Things are moving on

Things are moving on

This is a first the surgeon has rung up to see how i am. He has reviewed all the files and test that i have had. He asked when i was having this nuclear bone scan,told him 15th march and i told him i had my pre-op,which he was pleased to hear about. He enquired as to how i'm walking and how was i managing the pain. What difference to the last hospital where they put my knee in wrong.

I am very tired another bad night.This will soon pass,it always does. Just got to put up with it while it lasts. Still in a lot of pain with my joints.

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glad you made the change. I hope that this is an indication of more good things to come for you.

Really sorry to learn that you are still experiencing joint pain - so am I, so you are not alone on that front.

Any idea when you can restart mtx? Will it be after the op??

Take care Sci x


I think so. I've never had a surgeon ring me up before,have you ever heard of it? We're in good company aren't we,only the best get to suffer like we do.

I am going through that phase where i'm not sleeping again.Was down here 3.00am this morning. I was up before my daughter came home at 4.30 after having gone to the casino with some friends of hers.

Take care love sylvi.xx


Things are sounding more positive for you this time around Sylvi. I've certainly never heard of a surgeon phoning patients at home. He sounds more on the ball and hopefully he'll sort you out soon. x


I'll just bet he's been imported from the US!

It is so gratifying to know when you have a good rapport from your doctor, it is comforting to know he will be taking an active interest in how you get along. I'll bet he calls you after surgery too.

You know, think about what it is he's doing to him. He is selected by you to repair a previous surgery gone wrong. He is going to make every effort to do all he can to make sure you are walking normally. Do you suppose he knows the first surgeon personally? Probably not.

You know Sylvi, all of us are going to be so anxious to follow you on your way to rehabilitation. Daily progress notes would be good! You will need a good, liquid ink pen, so you don't have to struggle to write, and a notebook. That will be your journal, and you will be amazed at how useful that book becomes. You can take it to all your GP and Consultant appts.

How's that for an assignment??

Did you ever get the paraffin bath for your hands? Take care, L.xx


Yes loretta i do have a wax bath, Paula i have never heard of it before,but i have to say it bulids my confidence in the nhs. I have heard nothing but good things about him. It was my rheumy nurse who put me on to him,so that says a lot about the hospital that did my last op. It says something when you get told to go somewhere else and get reccomended to a certain surgeon the state of the hospital i am being treated. Though having said that my rheumy team are brilliant at that hospital.

As soo as i get out i will blog and let you all know the highs and lowsnandnthe funnies. That will be a blog methinks.

Its 4.30am and yes i'm up.

Take care all.x


Hi Sylvi, my surgeon phones me at home so not unusual and my Rheumy consultant has phoned me several times to see how I am particularly after a bad flare. He is such a lovely man and very caring.

Sorry you are still suffering with your knee and it will probably not feel much better until the operation. Have you tried a cold pack on the knee at all? I find that does help a great deal. Try to get some sleep in the afternoons to make up for the lack of it during the night.

I must admit to a bad night last night but that was caused by senior labrador being sick all over the landing in the middle of the night. So had to get up and get it cleared up - Himself slept through it all - typical man! Had to get down on my knees and never thought I would be able to get up again but managed it. Finished washing the carpet (I have some special stain remover to do it) this morning but my knees and shoulder have let me know about it.

Shoulder has been twinging a bit this lasdt 2 days and painful to lie on. Just afraid it is getting ready for another flare up! what a life.

Hope the scan goes ok onthe 15th. Will be thinking of you. Love LavendarLady x


That's great about the surgeon phoning you Sylvi - very reassuring somehow. I have slept badly for just over a week when I had been sleeping well so I know the feeling - it's horrible. Mind you only worse thing is when the dog is sick and you have to clean it up in night - or kids as well - so you have my sympathy too LL. I don't know what our surgeons would be like - can't imagine them phoning but I believe there are a couple of very good surgeons up here too so that's something consoling for me at least!

Good luck tonight at least you can now feel pretty confident that you're going to be in first class hands! TTx


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