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First Rituximab infusion today : ) was not as bad as i expected........

Today went well, i got there early at 8am so i was seen to first, the nurse that looked after me was lovely and made me feel very comftable. She fully explained what was going to happen. I had a nice chat with the ladies that arrived on the ward. The lady next to me runs a dance college and lives in the same area as me, she is a remarkable lady she was having her 2nd infusion and only had posotive things to say which is nice. Time flew by and i managed to have a little nap!

During my treatment i had a temp and my heart rate was up so they kept an eye on me and i also had a very tickley throat i was given streoid to help prevent a further reaction which worked. It was not as i expected it to be. Thank u to everyone who has replied to my question i will let u know how i feel soon.

This time 4 years ago i was in labour and only hours away from giving birth on the 29th . And even tho my preganancy was a result in getting RA i would not change a thing we are all happy and healthy(well sort of)!! So i would like to wish my beautiful daughter Ava-Grace HAPPY 1st & 4th BIRTHDAY for tommorow mummy and daddy love u so much.

She is the best thing that has ever happend to me. I just hope this rituximab does me the world of good so i can play no stop with her without being so tired!

All my love

Gwen! xx

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Really pleased that it went well. Get a good nights sleep & hope you start feeling better quickly. Polly


Glad to hear that all went well. Love your daughters name,my daughter is called grace,but i like the your name. I also had a cesaraian with my grace.

Hope you are still well this morning.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi Gwen

really pleased that your infusion seemed to go well. I hope it works for you.

Happy birthday Ava-Grace

Sci x


Glad it went well, you did it!!!!

And happy Birthday to the girls

Try to get some rest though or you will be exhausted for the big day !!



Dear Gwen, I'm so pleased you managed so well with part one of your first cycle of Rituximab. The second infusion in 2 weeks time should go even better! I had my first cycle of Rituximab in Sept/Oct and although I had a few problems, having it administered slowly really helped. It's now been 4 months and my bloods are improving and my mobility is certainly starting to improve. It took a few months, after the steroid done with the infusion wore off, to start to feel any benefit and other than feeling flushed at times I have been fine. I have even reduced my pain killers & my steroids to just 2 mg day. I am back for assessment at the end of April and have already been told I will be getting another cycle but not before 6 months is up. Having tried and failed so many other drugs including anti-tnf Cimzia I am really really positive about Rituximab and hope it works for you also. Best of luck in 2 weeks but remember to not overdo it as your body needs to rest to get used to the changes it's dealing with.

Love Sue x


So pleased it went well and happy birthday to your little girl leap year baby! x


Thank u everyone for your kind messages my little girl has had a lovely birthday and been very spoilt!! i have been feeling tired and had a sore throat. I gonna try and be posotive about this treatment. Cant thank u all enough for your support.

Gwen xxxx


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