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Methotrexate and hair

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Hi all, how are you? I’ve had a horrendous week. Sadly my dad passed away.

I’m not here for sympathy, just with the funeral round the corner I’m desperate to get my hair done (I can’t get away with being a natural blonde now). My hairdresser is refusing to bleach it because I’m on methotrexate. Is this something others have encountered? I’m thinking about getting a second opinion. What are your thought? Xx

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Hello there, am so sorry for your loss, when I was on mtx I had my hair dyed every six weeks with no problems. I had grey ish hair and have red/ black dye. Maybe change your hair dresser? Take care.

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helenlw7 in reply to Carolsos

I have mine dyed every 6 weeks too and I’m on mtx.

Sorry to hear about your Dad. It is never easy to lose a parent. 😢 Condolences to you.

I’ve never had my hair actually bleached. Usually, pre pandemic I had 3 different golds/blondes with spatula highlights to create an overall natural mid blonde with the tiniest bit of bleach to lift it, but I’ve never had a proper blonde bleach ever on Rtx and Mtx (or on any med or pre RA!) As Mtx is known to affect a lot of patients’ hair with thinning this may be why. Do you have a full head bleach and maybe the hairdresser may think that’s too much? I was never told by my rheumy when I started Mtx many years ago to stay away from my highlights colouring. They are very conditioning and make my hair look much fuller. Hope you can find a way to get your hair done and not to compromise it.

Thank you. I usually have highlights, but doesn’t have to be a full head as I’m naturally quite light. Thank you for the condolences also xx

I hope all goes well and I know you’ll want to look your best to pay your respects to your Dad. 💗xx

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Knip in reply to Pink75928

So sorry to hear about your dad. That's so sad. Losing a parent is so hard. I hope you get your hair sorted because as NK says below, you will want to look your best for your farewell to your dad. Take care, big hugs.

Hi Pink. I can't help with your hair I'm afraid but just wanted to say deepest condolences to you and your family on the death of your Dad, that really is very sad. xx

Thank you. It is sad. I’m trying to be as organised as possible, and I think today I’m at the angry stage of grief, and that’s coming out as angry about my hair. He’d be laughing at me I’m sure

Hello I'm sorry for your loss.When I took methotrexate I carried on as normal with hair colour. I just had blonde highlights as I'm quite fair, but not bleach but colour with the papers. Maybe your hairdresser is concerned how much bleach she might use. Perhaps talk it through again.

I hope all goes well with your dad's funeral and also your hair.

I had my hair dyed regularly for 15 years whilst on mxt. No problems. I stopped having it dyed 4 years ago and it is white now but I like it. It is a lovely colour and saves me a lot of money.

Oh I’m so sorry about you loss what a stressful time .

Mmm not sure what your hairdresser is on about . 5 years I’ve been on MTX and I’ve bleached and or coloured my hair ever 6 weeks. I do take collagen and biotin to help with hair thinning and condition. Works a treat.

Hope all goes well in the days ahead x

I was on MTX for 10 months and I have bleached hair. I had to stop taking it because my hair was thinning dramatically and no supplements I tried helped. I don’t think it was related to the bleaching as a lot of the time I couldn’t go to hairdresser ( during lockdown) ., however, I’ve no doubt the MTX did damage my hair and I suppose bleaching it would add insult to injury.

Hi. Can’t understand why your hairdresser is concerned?I’m the same as J1707 ….. I have my hair coloured and bleached foil highlights every 7 weeks. Not had any problems other than thinning hair due to methotrexate… but biotin stopped that and now collagen is helping to thicken it back up.

Hi sending you many hugs for the loss of your dad. I feel your pain I’ve been there. Yes my hairdresser was the same so I went and did it myself after she cut it and then found new hairdresser. End of day it’s your body your hair you are paying her for a service if she can’t do others will take your money. Take your loss daily. Deepest condolences

Hi Pink,My condolences on your loss.

I'm on MTX and have 2 different blonde highlights in my hair every 12 weeks or so and have done for many years. I have fine, thin hair and the dye gives it some texture and lift so I wouldn't be without it.

I do hope you can get it done. Have you asked your hairdresser what evidence or information she is basing her decision on?

I've been on Mtx for over 15 years and have had to resort to my hair being 'highlighted' with no bad effects. My hair is naturally fair colour, but has got thin & fine (through Mtx), I've had the same hairdresser since my RA journey began & she is very good. She uses foils on my hair just to cover the odd strands of grey. Maybe highlights/lowlights using foils would work for you, instead of a full head colour? Also maybe changing hairdressers. Sorry to read about your Dad. x

Hmm not sure really , I use salon obtained hair colour and the usual 6% bleach to activate it. This was under the supervision of a hair dresser though.

As others have said check with another trusted hairdresser.

Condolences btw :(

Hello Pink, I'm sorry you have lost your lovely Dad, its a very difficult time I know. I have been on MTX for 6 years and I have always had my hair highlighted, I have 3 colours, one bleach, one caramel and a darker one all blended, a girl's hair is important!! 😂I hope you can get it sorted👱💕

Sorry for your loss…..,& for having this hair problem at such an emotional time.

Have you considered choosing a home semipermanent hair colour….BUT FIRST CONTACT THE HELP LINE…of the make you choose.I did that with the John Frieda colour mousse & they were very helpful..I used it whilst on Mtx….& still use it years later whilst on Rtx.

Very easy to use & a good selection of shades.

Aveda hair colouring using natural products is available at several hairdressers here and is perfectly safe to use when you are on (any) medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

First off, I’m really sorry for your loss 😔 I’ve never heard of this in 25 years of taking mtx and dying or bleaching my hair but then I’ve also never been asked by a hairdresser what meds I take.

I'm sorry for your loss and sorry I don't know about hair treatments on MTX. It did make my hair fall out in handfuls so could she be worried about that ? it was stopped and hair regrew so not a long term problem but might be something along those lines.

Sincere condolences on the death of your dad, Pink. I know it's so hard when parents pass away and hope you get through the funeral as best you can. Re. hair dye, I had always home dyed my hair (with the same brand of kit) for donkey's years but the first time I used it after starting Mtx I had a scary reaction to it, with a very itchy and burning scalp. I haven't dared to try it again since then so now have a lot more grey! I'm a brunette and have recently started using 'Plantur 39 Brown' shampoo and conditioner which I've found does quite a reasonable job in camouflaging the grey hairs and freshening up the brown ones.

Hullo Pink. Awfully sorry about your father's death.Bleaching the hair is thought to be more damaging than even permanent dye. Your hairdresser is being careful for you. Methotrexate can affect the hair, not always temporarily. Maybe there's another way round it, there are so many treatments now. Best wishes with everything x

Hi I was put on methotrexate a few years ago only stayed on it a few months as my hair fell out in clumps. A lot off RA medicine is based on cancer treatments an as such many have similar side effects. This is probably why your hairdresser is reluctant to bleach your hair

I stopped Methatexate and started using Leflunomide when my hair thinned dramatically. I used Rogaine to help it grow and now use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner along with Biotin. I stopped coloring(US spelling)) my hair too. I have had two rounds to RTX but that does not appear to have affected my hair.So sorry about your dad!

Hi, sorry for your loss. My hair is now naturally very steely grey (think Theresa May) but I'm a bottle blonde. Been on MTX for four years and had it dyed at the hairdressers all this time.

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