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Well after my husband and I both been double vaccinated since May it got us. My husband started with it last Wednesday & yesterday the day our isolating came to an end I tested positive. I've got a sore throat chesty cough & lost my sense of taste. 🤞 it doesn't get any worse. Cases are very high & that's why I can not understand why the government are not doing anything. Stay safe everyone xx

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Morning, so sorry to hear your news - hope you and your husband don't become too poorly x

So sorry to hear this. Rest up. I hope you feel better soon xxxx

I can't like your post darling as you are ill. Hugs and i hope you recover quickly and you don't get any worse. xxxx

Pink rose

Sorry you are ill with Covid-19. It should be mild and soon lift off you but very unpleasant meantime. 💐

So sorry to hear your husband and now you have tested for Covid. Sending you both my best wishes and hope it wont be long before you feel ok. Take care xx 🌷🌼🌷

So sorry to hear that you have Covid. I really do hope it stays as mild as possible for you. Gentle hugs 🤗 x

Hoping you both feel better soon 🙏🏻

Thank you to everyone for your kind messages & support xx

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Hi, sorry to hear that you are both poorly, I hope you get well soon and recover quickly, love and best wishes. X

Hi alibromo. I'm sorry to hear that and I hope it will be a mild dose and that you recover quickly. 🤞 x

Sorry to hear this, hope you feel better soon xx

Sorry to hear this hope you feel better soon xx

Hope you’re feeling better soon x

Sorry to hear, hope your better soon. Definitely think Boris is going for herd immunity with no thought for immunosuppressed

Yes we think so too x

I have difficulty hitting the like button, I don’t like the idea of herd immunity. My daughter gets married at the end of September having postponed twice already due to Covid. The first was March 2020 just a few days after lockdown then again this March. I do hope for their sake it goes ahead this time, but despite having a reassuring antibody test as I’m on 3 immunosuppressants, I am going to be very apprehensive 🤗

Do be careful.

I intend to be. I’m also doing another antibody test just before the wedding. Will still be distancing from all her young friends hand hoping to wear a mask to match my outfit. Part of me would prefer it’s delayed, but it’s not fair on them. One set of grandparents are in Spain and won’t be attending, I’m sure some others will decline if numbers continue to soar. I do intend to stay safe though 🤗

How nice. A wedding, I hope all goes well and things are looking stable without too much covid around.

What else can he do? Can't lockdown forever. Not only Covid the immune suppressed have to worry about. I agree that it's time we got on with life whatever that looks like.

Well for a start he could provide ffp3 masks for all immunosuppressed. It also needs to be highlighted Rd to the public about the risks as there are many on immunosuppressants not on forums who are completely unaware of their risk, or that they may not have developed antibodies to protect them. I also feel immunosuppressed should be offered antibody tests rather than having to fund them privately, as many can’t afford. So there is plenty he could do.

I agree we have to return to some normality, I never suggested hiding from the virus. This government have continually portrayed CEV as elderly, many aren’t and are still working and paying taxes. They are being put at risk, by refusing to raise the issue of CEV people with the general public. I have CEV friends who are nurses and teachers who are terrified of what lies ahead for them.

I have always thought the immunosuppressed should be given follow up Spike protein antibodies testing as part of the vaccine procedure. I organised and I paid for my own too. x

Agree with you. So much more could have been done and handled faster and better.

Like what? The only thing that I think could have been done quicker is we should have locked down sooner the first time. So easy to critisice.

Let’s not start anything unpleasant in this lady’s thread. Be nice.

CEV what does that stand for? I like your term RD. So tired of people thinking RA is no big deal. When I say I am worried because I am immunosuppressive people roll their eyes like I am over reacting. Ticks me off.

CEV stands for clinically extremely vulnerable, it’s the term used to define those who received shielding letters

Who is going to pay for all you suggest? Have to draw the line somewhere.So what do the immune suppressed do about other killer viruses and infections?

