthritis than osteo.. glucosamine is only good for osteo


Does sound strange if you have other symptoms of inflammatory arthritis.... A small number of people do have a positive RF result and are perfectly healthy, in others the RF result is because of other things like glandular fever. But if you have all the other signs then I thought they should look at you overall and not just one blood test. You could also go and see your GP and ask what the consultant has said, as they should send a letter to GP reporting on their diagnosis. And the GP can chase a bit too. Awful when you' ve waited ages for the appointment and you don't get a clear result. Hope you manage to get through to the nurse. Polly


well at least they gave you something! I had my first appt about 5 months ago now and they sent me off with we will wait and see, have a few more tests, then had a blood test sent me a script in the mail and then ignored when I rang and said Oh I have had a reaction to the med stopped taking it.....and on and on. I go back in mid August and I am going to demand some action this time. I sympathise with you it is frustrating and makes you angry that you are expected to live in agony and just cope. I just call the hospital the sausage factory squeeze you in and then spit you out the other end with no care!


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