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Just got to tell someone to get it out of my head to let off steam

Well goes for my bloods today , I had 2 lots to have done one from rhuemy & docs so I thought I’ll take them both and see if they can do it together if not I’ll book separate

Gets there they r running bit behind but doesn’t bother me , she standing there chatting away to another then calls me in I sit down and say I’ve got two but if you can only do one I’ll make another app so she grabs my forms and said well let me look then , she said I shouldn’t because we are behind so I said don’t worry I’ll book another , she said abruptly I’ll do it but it makes me further behind I’ll just have to go home later than I normally do !

So I’m thinking ok there’s no need to be rude , I was chewing and she looked at me and said are you chewing gum so I said yes so she said well can you stop coz it’s going straight through me ! I said I do apologise it’s a habit , then it was done.

I know the nhs is understaffed but there’s only ever been two that takes bloods and there was two , app have to be made so no walk ins , I have been going there 11 years and never once has anyone been rude to me , completely the opposite as it’s a lovely little hospital. When I walked out I was thinking why didn’t I say to her there’s no need to be rude to me , but restrained myself ,

Moan over 😁

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I have had experiences like that .. last went on about how many people she had seen and she looked on the screen and said why are you having more tests these were only done last week. I said doctor requested them she huffed and puffed and muttered about doctors giving her so much work. As I was leaving I said . I would like to say thank you for your care and attention.. she looked at me .. I continued but I can’t it was a miserable experience and if all you have to moan about is your work then aren’t you lucky . You have your health some of us don’t hence repeated blood tests .. goodbye. Made me feel better.

Lolabridge in reply to J1707

Take that!!

Sounds hugely selfish and unsympathetic of her. She was behind as shes not professional and was chatting instead of working, you should not have suffered from that and actually increasing your chance of catching illnesses from two visits from one visit is abysmal. She should be reminded " the patient is the centre of all treatment"😡

That’s really awful treatment. Unfortunately it can happen from time to time. I had a bad experience with a respiratory consultant in a telephone appointment not long ago. She wrote a derogatory letter about me to my GP afterwards. 😡I shall retaliate in our next telephone appointment in May. 😏

essexgirl in reply to Lolabridge

Yh you should , I hope she is there when I go next time as I will remind her what a bitch she was lol

I’d ask if there was another nurse if you can remember her name so you don’t get her. Or yes you could remind her and say she was rude last time. No one wants a bad attitude when many people find blood tests stressful. x

opalfree in reply to Lolabridge

Love your spirit!!🤗

Yes do retaliate! 🤨 Did she send you a copy or your GP tell you?

I saw a copy on my Patient Access record.

Oooh! Glad you did. I haven’t seen any access letters on my patient’s record as yet. Don’t think they got so far with the elrctronic access at ours .. just main things like scripts and records of last visits etc. I do get a copy of the majority of consultant letters sent to me though,

This is the only consultant letter I have not received. She obviously didn’t have the b***s to send me one directly and probably thought I wouldn’t see it!

That phone call in May is going to be very interesting!😄😳

It actually shocked me in the way that “did she really say that “ 😡

My daughter said you should of said something , I said well she had the needle in my arm at the time lol ... as my daughter said she only had to fill 2 more tubes , as the women said to me we only get 5 mins per patient 🤬

I’d not have said anything either whilst the needle in the arm! I think on leaving a parting shot of .. I’ll let you know in advance which blood tests I require next time if that would be helpful?! My Practice ask which tests you require, meaning do you usually have them done here! I’ve had additional ones too not mentioned when booking the blood tests. As was said, it takes a couple of minutes longer to take another phial and label it etc.

I am so glad I get my done at a lovely place in and out in 10mins max. Thank god for the good ones!

essexgirl in reply to Deeb1764

I’ve been going there 11 years and as you , you probably know them , and they are lovely and we have a chat and a laugh but I think these are locums

My bloods at the GP practice with the nurses are also excellent and it’s one in one out and fast too.

Thats disgusting.

Like your daughter said it's literally a few seconds to fill 2 more tubes.

I know they are stretched but that is terrible. Plus you beat yourself up for not saying anything but it is shock isn't it sometimes .

Definitely I kept thinking as I was walking out , did she really say that

They wasn’t stretched there’s always been two and there was only 4 waiting

rabbits65 in reply to essexgirl

To be honest there are some people simply in the wrong job. Someone with that attitude would have made me feel very uncomfortable .

