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3 tier ??


Ok what does everyone think? Still no mention or help for those who are vulnerable. Personally I don’t need any help but there doesn’t seem to a plan for those who do,

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I've been compliant to the letter throughout the pandemic, I've followed guidance, I've kept myself updated on a daily basis.

But, I'm beginning to get muddled, living in Scotland our guidance is different from England.

I have a support bubble with my daughter....can I visit her ? Can't I....should I...we live a distance apart.

Please for goodness sake, we need simplicity to do our best to follow what is required for all, and for the vulnerable, like many of us on this forum.

J1707 in reply to Mmrr

My RA is not stable waiting ( still ) to start new medication. My work is understanding but... if I self isolate I won’t get paid or i May loose my job. There are no guidelines or security.. come on BJ no point closing pubs and restaurants only a minority use these and certainly most vulnerable won’t . Poor and complex guidance.

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dawkin_S in reply to J1707

Couldn't agree more - bit of a shambles. :(

Rashford20 in reply to J1707

Well to be fair a lot of infections occur at pubs and restaurants. I went for a quiet drink last week and a baby shower of 30 odd women came in, none of them distancing. 🙈

Pippy25 in reply to Rashford20

Sorry to hear that Rashford....you can't even have that amount at a wedding or funeral in some areas.

Ms-D in reply to J1707

I agree. Im waiting for new biologic to arrive and will probably shield a few weeks but no idea about work. Hes not really making many good decisions atm x

Hope you are well though x

J1707 in reply to Ms-D

I was thinking about you today. I thought you would have started your new meds by now . I’m still waiting to start Baricitinib it’s 7 weeks now and have run out of etanercept and now only on mtx things starting to act up . I’m going through life in slow motion 😁. More and more children are off either with Covid or their family has Covid . Colleagues have to self isolate. It has made for a very difficult term RA playing up doesn’t help. The children are struggling and cold no heating on in the school all windows and doors open all day. They are still cold even with coats scarves and hats on don’t know how this will work when winter really sets in. I’m not cold RA active so hot or sweating 😂

Ms-D in reply to J1707

Omg im in same boat. Kids look like bloody eskimos all wrapped up. Its sad really that in this day and age no flipping heating. No my prescription got lost so hospital had to send a scanned one over which the company do not accept. Im hoping soon as no treatment in 5 weeks and pain creeping in. Id rather another lockdown than this silly local ones. Its not working at all. Hope your meds arrive soon. Its taking ages.

J1707 in reply to Ms-D

I’m with you there on lockdown. My school is in tier3 I live in tier2 nobody had a clue what to do. My prescription is held up at the pharmacy no idea how long it will take . Problem is while we are unstable we are much more vulnerable and none will take responsibility for us. Right moan over . 😁

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Almost half term x

Brushwork in reply to Mmrr

I too am in a support bubble with my son and his family. I checked the Scot Gov guidelines and it says - if you live alone you can form an extended family with one other household, where you can behave as one household. You cannot change the household. I have done this with my son.

Mmrr in reply to Brushwork

Thankyou, my daughter and I are both in the central belt restricted areas and hence should only travel if necessary. We are in different health board regions.

But I'm on a good day today , so will travel to see her. I regard the visit as necessary.

Brushwork in reply to Mmrr

As you should.

Enjoy your visit

According to the PM we “shielders” must await the info from Jenny Harries tomorrow ☹️

J1707 in reply to Lolabridge

🙄🙄🙄here we go.... why can’t he just finish what he starts .. all this passing from one to another.. the dots never join up

Mmrr in reply to Lolabridge

Meanwhile we have to take care....glad he cleared that up.

whaleroad in reply to Lolabridge

Think we shieldees should just agree to look out for each other as we can't rely on the government to care for us.

Lolabridge in reply to whaleroad

Probably the best tactic.

Fully agree on that! I get more support on here than I’ve had from anywhere else!

AgedCrone in reply to whaleroad

Quite agree WR.......I believe there is some help being offered area by area...but I think we now understand, the present situation is going to be around for a long time....& we are going to deal with it as best we can.

We are going to have to organise our lives & discuss our jobs with our employers individually. After all everybody will have different needs & expectations won’t they?

Of course the advice from Government leaves a lot to be desired...but it is what it is, & stressing over something we have no control over is unnecessary stress.

