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Just started Adalimumab!

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Well, I just stabbed myself in the thigh with some very expensive jollop for the first time. Let's see what happens!

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Ooh I really do hope this works for you. I will hopefully be doing my first injection on Monday so we can share experiences. 🤞🏻for us both.

Fingers crossed.

Makes me laugh how the drugs in my fridge cost more than the fridge freezer itself 🤣

Really hope its the one for you 👍

I know! When I used to have 8 Humira pens at £500 each .. a lot of ££££! I used to tell my hubby that shelf was Humira territory and nothing could go on it/touch them! I know someone who let theirs get pushed to the back and they froze/ruined. 😑.

Hope it works for smelliot . 💗🙏🏻

Cause your worth it 😍😂

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jollop...🤣 love that word, good luck with the pricier than gold drug 👍

Onwards and upwards! 🍀🤞👍

Thanks for the replies all! Felt a bit adrenaliney afterwards, then a bit freaked out. Think the emotions of it all kind of got on top of me for a bit there. I'd managed to rationalise my way into starting biologics, but I'd always hoped to avoid doing so, and reality finally caught up with me. Much calmer now.

Well done! I hope it works well for you.

You are going to be just fine - I hope this is the one that works - all the best🌸🙂

Fingers crossed it works for you, it definitely worked for me, I started August 2020, it took a couple of months but it's definitely the best treatment I've been on. I'm also on metoject and sulphasalasine, which helped but this added in has been the final piece of the puzzle. I don't know how you found injecting your thigh, but I found it really painful, much less so in the stomach, but keep away from your belly button.

It's been 48 hours and my feet feel great today. Too soon for it to be the Adalimumab yet, surely?! Placebo effect? Steroids finally kicking back in? Who knows?

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That's great news Smelliott!! hope it keeps working well for you.This is very encouraging for some of us still worried about taking the leap to biologics.In my case , we may not need to make that decision for now. It's been almost 8 weeks since I started taking HCQ and looks like it is starting to work. Had my Rheumy appt last week and she wants me to continue on HCQ and expects things to get even better in few weeks.

My daugher had a great response from Enbrel (Biologic) straightaway

Good luck with Adalimumab 👍 🍀 I'm laughing at comments about fridges...mine's is in the bottom compartment of my fridge along with a tub of mini Dairy Milks!

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