Think she s in the wrong job should try change of career I think 🤣


🤯 Definitely in the wrong job. I know the NHS is under pressure but there’s no need to be rude. I would have been very tempted to have taken my chewing gum out & stick it to her desk (not really but I think there was a time when I might have). 😡 xx

🤣🤣🤣me too , it’s shocked me more because I didn’t say or do something, because I normally would

I’d have been tempted to say .. shall I come back on a day when you’ve less stress?!


😂😂 I love that!

My late dad used to ask when people were rude and miserable to him, 'Are you happy in your job?' which the way he said it made would make them stop and pause to which he filled in the gap ' Always good to see someone happy in their job' and then he walked away. He was never rude or assertive but just let them know in his own kind of way that it wasn't acceptable as what happened to you wasn't global pandemic or not. Sometimes we can be frightened to say anything because of Covid, but rudeness is just plain wrong.

essexgirl in reply to Pippy25

Your dad sounds a very wise man ...I wasn’t frightened to say anything as if you knew me you would say different lol I was just shocked lol

Pippy25 in reply to essexgirl

He was a wise man and I guess especially in his latter years he got so fed up of people treating him like he was a lesser being as his legs gradually stopped working and not his brain. As some felt it ok to speak in this manner to him. He would wait his time and then say it, initially walking away, then as his legs got worse, pressing the button on his scooter and gliding off. I would have been the same as you as sometimes it all happens so quickly and as you say are so shocked and their behaviour knocks the wind out of you that it's hard to say anything.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Pippy25

Exactly! If I get a nasty cold caller I say to them .. I’m sorry you’ve got an awful job but don’t take it out on me.

Brilliant but on a bad day, I’m afraid (& quite ashamed) I’ve said much worse 🙈 xx

I did send a guy over the edge once who was purporting to be from BT and trying to get my bank details. He was so rude and arrogant. I kept repeating .. So how does this benefit me? .. until he was close to hysterics. 😳

Your dad had the right idea I am the same not rude but give as good as you get can’t stand rude people 😡

I think he did it with dignity but also a hint of sarcasm too! Never rude, but just letting you know :-)

Neonkittie17 in reply to Pippy25

That’s the best way to be .. leave them flummoxed to your meaning and not be rude .. just hopefully make them think. I usually say to rude people .. do you think that’s acceptable then? They tend to go quiet and stop whatever they are ranting about!

I’m afraid that I’m becoming a rude person, at times, out of sheer frustration. I hate it but I used to just burst into tears which I couldn’t help but achieved nothing. They just thought I was an hysterical woman. I once had an agreement between my Rheumatologist & GP that they would alternate my steroid injections. One day I attended the surgery for my jab & he said they were not funded to do them. I was in terrible pain, couldn’t believe he could just spring that on me & I was shaking & was so gobsmacked 😶 I couldn’t speak. He was clearly shocked at my reaction 🙄 & referred me for a brain scan & memory clinic. I was 63 & he thought my reaction was due to dementia. Luckily my husband was with me & explained that these injections were the only pain relief I was getting & I was desperately in need (which he ignored). I did not swear at him but did make a complaint. We haven’t had a very good relationship since. I passed my memory clinic session with flying colours & even took the test that my Mother had been given (she has Alzheimer’s) & got 100%! 👏👏

Sorry! I do ramble. I put it down to boredom. 🙈🤣🤣 Nic xx


Woo - how rude, obviously; she is having a bad day, and you got the brunt of it... However, I do think I would have found it hard not to say something - I usually dish out so much kindness they feel embarrassed - and sometimes you end up with a smile 😊

I have the best nurses at my hospital really wonderful so I am blessed!.

