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Spent this afternoon painting πŸ–ŒπŸŽ¨

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I spent this afternoon painting something on a scrap piece of corrugated board for my daughter's school Christmas play; it's going to get cut into a jigsaw. It's a very long time since I've drawn, let alone painted anything.

I really enjoyed myself. I've still got a few things to alter when the paint dries...and it's daylight!

I think it's so easy to forget what we actually enjoy doing...it's not great, but I'm sure it will be fit for purpose. 😊

39 Replies
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that’s nice, very good πŸ˜€

Matalow profile image

very talented Moomin thanks for posting

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Your daughter's school will love it as will your daighter. You know you will get some orders from your daughter..Well done you have made a master oiece. xxxx

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Moomin8 in reply to sylvi

πŸ˜…That won't be happening! They are going to trash it in their play - it will be split into a jigsaw puzzle and used in their play 😁

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Moomin8 in reply to thelmar

Thanks 😊I'm really not a painter.

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Wow. That’s really good ⭐️

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Moomin8 in reply to CripLady

Thank you, I'll take that! πŸ˜…

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Moomin8 in reply to CripLady

Thanks for your positive comments πŸ™‚

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About 4 hours earlier....

Work in progress...
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Moomin8 in reply to Moomin8

The daylight was fading fast!

Getting there...
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Moomin8 in reply to Moomin8

Thank you πŸ™‚

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Moomin8

I am an artist and I think you are a painter/artist! A lot of talent. Well done. Hope you’ll be inspired to do some more art. πŸŽ¨πŸ’—

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It looks amazing!

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Looks good. Wouldn't have thought corrugated card is the easiest to paint on. Good luck making the jigsaw.

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Moomin8 in reply to ABwn

Thanks, but corrugated board is what was presented to me πŸ˜†

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ABwn in reply to Moomin8

Definitely need good luck. I'm sure you'll be fine and your daughter will be so proud of you.

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How absolutely lovely. I have got through some rough times since my GCA diagnosis by sitting hand sewing a big hexagon quilt with lovely fabrics. And watching the birds on the feeders. Now making a Christmas throw for my great niece Ebony's Christmas Present. You are so right it's easy to loose ones real self with these immune illnesses and drug side effects.πŸ‘πŸ’πŸŽ„

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Moomin8 in reply to KASHMIRI1

Amazing! Well done you πŸ‘πŸ» Maybe, when you've finished, you could share a photo f it with us?

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KASHMIRI1 in reply to Moomin8

Maybe l will try to work out how to do that

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Wow! That's beautiful! You have a rare talent and I'm envious

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πŸ˜„Seriously? But thanks anyway 😁

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Another WOW from me. I’m so envious of your talent. It’s beautiful.

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What a lovely thing to do. I hope that you will pick up pencil and brush more often again now. It must be a very mindful pass time. Good on you!xxx

StormySeas profile image

That’s lovely ❀️

Gymcactus profile image

Fantastic, I belong to an art and textile group, we all need a hobby of some sort to take our minds off our aches and pains.

L-ttie profile image

That looks so fabulous.I love all the vibrant colours you’ve used and especially the part with the shepherds,angel and that glittering star.How lucky those children are!

I started going to an art class about 4 years ago and found it so difficult to even just hold a brush with all the RA aches pains and stiffness. never mind standing at an easle for 3 hours!!I felt like crying cos everyone else seemed to be just cracking on and producing great things.Anyway I stuck it out and how pleased I am that I did.Im still going and joined another weekly Zoom class and often spend time at home now getting lost in something creative just forgetting everything.Sometimes I even finish up with something I like🀣

Hope it inspires you to pick up the brushes again.

Best wishes

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Moomin, that is fantastic, I’m sure your daughter is very proud of what you have done for her and the school will appreciate it too. I envy your talent x

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I think they're really good, well done.

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You are so right and it is beautiful, well done you.

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That looks terrific Moomin8 - don’t say you can’t paint because that is fantastic. The school will love it and so will your daughter, bet she’s really proud of you.

I used to love doing all that sort of thing when my kids were young, things like making costumes and mountains of baking for fetes. Alas those days are long gone and I’ve got no grandchildren to do it for. 🎨

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It's not great!!!!you underestimate yourself. If I could draw or paint like that I would be over the moon. It's absolutely lovely. Well done.

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It's great. x

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Love it!! - and you are so right, being absorbed in something you enjoy is really helpful, positive and distracting

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Love it! It looks beautiful and the colours used are just gorgeous! 😍

Bizzie profile image

Luck girl (and school) to have such a talented mum!

Ali_H profile image

πŸ‘πŸΌ Alfred Wallis painted on bits of card. I love the vibrancy of your piece 😎

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