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Shielding letter


At the moment like all others with RA I am shielding, my question is, my letter covers me to 21st Feb, I have not had my Covid jab yet, not had any message to arrange it, but have read that even after Covid jab I still have to shield. I am on Rituximab. I am employed part time in an office at an independent garden centre , who have remained open throughout lock down, but it is only my shielding letter that has kept my job for me. What do I do if I do not get another letter to cover me after 21st. ? Any comments or advice welcome .

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A lot of us are in the same position. I believe the letter said they would let us know. The big thing is most of us won’t have had our second dose so we won’t be fully vaccinated anyway.

It’s a case of just waiting and see. The shielding letter in November said they would contact us but never did.

My guess is if the schools are not going back then we will all keep shielding.

Sorry to be picky but I have RA and I'm not shielding. Never have. I'm not on biologics which is probably what makes the difference. I'm sorry you have the worry over your job on top of everything else

J1707 in reply to Gnarli

It depends on your medication and co- morbidities.

I was on MTX and biologics and then on steroids as well . Now on MTX and baricitnib just getting RA under some control so had shielding letters.

Gnarli in reply to J1707

Exactly as I said. It's probably biologics that make the difference. Co morbidities too. RA alone is no reason to shield

bpeal1 in reply to Gnarli

It depends on age, comorbidities, drugs and steroids. I’m on Rituximab, leflunomide and sulphasalazine and told I don’t need to shield. I’m mid forties with no comorbidities.

Fifi2 in reply to bpeal1

I’m on Rituximab leflunomide and was told to shield

bpeal1 in reply to Fifi2

This is the guide sent to rheumatologists to help them identify which patients need to shield. However, please take the advice of your rheumatologist as they know you best.

Bookworm55 in reply to Gnarli

I’m not shielding either. It definitely depends on the meds you’re on plus any other medical conditions you have.

helixhelix in reply to Gnarli

I’m on MTX and biologics and have never been shielding, have just kept to strict social distancing.

There is a huge amount of inconsistency in how the guidelines are interpreted, and the guidelines themselves have changed since there was more real experience of how the disease affects us.

But we each have to do what seems right for us, so if you want to shield and need the letter for work them keep asking your GP. Someone else on here was upgraded from 6 to 4 by being persistent.

bpeal1 in reply to helixhelix

I know you like a scientific paper so thought you might like to see this one about how they developed the stratification table to identify CEV patients.

holly-willow in reply to Gnarli

I have been told to shield and am not on biologics. However I am on Mtx, Leflulamide, Prednisone and Hydroxy and I have quite a lot of co morbidities so I think it must be determined on each individual person. I had my first Covid vaccination yesterday but I will be 70 on 21st Feb (the day we should have heard by)

As regards to your vaccine if you go on the website you should be able to book a vaccine in a local hub. I found it by googling "how do I book my covid vaccine" just put your details in and it offered me various slots.

Thank you for your advice will do that

I have checked and cannot book my vaccine, as I have not yet received a letter.

I called my gp to check I was on the covid list

I've just received another letter to shield (and I've had the first dose of the vaccine). If you don't receive one can you contact the organisation that sent out your last one?

I’m shielding and have already have my first jab last week .

I think it’s the prednisone that makes one more vulnerable plus individual factors .

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