MadBunny in reply to AgedCrone

True. I'm using my common sense. I stress more about not seeing any end to all this rather than what I'm doing to protect myself

AgedCrone in reply to MadBunny

Me too.....I watch A Place in The Sun on TV & wonder if I shall ever walk the beaches again...or more importantly see my family & friends who live abroad.

Like you I’m just plodding along keeping myself as safe as I can but wonder for how long is this going on?

When I think no 100% effective influenza vaccine has been found for that virus and Covid seems much more virulent then influenza .......I just have a glass of wine & tell myself there is a light....but it’ a bloomin,’ long tunnel! 😔

As long as there’s not a train coming down it!! No I think that’s the way to be .. to have hope.

Yes we must always have hope.....& as I keep on about.....spare a thought for people who are having a much worse time of it than we are.

There are countries where there is no hope of getting any treatment ....not only can they not get any medicines they haven’t got any food either!

So discombobulated (good word that) as our lives are at the moment we are still fortunate in a lot of ways.

I agree. We might be a bit put out when the supermarket have not got the things in we prefer, and there’s something else we can eat, but for some there’s not much food at all. I just say to my hubby who does the shop .. get whatever you can on the list and try an alternative if something is sold out. I was thinking back to earlier when paracetamols and general painkillers were short supply in shops and how some people don’t get access to meds and drugs we take for granted.

I look at somewhere like Venezuela....I remember it in the last 20 years as a lovely affluent south American country where everything you could want was available .... now economically ruined by a dreadful government .....unbelievably completely devastated by this virus.....no CV drugs....& hardly any food.

I worry about this country’s future....it probably won’t affect me...but unless we can get the economy sorted along with Covid... Will it go the same way as Woolworths, Debenhams, et al and likely now BA? Unbelievable this time last year how things are looking now.

Reputations only survive...if they can successfully overcome something as serious as Covid.....so we just have to make sure we can, wherever in the UK we live.I’m not a natural conformer ...but unless anyone comes up with any better solutions....we are stuck with what we’ve got.

Yes my friend and ex printmaking tutor had to flee from Venezuela with her family and has many horror tales. Thank goodness they all escaped safe.

I’m not usually someone who is led as such .. not a good follower either usually, but when it’s something as vital as this and you have a health condition, you want the crisis to end ASAP and will do all you can to help. It is so disappointing when others don’t have the same viewpoint on such a vital aspect .. protecting your lives.

Yes I have friends who left Caracas with the clothes they stood up in

I think a lot of people from Venezuela & many other countries would give their right arm to be able to ever see their families again.

Of course it is sad that we can’t see our families ...but we 99% know they are safe . I’m willing to suck it up if by obeying instructions we can get over this pandemic.

I have already lost one very dear family member(not Cv related) in the US...... it is horrible to think of going back and she won’t be there...but that is the fact.

The facts need to made more clear....if you carouse around without a mask,not keeping a safe distance ...there is no question ......more people will die....and it could be you killing your granny! Not a nice thought ...but if by saying it makes one more person take heed ...say it ....to all those idiots who will still be out on the streets tomorrow!

Political beliefs should not be brought into the equation....so far that seems to have been understood – in Parliament.

I agree with you. I am not a huge Boris fan (but as you said before, he’s got rather a lot on at the mo!) Agree totally the measures they ask us to comply with aren’t to p*ss us off but are for the protection and health of us all. Starmer or anyone else who may have been in power would say the same I am sure re protection and safety, so it doesn’t matter to me Boris is saying this as a Conservative leader.

I’m wondering now if more intense advertising campaigns will be made to try make people realise the necessity of distancing and wearing masks. (Remember how the cigarette health warnings started out as .. Smoking may damage your health. (Err understatement 😑) and how they ended up.)

Yep...something like the AIDS campaign back in the 1980’s was real shock horror at the time....but it worked.

Exactly! I used to work in marketing for the Royal College of Nursing in the mid 80s and my boss was also the guy with all the knowledge on AIDS. He became the Officer for AIDS for the U.K. The College set up lots of study days to educate the nurses and staff of the Region’s hospitals and GPS/clinics and I do remember the ad campaigns. I hope someone is working on more campaigns for our current scenario which will hopefully reach enough people to make a difference.

Very much doubt it .....from what I have been seeing on the news today they are spending megaloadsa money on the systems that seem doomed to failure.

