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Covid vaccination and rheumatoid arthritis


Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this has been already discussed on here as I haven't been on here much.

I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and currently taking cimzja injection pen and will also be starting on methotrexate very soon, mean while I will also be getting a steroid injection. Just wanted to know in regards to the covid vaccination, has anyone on similar medication had the vaccination if so which one? How was it, any side effects? And how confident is everyone in taking the covid vaccination?

Thanks for your time,

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There are loads of posts on this! Just scroll down a bit...

And yes I’m positive about having the vaccine, have had it, and all is well.


I had mine today and didn't hesitate 😊

I’m with HH - I’ve had it too and all good! X

Click through. All you could ever wish to know! Had my jab today.

Thank you

Vaccinated last Friday, absolutely fine.

I am on methotrexate and Etanercept and had the Pfizer vaccination 5 days ago and all good. I had a slightly sore arm just like the flu jab but no other side effects.

You should definitely have the vaccination. Discuss details with your consultant. I've had my vaccination (Pfizer, but there is no choice, in any case) without side-effects beyond a bit of stiffness in the arm. By agreement with my consultant, I'm now pausing MTX for two weeks to give the vaccine the best chance to work. Don't do this without permission from your consultant. Don't worry about the vaccine. The virus is far more dangerous to you. Best wishes.

I take Rituxin. Had my first dose of Moderna vaccine yesterday. Had a headache last night and woke up at 3 this morning with body aches.( The usual kind of body ach I experience daily only worse) Took some pain meds and am feeling much better today.Get the vaccine. You can’t risk getting COVID.

I’m injecting and waiting for jab , I think they say just way up pros and cons to avoid Covid , just keep some pain killers handy .

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