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Have the guidelines for RA shielding letters been changed?


I had a phone call appointment with my rhuemy consultant today. I asked if I should have had a shielding letter due to been on 5mg prednisolone and 17.5 methotrexate, I have used my common sense and shielded best I can but still have to queue like everyone else, she said the reason I haven't had one is because it's a generational thing but I need to shield, well I've not heard or read this before. I suppose it wouldn't wash as an excuse to the staff to be in the vulnerable queue.

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If you're shielding, you shouldn't be working. Show your boss/manager your shielding letter as soon as it arrives.

This is one of the flow charts for you to work out your risk. The advice if yiu haven’t had a letter and want one is to contact GP.

If your shielding you shouldn’t be out shopping. You need to either get friends or family to shop, failing that ensure your registered on the government site, then supermarkets will get in touch with priority slots

Also if n more than 5mg prednisolone you get 2 points, and 1 fir methotrexate, which gives you 3 = shield

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I have been shielding not been out for 5 weeks that was the very beginning to stock up with food. I've also registered on the government site too. My query though was the generational thing. I'm aware that at the start they were asking over 70s to isolate but didn't know that you would only get a letter if you were elderly.

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The shielding letter is being sent out to all those who meet certain criteria of which age is just one, but certainly not the only - people of all ages are receiving them depending on their medical history and/or combination of drugs they're taking.

There are various charts to help you work out whether you're likely to "qualify" or not, although I'm hesitant to link to one as they all seem to differ slightly and are being updated all the time ;-)

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Letters are definitely not restricted to the over 70s. I'm 60 and have had two! 🙄😁

AgedCrone in reply to Boxerlady

And I’’m well over 70 with 3 other reasons to shield & have received nothing!

Just get on with it I guess?

Maureengibson in reply to Hidden

You don’t, even children are getting letters. I’m 54 and I got mine, scored 6 on the chart

If you haven't got a shielding letter and are in Scotland you can't register - everything is so confused! M x

This is very strange. There is no common approach. I would call my GP, because you clearly should have a letter. Good luck.

Hi. I've not got a letter although I did register on government website. However I have been given priority by Sainsburys and have so far been lucky with deliveries. I'm 79 and on 6x5 methotrexate plus prednisolone. So I must be listed somewhere because that's were the supermarket gets its information. I've been isolating for 4 weeks now the risk is too great to be out and about. Hard but necessary. Stay safe

It all seems very random though to be expected considering how fast this overwhelmed all the services. I think there was a push by NHS digital to identify the ‘headliners’ - those with obvious and very serious conditions - and then the rest of us who have all sorts of various problem conditions but are treated by primary and secondary care who, let’s face it, often don’t communicate as well as they should. It’s perfectly obvious now there’s not much of a system to identify us unless your GP knows you well. By now everyone who should be shielding should have had a letter ( if you’re in England) and there is quite a high bar in rheumatology to determine who is on what medication as to whether they’re extremely vulnerable. I don’t think it’s predicated solely on how old you are. Be guided by the BRSA table.

I am not sure if this will help but I only received my letter yesterday (18th April)

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