Bursitis, degeneration in the joints

Are bursitis and joint degeneration the same thing? I have both in my right hip and left shoulder. I have only one way to sleep now....flat on my back, lol. It's a good thing I used to practice yoga and meditation, because sleeping on my back is not my ideal placement for sleeping.

And, I'm wondering if I have joint degeneration and bursitis in my hip what will they do for me? I would absolutely love to sleep on my right side again one day.

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  • No there's not the same. Bursitis is the inflammation of a fluid filled sack which cushions an area as tendons or muscles run over it. Joint degeneration is the wear and loss of tissue in the joint itself.

  • Thank you for the clarification. I was thinking it must be a mistake that I have two things going on simultaneously, but I guess not!

  • Have you asked for or tried Depoinjections into the bursitis areas. I get trochantric bursitis (hips) in both hips and have had injections both sides previously, really sore for a few days but clears the pain and inflammation for months. Might be worth asking your rheumatology nurse or consultante-pct.woodbridgeprescriptions@nhs.net. hope you get a resolution. Best wishes

  • I did ask for the hip to be drained once, but I did not trust the doctor I saw (long story). So the second specialist said he could do cortisone injection for me. But I chickened out. A few people told me it didn't do a thing for them and really hurt. I wonder if Depo is the same a Cortisone?

  • Have you had any treatment for the bursitus?

  • Ooops only read the replys now as didnt come in immediatly. I had a couple of steroid injections for bursitus and it has helped , from my experience i would recommend it although the pain had come back again but not nearly so severe as could hardly walk before i had it. Wish you well😀

  • Well, I am waiting on an appointment with my Rheumatologist (whom I have never met). We will talk about my shoulder and hip then. Perhaps I will give it a try as sleeping only on my back is causing me to snore and have some sleep apnea type issues : )

  • Good luck! By the way a soft pillow under the knee or between the legs when on good side can sometimes help.

  • I have tried that. It used to work. Now.just the pressure of holding up the weight of.my.leg is agony. It's time for.more aggressive fixes. But thanks for thinking of.me. that means a lot.

  • Hope you get sorted soon as its horrible to get wakened ip by pain😀

  • Thanks!

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