Eye watering amounts are being paid into the private sector ....even theBusiness Secretary seemed reticent to put his seal of approval on it ....but if the lady in charge says it’s happening it’s obviously happening!

A difficult one as many health advertisements and campaigns can be really very good ones but if they aren’t distributed correctly and aren’t seen enough then .. wasted time and money and not having the required effect. I’m not sure how successful anything would be at the moment as defiance is in abundance right now and a lot of that is because Boris says so! I’ve heard so much .. “I’m not doing what HE wants” and from some very normally intelligent people! I think the hands, space, face is a good ad and is easy enough for everyone to understand. Simpler the better at the moment. There’s enough confusion been had with ever changing guidelines. How I’d love to create my own poster! (Visions of NeonK with a hazmat suit on clearing the gatherings after hours etc with a paintball type gun?!! That would identify which people had offended .. covered in yellow paint!🤪 I’m joking of course.)

Thing is though if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t wash hands a lot and even after the loo as so many people don’t 😩) you are going to spread a lot of germs. I’ve ordered colleagues (my staff) back to the toilets before to the wash basins when they have come out of the cubicles and walked straight out past me as I’ve been washing my hands. I’m from a medical background. (My father was a manufacturing chemist and formulated his own medicines and toiletries. Hygiene of the strictest order was always there at home from as long as I can recall.) So if you don’t keep good hygiene in normal time it’s not likely to improve enough at the moment. Also people who have masks but don’t wash them or don’t wash them enough are leaving germs on their used masks. Argh. I’m wondering how often they wash their clothes/underwear .. no, no don’t go there. 😳

Which systems are you specifically referring to? Track and trace apps? 😩 (Be tracked and then ignore ....)

Something non advertising but interesting .. my OH’s organisation sent them all emails saying people were lonely not seeing colleagues in offices and asked if people would like to meet up with others in a group of six outdoors? He didn’t even reply as he says most are young people in their 20s and 30s and would likely want to go off to a pub. A decent idea maybe for younger people if they could manage it outdoors though. I know many people do an after hours work cafe on Zoom. My hubby might do that.

You are right...so many people can’t see past personalities...but I find the inadequacies of those supposedly in charge terrifying.The overall impression at the moment it’s headless chickens.....and inarticulate explanations.

Until we get somebody who is respected running things ....I can’t see there is any hope of any Ads succeeding,

As you say so few people understand viral infections ....& that hand washing, clean masks & distancing maybe sound optional...but without all three - progress, if any, will be minimal.

These days how many children are sent to wash their hands before dinner? From BDS reports many children certainly don’t clean their teeth ...so hospital beds are taken up removing them........so what chance does dealing with this virus have.....without introducing some sort of rule/law/penalty that will really hit home?

MadBunny in reply to AgedCrone

Absolutely. I appreciate that I have got a lot to be thankful for especially food, sanitation and medicines. I haven't seen my brother and his family since Summer 2019- we missed out on Christmas for personal reasons- and as he lives in Nottinghamshire I can't see us meeting up any time soon but we cope.

bienassis in reply to AgedCrone

Yes, AC, there's not a lot we can do as individuals - we have to accept the situation and act as sensible human beings; I haven't seen my daughter since January and don't expect to see her for the rest of this year, at least. She lives in London; I live in West Kent - not a million miles apart, of course, but we are classed as separate households. I'm shielding and haven't left the house except for hospital visits since August 2019.

I do feel that the situation is far worse for those who are working and are worried about the rules of social distancing at their work places. As you say, this is something they must talk to employers about. But that can cause a lot of stress which may be difficult to cope with.

Friends and relations abroad are all in much the same position - no chance of seeing them for a while, unfortunately.

I can't say I feel stressed - quite relaxed, on the whole. Life is what it is just now, and out of my control. I just look forward, like everybody else, to sunnier times!

bienassis x

madme1 in reply to whaleroad

Absolutely agree I have lost trust in the Govt especially when they can't be trusted to follow their own rules. We are big enough and sensible enough to know what is right and srnsible for us. I evrn miss grocery shopping! Never thought I'd say that! 🤣 🤣

Sezvic in reply to Lolabridge

What time please?

Lolabridge in reply to Sezvic

Sorry I don’t know that as he didn’t say.

AgedCrone in reply to Sezvic

Doesn’t seem to be advertised anywhere.....all I can find is Dr Harries will make an announcement next week.

