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Flu jab/methotrexate

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Can anyone remember.

Do we stop using methotrexate and other immune suppressing drugs for a fortnight after receiving the flu jab, as we did with the Covid jab.

I'm due my Flu jab next week. Thanks you.

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there was a post on this very recently if you scroll back or use the search box and you will find it and all the replies😊

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my rheumatologist told me to stop methotrexate for 2 weeks after my covid booster but not after flu jab.

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I am going to for covid jab but not flu

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I was told by rheumy last week no need to suspend methotrexate for flu vaccine.

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linmar in reply to Gymcactus

Oh that's great. Thanks very much.

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BonesY2K in reply to Gymcactus

same- checked today

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Ah what happens if you have the booster plus flu at the same time. We are abroad at the moment back mid October so have to book both jabs. I have 25mg methotrexate by injection. Thanks all.

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linmar in reply to Bhasvic64

In that case if I didn't flare easily, I would stop the methotrexate for a fortnight after.

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I was told to carry on as normal. So I would ask your nurse for advice as we are all differant

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yes xx

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