I had a nightmare last night-that I was searching high & low for my purple bear and couldn't find it. I was in a familiar place but it wasn't my home or my old college dorm room. Someone was urging me to hurry up but I was just a flurry looking under the bed, or on the top shelf of my closet, etc etc. I was stressed but not frantic. I remember feeling around beside me in bed too.

When I woke up, my little purple bear (for real) was pushed up onto my headboard. I haven't been sleeping very good for the last 4 nights-even with my sleeping pill, so 2 nights ago I tried sleeping with my extremely soft bear. It has helped me support my aching wrist and when I couldn't find it in my sleep, I guess that I dreamed about it. Weird.

I have red eyes and deep bags under my eyes today. I don't know what is going on that I'm having trouble sleeping. My body is kind of humming today, it feels like it could go either way-towards a flare or back to normal. I took my prednisone early, so maybe I can get it to go the right way.

Still lunch and a funeral to go to today. Maybe the sitting will help.


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  • Christine,do take it easy whatever you do. Its 6.00am here in the uk,and i have had another not so good night. I don't know whether it is the chest that i'm still suffering from or the fibro as i'm having a fair bit of pain in my shoulder and my back. My fingers don't feel too clever either. I am sitting here with the tv on and a friend brought me some flowers for looking after their cat and it has got lillies in it and they smell delightful.

    Take care christine, xxxx

  • You have a big day ahead Christine, like Sylvi says take it easy. Your bear is lovely, you must have missed it last night.

    I had a really clear wierd dream last night as well! I dreamt that my boss sacked me and i went mad - had a physical fight with her (I am a pacifist in waking life, would run a mile if someone so much as pointed a finger at me) and tied her up.

    I then resigned myself to the situation and let her free telling her all her shortcomings as i did so. I then started to look for my 6 year old who had decided to go home from school herself - this took me to a hotel where a kind lady helped me search and then took me for a short cut through a tunnel. We reached the other side but still couldn't find daughter and then i woke up.

    I love dreaming. I like to think it gives me a further insight into myself, in spite of my cynical mind knowing that it is probably just a jumble of daytime thoughts sorting themselves out.

  • I think dreaming is both insight and the mind processing simultaneously. I rarely remember my dreams unfortunately - although I did have a powerful choir dream the other night when we kept warming up and warming up and getting our starting notes perfected and then everything just fizzled out and our choir leader just said "let's go and have another drink" and we never got to sing- I woke feeling very frustrated!

    I hope the funeral wasn't too awful and sad for you Tinwoman? Tuck up in bed with your teddy rest up if so. TTx

  • Poor tin woman.. perhaps the funeral was affecting your sleep?

    You take care

    Alison x

  • I rarely dream either, and if I do, seems it is usually just before early am and often wake up before the dream is over. Ever try going back to sleep to pick up where your brain left off? Doesn't work.

    A good thing about dreams that you remember enough to tell them, is you were in deep, restorative sleep! Those of us that never dream are just barely sleeping and usually wake easily.

    Wish there was a way of dream if you want to dream about being on a beach in Hawaii, or the French Riviera, you could go to sleep planning on the trip. Hmmm. Good day! Loret

  • You are so right Loret, i had the most fantastic sleep ever last night. Emm i think tonight i will dream about being somewhere warm - like the French Riviera idea will see you there

  • AWRIGHTY< There we go!

    I've heard there are alot of tantalizing specimens over there :)

  • two leg specimens?

  • Oh Yes! and I would be content with one ten yrs. younger, as long as it also had a workable brain!!

  • That surely would be a rare specimen

  • LOL! Got that right!

  • Yes it's funny about the brain part isn't it - I would require that too. I wonder if the same thing is said on sites where the majority of members are of the opposite sex - or whether they would just settle for the 2 legged specimens with no brains whatsoever?!

  • Think you got it, Tilda. The opposite sex would prefer no brains, or few, so they can maintain their "superiority". Aw, but...It takes alot of intelligence to "Play dumb"! That way they only think they are superior. LOL! Mind you, I've had alot of practice at this, when convenient. I know how to start that lawn mower, ' think I'm going to tell him that? heheh LoretXXX

  • The way I see it the lawn mower is a man's job because it requires relatively little intelligence?! Tx

  • OOOH, You are good!

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