Nice cup of tea works a treat - and leave it all behind you 🙂

essexgirl in reply to Hessie5



If you are still upset tomorrow try contacting the PALs service in your area. If the service is usually great, they will want to know about the one bad

A system and people under huge stress. Significant that this has never previously occurred ?

essexgirl in reply to BigJazza

That’s because it was always the same people probably

Sorry you had to experience that, locus or not I would definitely make a complaint. They should be able to trace who did your bloods and have a word with her about her unacceptably rude behaviour. I always say to patients if you don’t complain then they may treat someone else in a worse way. That could have pushed someone over the edge if they were extremely low. There seriously is no need for that x

I do lots of voluntary work with the CCG and my Trust if no one complains to the right people we will never get it right. I know just now all NHS employees are on a pedestal well they are not all worthy of it. She was rude and you need o say something or she will continue to be rude. The majors of NHS employees are great but you do get the odd one

I’d get in touch with the hospital trust snd give feedback. You need compassion, empathy, TLC and understanding when you’re under the care of a clinic, not to be treated in a rude, substandard manner.. We all have off days, granted, however when you’re in a position where you’re carrying out an intrusive procedure you can’t speak to people in a demeaning manner. It’s not acceptable and the hospital trust wouldn’t want their frontline staff conducting themselves that way either. If any of my team were talking to a client or a patient like that then there is clearly a training need.

I’ve made a complaint previously about my phlebotomy department as they were rude to people who were turning up for a blood test well within the clinic hours however because they were running late they turned people away, and one of those ladies was in a wheelchair which I thought was really disgusting. I then heard them chatting away in between blood tests and I thought this is unbelievable so I contacted my NHS trust to let them know what had happened. I know these guys are busy however when you’re in a customer facing role in healthcare you have to step above the mark and pull out the stops. It’s all down to management though and just because you’ve got a long list of qualifications it doesn’t mean you’re good at managing a team or a department sadly.

Yes it only takes one day of bad experience and it ruins it all. They moved the blood room in my hospital to another ward and since then it has gone down.

Now they don’t take appointments from gp so I now go elsewhere.

Chin up and stay strong but occasionally you do have to tell them, they are not our friends they are carers and care givers so if you get a rude bad apple don’t hesitate picking them up on it.

And if you ever need information from them get it in writing as nhs have a habit of blaming patience confusion when confronted without proof.

There is no need for her to transfer her frustrations over to you. I suspect she was having a bad day. Lets face long does it take to do blood tests...she only needs to fill a couple more files. 🤷‍♀️Now u have ranted let it go.....will only make u feel worse. She will b as nice as pie when u next go. 🤞

essexgirl in reply to Evie3

Yh I’m fine just needed to get it off my chest , anyone can have a bad day we’re only human

Just because they're stressed does not give them the right to be rude. Your doctor and your rheumy have the right to ask for these bloods on your behalf in order to gain the answers they need to manage your condition to benefit you. You have a right to gain access to those tests to help manage your condition to the best of your ability! We are not numbers, we are people who have the right to be treated, with respect and courtesy, the way we would treat others. Just because they are in a respected position does not make them any better than us! 😊

That’s shocking, I’m so sorry you had this bad treatment. Many years ago my friend who worked in the surgery to take bloods, I was an emergency appointment with her. She was so stressed as the doctors kept adding more to her list and the nurses in the practice wouldn’t help her. I had to say I was one of those patients, it turned out her brother had just died and she shouldn’t even been in work, she broke down in front of me but I think it done her good, I told her she needs a few days off. I’m not saying the nurse you had had problems but maybe she was under stress, who knows. Getting bloods are very stressful for me, veins not good. They usually kid me on that I’m in their black book for giving them problems. It certainly would put me off going back to your nurse, I need sumone with a sense of humour to put me at ease, not a nurse that tells me off. Best wishes x

essexgirl in reply to Lizard28


If I'm treated like that I always ask 'are you having a bad day?' . It often makes them think about their behaviour , sometimes they apologise and sometimes they tell me what their problem is. It usually works, but it not I put it down to experience and forget about it.

You would have spoken up before but we are all so grateful for any nhs services right now you didn’t. Put it in your bag of tricks for next time the bossy madam pipes up 🤷🏻‍♀️ My local hospital has a great PALS service. They listen to you and act accordingly. After all you are ill or you wouldn’t be getting blood work done would you?

Oh dear totally get why you were shocked at that awful treatment. Without patients she wouldn’t have a job and there is never an excuse for rudeness I don’t care if she was having a bad day join the flipping queue, given a choice I bet you had better things to do too. You’re probably most upset because you didn’t let her have it with both barrels. Hey ho you’ll be ready next time if she stays there but if she treats every patient like that I doubt she will.

essexgirl in reply to Leics

Oh I’m ready lol

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