Hitting rock bottom

Hi everyone,

Im really having a rough time at the moment and unable to sleep.

Im kept awake by this nasty pain in the middle of my upper back. It goes on and on when im laid in bed trying to sleep nd has started to go into my chest. The pain in my chest is like stabbing. Im not worried that its heart related as the stabbing is not there when im not laid down. Im thinking its has to be coming from either soft tissue, bone fracture or bone spurs, from my lungs or from my stomach area. The problem is getting anything done about it. Iv an appointment to be seen at the muscular skeletol department in about three weeks..but what if the pain in coming from a very different cause. My doctor referred me there because i requested an untra sound scan on my shoulders and soft tissue in upper back, i was told i had to be seen by them first.

I have cervical spondylitis, spine degeneration and OA of the whole spine.

I dont know what to do next, nothing relieves the pain and im so exhaused all the time.

Has anyone expereinced anything like this?



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  • Please go and see your GP and describe what you are experiencing. It may be something or nothing. Sounds like you could at the very least do with a review of your pain relief.

  • Thanks...iv been to see my doctor lots of times over past few weeks. She says she can not order ultra sound until i see muscular skeltol first. I know thats not true in of all doctors. The thing is they dont know whats causing my pain so they should be finding out.



  • I'm sorry I'm not of much help Christine but just to say I hope It's sorted & soon.

    One thing though, you're feet aren't causing you any problems are they? It's just something my Podiatrist said to me yesterday, that pains do have the ability to occur elsewhere if you're walking differently, compensating for painful feet & proved to me today with new orthotics. It would seem odd I admit as it's centralised in your chest though. Also, has your GP checked your lungs, listened to your breathing through a stethoscope?

    I hope whatever it is either goes away of it's own accord or is easily fixed. x

  • I do sometimes get pain in my heel. This pain in upper back always comes on when im trying to sleep. Doctor listened to my chest last week she said everything was ok.

    Went to endo who is now testing for another rare tumour...when will it end. Carcinoid tests came back normal but hes testing for that again and another one. The reason for these tests are due to dry facial flushing and bouts of hotness.

    I just dont know anymore other than something is not right.

    Thanks for your support and i will keep you updated.


  • Exactly, this is is why I think the medical professionals have to listen to their patients, they know their bodies better than anyone. Did your GP listen to your back of just your chest?

    I do hope the visit to the Endo is fruitless, that's all you'd need.

    Please do keep me updated Christine, take care. x

  • Hey, so sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I do not have experience with sharp pains like you are describing, but I do have experience with other types of pains in the neck and shoulder area. What has helped me in the past is taking hot baths or hot tubs, because the heat (and jets if you're comfortable with them) help relax and release tense muscles. Make sure you submerge yourself right up to the base of your skull so you get as much of your neck and shoulder area in as possible. Gentle stretching may also help relieve some of the pain. Sounds pretty intense so you probably won't get it resolved until you get in to see the doctor, but these suggestions may help you tolerate it. Good luck!

  • Thanks..yes any tips are welcome....id love a good nights sleep.

    What i dont understand is the pain when im at rest..i dont think it can all be down to OA and from what iv read people with OA expereince pain but not usually a feeling of being very unwell.



  • I have RA and recently been experiencing it in my shoulders which then makes my muscles around my shoulders spamsium and ot just keeps going on and on. Ive been finding if my hubby massages the area before i lay down the massage hurts like hell but its enougj to get some presure released. Then i jave put an electric blanket on my bed the warmth from underneath has been helping aswell.

  • Thats what it feels like..muscles that keep going on and on. iv not got RA buy maybe its from OA.

  • Ooh! I had something similar for eight years. I called it the"twangs". My physio found that three vertebrae in my mid back were almost solid and didn't flex. Because of this no mattress supported that area and after two or three hours of lying down my chest muscles went into spasm because it was them trying to support that area. I now do Hatha yoga and some Pilates to help keep the area mobile. Haven't gad the twangs since. Even if your pain is totally different, don't give up. Good luck x

  • Iv always wanted to try yoga to help with relaxation. Iv learnt more coming on this site than from all the specialists iv been to. They never say that muscles can get fatigued and go into spasms.It makes sense that if the spine is diseased the muscles will be affected.

  • I have had problems with pain between my shoulder blades. It is worse for me after going to sleep,sitting and walking, uphill particularly. It sometimes goes round to the front and I then fear that I am getting shingles again!

    I asked the rheumatologist who thought it was postural. I went to the osteopath,in case it was due to spinal problems that I have elsewhere, who said it was not her department, but the massage that she did helped. She suggested I saw an Alexander Therapist and this has helped a lot. I now (when I remember) walk differently and don't get the pain, sit differently and get less, and I'm now working on the posture at night with pillows, to correct this - but that's difficult to alter the habits of a lifetime of sleeping like cocoon on my side.

    I hope that helps you to look at your own individual problem.

  • Funny you should say that..iv been trying to stand straight, shoulders back..but so had to do when so so stiff.

  • Hi

    It was a pain like this that got me diagnosed with RA .It turned out to be Costochondritis made worse by chest infection and undiagnosed lung nodules. It took a few months of dmards, antibiotics and heavy pain relief for it to go, and I still have problems if I get an infection now. Lying on my front with a pillow under my upper chest/shoulderspropping me up helped and so did massage and physio exercises .I also found that a neoprene chest wrap /support helped,I got mine off e bay for about £10 .

    Hope it gets better soon I hate it as I find that the lack of sleep means that my other symptoms get worse.

  • Had call from endo today, iv gone hypp after being on thyroid meds for 5 years. Its all very odd i dont seem to have hypo symptoms but bloods say otherwise.

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