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Yoga for the Joints course

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HU/FB/Insta/LinkedIn: NRAS have organised a Yoga for the Joints course and there is only one week left for you to register to join in. This yoga course is suitable for everyone, regardless if you are having a day when the joints feel very flared up, there will be something for all to do. The course will involve breathing exercises to help support day to day exercises designed to help create a little mobility and strength throughout the entire body. The course can also help build confidence and mental strength! Host, Jess Eloise, has over 11 years' experience in Yoga & Qigong. To learn more and book, see our website:

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I’d love to do this and am frustrated to see it is at 8.30am on Mondays, so is unsuitable for anyone working and there is only the option to watch live.

I think this is early, morning stiffness doesn't help, would love a later time.

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Lolabridge in reply to sunnyweek

That’s my problem too at the moment as my body won’t cooperate that early!!

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sunnyweek in reply to Lolabridge

I get you; I'd have to be up before 7.00am to be dressed, bathroom, breakfast, medication, and make my way to the lounge by 8.30, then I'd need a rest!

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Lolabridge in reply to sunnyweek

Yes me too!!

Agree with the above comments - doesn’t fit with the school run!

Yes i agree, 8.30 on a Monday morning is not good for RA sufferers!

My DIL teaches Yoga and Yoga teachers, and does it on Paddleboards too. Not sure if I'd want to do this online as its so easy to do yourself some harm but I do go to one of her classes and she did improve my husbands golf swing. .

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