It's worse than the Hokey Cokey, living in the North West regarding the measures I don't know what I'm 'putting in or taking out' as in meetings in or out, bubbles, isolate, shield what is closing and when. Which tier, what tier....I'm in tears!! (of frustration) So I keep on doing what I've done throughout. Stay safe and keep going x

Green230461 in reply to Pippy25

Love the Hokey Cokey covid💓

Pippy25 in reply to Green230461

It's just getting to the point where people will do their own thing be it right or wrong.

Biofreak in reply to Pippy25

Being a North Wester myself, I'm with you on that one Pippy. We've been under special measures throughout so the Tier system is just something else to add to the mix. Actually been placed in Tier2 which is actually more lenient than the special measures we were in before. Mind boggling 🙄

Pippy25 in reply to Biofreak

Think it's the same tier here, but the nearest hospital is in tier 3 so not wanting to go there if I can help it.

On this BBC webpage, you can check the guidance for your own area - it is clearly set out as well.


Thanks had look . I live in one area but work in a school in another nothing about ‘shielders’

Biofreak in reply to J1707

There must be lots of people who live in one area but work across boundaries I'm sure, with potentially different rules in each. Could end up with a split personality 😜

J1707 in reply to Biofreak

Forget it BF I’m there all ready 🤪🤪🙃

Biofreak in reply to J1707

🤣You and me both!

Pippy25 in reply to J1707

What a merry band we make! :-)

Thanks Blueskysunshine, I note that the wording has changed where I am but thankfully not in the 3rd tier....yet. Although I'm not so far from the areas it affects.

Thanks for this. x

Thank you I did not see from the map what tier I am in I have no I tier. Sorry!!

Just had a row with my sister I say Christmas is off she says it’s on..... pity I’ve got her present already sigh 😔

Esmereld in reply to Green230461

We’ve arranged a small Christmas. Four of us. If it’s off, so be it. We’ll chop the turkey in half and pass it over to our non attending guests.

My sister in law is using the Rule of Bolton do what you like-we don’t understand it anymore 🙋🏻‍♀️

Nothing’s changing for me. Was told by my nurse to continue shielding after my Rtx so that’s what I’m doing. Whatever anyone says tomorrow, I’m still shielding. I know many people want to know re work and if they are to stay home.. hope tomorrow’s announcement won’t be confusing.

Like you I was told to be careful as I’m on Rituximab and Prednisolone. So I’m flexi-shielding. Only going out for essential things like dentist and chiropractor today plus a cuppa in the garden with my daughter at the weekend. Wearing a mask at all times when I leave home. I note the BMA recommended everyone should do that now.

I hope more people do wear masks outside more as well as in. However I’m not sure some of these oddbods who don’t take it all seriously would take notice of any recommendation. My husband tried to go for a jog to a place he used to go at the weekend but it was crammed with dog walkers stopping to talk to each other in groups and people just hanging about blocking the paths saying this virus is rubbish and a conspiracy! No respect or others and they made no attempt to move to let people past he said. He had to keep running in thick mud and water to avoid them. Groups of 8 and more gathering to talk and linger. Only one elderly couple had masks and dozens more without. He got fed up and decided to go back to the remote hills and moors. I don’t think anyone is allowed a garden visitor in high risk areas anymore, but we haven’t anyhow. Only person in our garden is the window cleaner and the postman. Oh and the creeping closer neighbour but we run off!

I was walking to the doctors for my flu jab, fully masked up of course, and doing the usual dosey doe back-and-forth across the road to avoid the non-social-distancing idiots on the narrow pavement, when some eejit *ran* past me, not 10cm away, huffing and puffing as they squeezed by. Gee thanks, man - guess I'll wait until next week and hope you didn't puff covid on me. 😡

They are stupid. My hubby never huffs and puffs as he’s a super fit runner! He is so considerate any way and he slows down and crosses roads etc as you do when walking outside and avoids people when he sees them approaching and apart from Sunday he runs on the moors where he hardly sees a soul except a few cars in the car park in his return. I hope as you were outside you will be safe.. and you were wearing your mask. It is selfish and foolish to be running up people like that.

Pippy25 in reply to dawkin_S

Like your description dawkin of dosey doe back and forth as I feel of the odd occasion I have been out that is one of the many movements I now have incorporated into my routine which now include 'freeze frame', the 'statue', 'dodging' 'pavement/road/pavement veering',(otherwise known as wide birth' step) 'alleyway or entry stepping aside' and the 'hesitant, I don't know where you are going but it's looking like towards me regardless' move. As for the jogger....while I'm sure there are considerate ones out there, some simply don't think...or sadly don't care.