Honestly, lucky you don't live in Africa or India.

Take responsibility for your own health and do the best you can with what you have and stop expecting the tax payer to pick up the tab.

So many other illnesses out there which are a whole lot worse than RA. Why should immune suppressed be privileged?

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Azzure in reply to Cheylann

I caught Covid-19 December 2020, not had any Vaccine at that point, and on the Shielding List. The fear of thinking I’ve had a CEV letter and now I’ve got Covid-19, was actually worse than having Covid.

The second vaccine gave me Shingles which apparently has happened to quite a few people.

I did not particularly want the Pfizer MRNA vaccine but I understand it is to protect others as well, but surely I developed natural immunity because I caught it and my immune system did it’s job.

Presume he is BJ.

Hope you feel better very soon x

Hope you get better soon take care🌺

Where do you think you contracted it from?.

So sorry to hear this. I read somewhere reputable the other day that the AZ vaccine is only 60% effective with Delta variant and both my husband and I got the AZ. Pfizer is something like 82% so hopefully at least younger people will get benefit as they are getting Pfizer I believe.

Personally I think it was the football and tennis and end of furlough which prompted this summer spike as fans hugging, no distancing during or after then all super spreading this highly infectious variant. I sincerely hope you both have it mildly. 🤞🏻Xx

What more can government do? We have to live with the virus same as any other virus. You need to take responsibility for your own health.

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HanaleiBa in reply to Cheylann

I don’t think it’s either/or. It’s like smoking campaigns in the 70s. I can only take care of my own health so much if someone is smoking next to me, and I have to be in that space (doctors offices, inside stores.) That’s the issue - the loudest voices aren’t voices of reflecting science, compromise and successful “living with it” strategies. Wearing a mask indoors in public areas is a good compromise that follows the science closely. It’s what other successful countries “living with it” are doing. Then, the rest people can make their own choices about, absolutely.

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Cheylann in reply to HanaleiBa

Agree with mask wearing in public places. Prevents all sorts of bugs spreading.

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Hezekiah in reply to Cheylann

Yes you need to take responsibility for your own health, but you can also take some care for others too

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Cheylann in reply to Hezekiah


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Angjoplin in reply to Cheylann

Please tell me how I can be responsible for my own health at work. I'm in a packed office, I don't know who is vaccinated, who is ignoring isolation and no one is wearing a mask.I can only assume from your comment you are retired.


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smilelines in reply to Angjoplin

Jeeez. You are so right!!!!!

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Cheylann in reply to Angjoplin

Your employer needs to ensure you are as safe as you can be and it's your right to insist that your workplace is as safe as it can be. We will all always be at risk of getting Covid, retired or not as we are of contracting other deadly viruses or illness. How do you suggest we move forward? What more can government do to ensure everyone's safety?

They have offered everyone the jab, so not much more they can do. It's now down to each person to protect themselves as best they can.

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Biofreak in reply to Cheylann

Mandating wearing a mask in closed spaces and public transport, if you can wear a mask, as a continuing precaution would be a start if you are opening everything up, at least for a while.

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Cheylann in reply to Biofreak


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282523 in reply to Biofreak

In Scotland and Wales masks are still mandatory but my husband has been doing the supermarket and other shopping and each place he goes into all masked - others are not.

And they are either defiant or simply feel they are exempt for some personal reason. In 2 different Tescos no one complained or told them to wear masks even though it says this is mandatory on the door.

He said it must have been about 40-45% who weren’t wearing them including at least 2 staff. They can’t all have been exempt. . Furthermore many were glaring at him.

So if it’s become a case of each for their own, regardless of the law, then what we actually have to learn to live with is that we’ve become a proudly selfish, nasty society. Personal responsibility is an alien concept to many - they just understand it as “well if it’s personal then I can do as I please and to hell with the rest of you”.

In fact maybe society is no longer a thing?

So I guess we either need to be given better quality masks that protect us - not just others - or not go into shops or workplaces - which for many just isn’t an option. So better quality masks it should be.

