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Well here we go Just started my course of oral methotrexate 10mg to be followed a couple of days by folic acid. Had a excellent one to one with the consultant who had bothered to read my notes and even asked relevant questions and listened to my answers, my boss lady was over the moon and we have come away from this feeling positive, fingers crossed this will continue along life's highway.

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  • Good luck with the journey.'s great when things get going

  • 'Welcome' to the mtx club. I've been on it five years and it stabilised my RA. So good luck and let's hope it does the same for you.

  • Good luck with the treatment craig. Mtx worked very well for me for quite a few years. Didn't get swelling down etc. but sorted out fatigue and joint stiffness brilliantly.

    One tip - drink a lot of water every day. Essential for reducing or even preventing any side effects.

  • Another member of the MTX club here, six years now & counting! I take folic acid every day except the day I inject though. I hope you do as well on it as I have. :)

  • Welcome to the MTX club. The membership is very exclusive ;P I've done about 10 years (getting hard to remember....) I agree - lots of water - and then a bit more. If you have any side effects, don't suffer in silence. They can usually be managed too.

  • Welcome t the club I've been on MTX 2years oral,wasn't doing the business for me so I've been on the injections for month now so far so good agree about the water side makes you very dry

  • thank you all for your kind thoughts and warm words. as churchill said Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning

  • I'm on methreate there really good I have good a bad day stay positive.

    Eat healthy, exercise daily you'll feel so much better.

  • I started MTX about 6 weeks ago. Hopefully, my horror story will give you a bit of a balance. Don't be put off though. I am the Grand Master of the Side Effect.

    After first dose, it was stopped because I developed shingles on my optic nerve! Got that under control, but left me with Post Herpetic Neuralgia which is still ongoing, but being "treated".

    I'm back on the MTX now, at 17.5mg stage with 5mg of Folic Acid on the other 6 days. So any way. Good Luck with it all and hope you don't have to put up with my specialty of involuntary guinea pig to the drug companies "In some Cases" files.

  • Hi SalixG Thanks yes ive had a couple of interesting turns with various meds doh One had my neck pulling to one side thought I had applied for the post of Quasimodo lol. Its taken over several years to final get here and to have a consultant on side as having had a multitude of doctors, all of whom were good but stayed less than 365days and one expert who said my shoes were to tight!! it is with some relief to be moving forward.

  • Hope it goes well for you :) I'm getting used to it and fingers crossed its doing its job and will do for you too :) and for everyone else on it! X

  • Hope it works for you. I've been taking 15mg for 10 months now and it has really helped me. Give it a couple of months(ish) to get working although could be a little longer. Lucky I've not had many bad side effects - little queasy at times, fuzzy head for couple of hours the day after taking it but they are worth it. Apart from the folic acid a couple of days later it's the only medication I'm taking. Very rarely need any painkillers and some of those have been for hangovers, although probably shouldn't say that last bit especially when it's bimonthly blood test tomorrow.

    Good luck!

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