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Wrist splints night resting.

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I have been recommended to wear night resting splints for arthritic wrists/hands by physiotherapist .

can anyone recommend one and where to purchase?

Thank you,


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I got mine made by occupational therapy, try ringing your rheumy nurse and ask if they can refer you.

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painterlylady in reply to Bootoo

many thanks Bootoo,will give that a go. I asked the pharmacy and they said look on Amazon.there are so many its very confusing as to which one. not just my wrist but deformed fingers.

the joys of RA. painterly lady.

I had mine from the Occupational Therapist too after a rheumy nurse referral. Definitely the best option if possible as she made sure that it fitted properly and advised me on various other aids and exercises. Once I'd seen her, I was able to self-refer if I had any other issues or questions.

Thank you Boxerlady, you are the second person to give that advice ,I think that's the way forward.

I got zouyou (spelling?)wrist brace Amazon , better than nhs . Can be used right and left . Made a big difference for me.

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painterlylady in reply to J1707

Thanks ji707 ,will take a look,

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Bootoo in reply to J1707

A resting splint isn't like a wrist brace which I think yours is. They are made to measure from OT 👍

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J1707 in reply to Bootoo

This is the same design I was given by or should I say posted by my hands therapist ( still not scene f2 18 months on so I just ordered a this better quality

Got mine on Amazon, so much better than the NHS ones especially in hot weather. They are breathable whereas NHS ones weren't.

Many Thanks Wobbies.👍

Yes they do help..there are lots to choose from on Amazon.

I like these - they are light but supportive, I got them from Amazon, just watch that you buy from the link for the right of left hand - or both. I have both the flesh coloured and black ones but I definitely prefer the black ones. Don’t ask why.


Snap, they are the ones that I use. Very comfortable.

Mine were made by the OT too. They make them to fit your hand/wrist shape so are a better fit than any you can buy online.

They should make them for you foc. OT. 💗

I got mine through physio via the rheumatology department.

I got mine from the hospital too following a referral from my rheumy nurse. x

I got my splints through OT at the hospital.

Thank you Sheila-G for reply.

I got mine made by OT but they feel like having a cricket bat strapped to my arm. I would be interested to hear if anyone gives recommendations for any to buy. Good luck with finding something that's comfortable.

Thank you Gladders.

Please don’t just purchase from Amazon without specialist advice. There are 2 types of hand splints, resting for when you aren’t using your hand like overnight and working which support your hand and wrist during daily activities. The ones I checked recommended here from Amazon are working hand splints not ones for sleeping in.

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painterlylady in reply to Mall

Thank you Mall, looks like most replies have obtained night splints through OT referral from Rheumy.the only prob is that it will take time for referral ETC.and my hands are so painful I need relief like yesterday!!!!

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KittyJ in reply to painterlylady

Mall is right painterlylady, there are two kinds, resting and working splints. The ones that people are recommending here are not full hand splints they’re wrist splints which go to just below your knuckles. Night resting splints go to the end of your fingers, stopping your fingers and hands curling inwards. They’re moulded to fit you. I’d give your physio a call to find out exactly what she is recommending you get before you buy some which might not be what you need or be helpful.

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painterlylady in reply to KittyJ

Thank you Kitty, I have tried my OH wrist splint for tendernitis, and it is no good for my fingers. I will contact my physio when she returns from holiday.

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KittyJ in reply to painterlylady


I agree with KittyJ. My were made for me too and are much better than of the peg ones. Good luck.

Thank you for reply.👍

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Wobbies in reply to Mall

Got mine on Amazon and are night splints. If you read the descriptions carefully, they tell you exactly what they are for.

Thank you Wobbies.

Just a tip - whilst you are waiting for your splints try placing a soft pillow under your hand/wrist when sleeping or resting -

Many thanks Thinksunshine,will try that.

These are ideal, keep your hand and wrist in a supported “resting” position and have adjustable Velcro bands to accommodate bumpy knuckles etc REAQER Resting Hand Splint Night Wrist Thumb Immobilizer Support for Pain Tendinitis Sprain Fracture Arthritis Dislocation (Right) amazon.co.uk/dp/B07K7K3MPK/...

Thank you, I have seen these on Amazon £18.99eachThey look good.

I have emailed my physio this am for her to look at the link on Amazon for the very same.I await her verdict⌚thanks again miss minto

My pleasure - I hope they meet with her approval 😀 there’s a couple a bit cheaper but they don’ t look as good quality.

Same as Kitty. My occupational therapist made them for me. They’re made to measure from mouldable material. It’s worth having them made if you can because


Like others, occupational therapy made mine. It has to be moulded to your arm and wrist shape

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painterlylady in reply to Hodc

Thanks for your information

I got mine from Amazon.


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