As someone who has had their healthcare very compromised by the pandemic it makes me very sad. Every person admitted to hospital with Covid is taking up a bed and scare resources - which means someone else who needs it for other reasons is losing. Same with long Covid.

And if you’ve done all you can personally then getting Covid isn’t your fault of course. But many haven’t contributed to preventing the spread at all and apparently they are the majority in ICU with belated regrets.

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Biofreak in reply to 282523

I agree with everything you have said 282523. I have witnessed the same ratio of mask wearers and those who aren't, roughly 50/50. Personal responsibility is fine if you see it as your responsibility to keep others safe as well as yourself. Too many people couldn't give a toss about anyone else but themselves until something goes wrong for them of course and then they think it's their right to be looked after. It is the world we live in unfortunately.

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Lesley_1 in reply to Cheylann

As someone living in Australia. I am immune suppressed due to medications for Rheumatoid arthritis. I have my final Astra Zeneca today. Australia only has about 12% fully vaccinated. Vaccines only became available in March here and I had my name down for weeks before a hub was opened, I’m still wearing my mask and will continue to wear it until I think it’s safer. Many don’t want Astra Zeneca because of headlines about clotting, some don’t want it because they don’t believe COVID is real, or they believe they are young and bulletproof. The Government has finally ordered enough Pfizer but it’s taking time.

Would have been nice if you’d wished this lady and her partner well on her post/thread as others have done.

Please don't worry about that x. After all we are all in the same boat no matter where we live x

💗 Thinking of you

I do wish her well but it's time to accept we have to live with the virus.

No comment to you.

Sorry to hear this. Hope it is a mild case for both of you. My son and his family all tested positive and luckily have not been too bad. I know so many people who have caught it recently . X

Hope you feel better soon and the vaccine has given you both a chance of milder symptoms, take care.

I hope it isn't too serious for you and you recover completely and quickly.

Hope your both feeling better soon 💐💕

Best wishes to you both, as others have said hope it is as mild as possible, I know loads of people in last week or two that have caught it and have seen a definite change in attitude from many people, acting & talking literally as if it's over,we shall see, stay safe everyone.

Mega cwtch to all really hope that things improve take care

That’s unfortunate for you hope you have a speedy recovery xx

Oh no, I hope you have it mildly and have a speedy recovery. X

So sorry you caught it. Thank goodness you've had the vaccine. I hope it isn't too bad and you recover soon. It's a cautionary tale for everyone. Take care. ❤️

So sorry to hear you and your husband are unwell. Sending hugs and well wishes.

I’m now day 17 now and I’m fighting double pneumonia that started at around day 9.

Keep hydrated as much as you can.

Take care x

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Lesley_1 in reply to Beverleyo

I hope you get better soon.

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smilelines in reply to Beverleyo

Oh, gee. You sound like you are quite sick! Hope you feel better soon!

Hope you're better soon. ❤️

Do you know where you got it from? I am just curious. I have heard the variants are very easy to catch…. Perhaps just walking by infected people is enough. I am not sure. Hope you have a mild case. If enough people on immunosuppressants get covid and have mild cases then that would suggest the vaccinations likely are working. Yay! Here in BC Canada 95% of people are not wearing masks. I still am though.

I have read a number of articles recently saying it’s much more airborne than first realised but I always thought that too. Sorry people aren’t wearing masks. Keep wearing yours. 💗

Sorry you're both ill, fee better soon

Update. I'm ok just a really bad cold sore throat and still can't taste. The worse thing is a loss of energy ☹. As I said before I'm glad I got the vaccine. Take care everyone & once again thank you all for your replies xxx

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sunnyweek in reply to alibromo

Hope you are soon back to full strength

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Biofreak in reply to alibromo

Get well soon xx


How are you both doing?Round here everyone seems fairly gung-ho as if it is all over. Take care and get well soon🌹

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