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Vaccine for people with no medication for rheumatoid arthritis


I have a question :I suffer with ra, but I am not on any drugs. Is there any one like me who has had any of the vaccines what is the reaction after?

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Maybe someone senior/on steroids/pausing RA meds will respond who has been eligible and has had the vaccine, due to age/comorbidity/as a group 4 person (but not currently on RA meds.) Do ask your GP if you have any concerns about side effects for yourself. I’m sure they will be able to help/reassure you. x

Not sure you will be any different from anyone else. Both my sisters have different autoimmune diseases and have had completely normal reactions.

Hello. May I ask why you are not on any RA drugs if you are suffering from the disease? Are you not worried about the effects of uncontrolled RA on your body or are you in remission at the moment?

Hi kjmn, I too have ra and take no meds, except a celebrex every other day. I was in a study for the Merck vaccine and they released me from the study when they found my C protein level above the normal range. They have since stopped the study I believe because the Merck vaccine didn't perform as they wished. I figure if a medical study won't give me the vaccine and my C protein is always high then I won't take the other vaccines available. Must have been a reason. Good luck. I know the Merck vaccine was based off of their ebola vaccine. The others are not.

bpeal1 in reply to Skymollie

Just because you were excluded from a medical trial don’t assume you can’t have the vaccine. Check with your GP/rheumatologist. Medical trials have very strict rules about who can & can’t be in them. The C protein being above normal shows there’s probably some active inflammation somewhere in your body, they were probably being cautious and wanting to make sure if you developed any symptoms they could tell if it was a reaction to the vaccine or some underlying condition flaring up.

Please, those of you out there, tell us how can you deal with RA without any meds!!!

kjmn in reply to Rokosaki

I do take lots of supplements anti-inflammatory diet and gluten-free and probiotics and omega-3 fish oil

KittyJ in reply to kjmn

When have you got your vaccine kjmn?

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