I v had RA since late teens, but my late mum had it very bab and she had7 children and she love me the best cos she give me RA all to myself lol, Any ways last few years, l have found when l have routuine appointment its be sort going throught the motions "you got pain"where"still take the pills" see you in 6mths...which is very sad and leaves me wondering if anyone cares anymore

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  • sadly l have to agree

  • I have ra only over a year and must admit the last few appointments it does seem that it is just a ticking of boxes and a sigh when i say that there is a problem with the drugs, they are never too worried about the problems with ra, thats to be expected.

  • Hi

    I have had RA for four years - get to know your rummy nurse they can be a lifeline not just for medicenes

    see if your hospital has a rummy help line as this can be such a help


  • I have a great rheumy nurse and she listens when i ring up and if there is help for me she'll get it. Last year she got diagnosed with firbromyalgia.My consultant was on holiday and she knew the one who was in the clinic was a bit of an expert on fibro so thats how i got diagnosed so quickly. She also gave me the name of the man i needed to see over my knee.

    We care on this site so don't give up.


  • Hi

    Its hard cos they only have certain things they can do cos i think they're hands are tied with what drugs they can give you and for how long and when. But it does make you feel like another cog in the wheel at times. But as Susnh and sylvie say phone up the helpline at the hospital with your questions, mine are really good when i do that, or the NRAS helpline are brilliant if you want advice or just even a moan. They never make you fell as though they are sick of listening and sometimes I just phone them to ask another human voice what they think and they are brill.

    Dont give up, and come on the site and have a good laugh or moan, it helps me when I am having a bad or good time.


  • Amen to all the above! This site is like a shot in the arm, just to know there are others sharing the same experiences, no matter where in the world they are. People here are very friendly and supportive, and no matter what your concern is, there will be some who can help and guide you. Hang in there, you are not alone!! Loret xx

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