Green230461 in reply to Pippy25

Have you signed up for this years Strickly?

Pippy25 in reply to Green230461

Was thinking more given winter is approaching about entering Dancing on Ice. Although not sure how I would incorporate my stick(s) and a dance partner! :-) Move over Torvil and Dean, more like Pip hobbling machine!!

dawkin_S in reply to Pippy25

Brilliant description, Pippy! Green230461 is right - it's got to be strictly for you, or a choreography role at least! :D

Pippy25 in reply to dawkin_S

Well this year seems to be focusing on 'inclusiveness' so may be a middle aged woman doing a bit of 'freestyling' with her sticks and a leg brace if or when it arrives could be what strictly needs. I think not! Move over Anne Widdecombe and Judy Murry :-)

One problem appears to be....apart from the fact these people are idiots....there is NO LAW about the wearing of masks or social distancing, so the police cannot enforce anything.

It appears our caring government live under the illusion we would not vote for them if they tried to pass a law. I beg to differ.

The police, quite rightly, say the situation makes them a laughing stock if they do speak to these people.......they have no powers....so even if there were enough of them to enforce it, until it’s law.......they can do nothing.

I think laws have to be made as people will want to flout rules and ignore recommendations and guidelines. Those are soft ways to try persuade people gently.

Yes it does make the police look powerless if they haven’t the authority to act when they know people are not doing as asked. I read the police can only break up a gathering of 30 people or more. I heard this week that three young women in Norwich I think were each fined £10,000 for organising a house party of over 100 people.

Good...hope it is eventually collected..... bit of a downer to have a% of £10k

Deducted from your monthly salary for the next few years !

Yes presume it’s taken out in instalments and if they didn’t have a job then removed from benefits if they were claiming them.

But there’s always a bleedingheart lawyer who acts for them for free to get them off these fines isn’t there?

The very famous loophole lawyer is in Norwich. Nick someone. Can’t recall his name. I suspect he’ll get them off

They were indeed. I live in Norwich and it’s a bit of an embarrassment! They rent a house on a housing estate and had over 100 people at the party. Neighbours actually reported them for noise. Honestly, I can’t understand why they didn’t see this would be a problem. Sheer stupidity. Two were students, third wasn’t.

His rules so I cant see my kids I dont think so..he hates us up here.. bet no one as downloaded that app just cant believe were higher than london and Birmingham he is just a liar...

His stupid app.. had enough of no head boris .

Thing is, if no one takes any notice of his/the government’s new measures/rules .. whatever we call them .. if it’s where you are or where I am, I don’t see things changing for the better as soon as we would like them to. 😢

donnabrain in reply to Vonnie10

Not just higher, but six times higher actually

AgedCrone in reply to donnabrain

For the first time this morning, on the radio I have heard somebody actually mention something I’ve been banging on about. All the students who left from all over the country to go to Uni in Liverpool,Manchester & Leeds, which have so many cases of Covid - must’ve had the virus when they left home..... they didn’t just develop it as they walked through the University gates did they? They do appear to have been tested as soon as they arrived?

Or am I missing something?

There is some cockamamie system whereby when a positive case is reported ,the location where they are tested is used to add to that area’s numbers...BUT there doesn’t appear to be any check on previous contacts of the students testing positive.

Although on the radio they were saying a lot of the cases came from Surrey.

So if that is true,......& if the advising scientists are thinking there is proper scrutiny of movement & quarantining of contacts of the students , & there isn’t.... The present system isn’t going to be much help.

But surely I must have missed something somewhere....there must have been more joined up thinking?

MadBunny in reply to AgedCrone

Some very good points.Id been thinking about that too. Although if the rate of spread is to be believed does it only take a very small number to spread it? They did seem to catch it very quickly though.I wonder if there has been any tracing of the contacts where they came from.I suppose there's no way of knowing if they already had it or caught it at uni🙄

donnabrain in reply to AgedCrone

There are checks on their previous contacts.

AgedCrone in reply to donnabrain

I wonder if that is why they know a lot of the students were originally based in Surrey?

I think that the results from the students COVID-19 testing go to the area the students are registered with a GP. If they haven't registered with a GP near to their University it will be added to the home GP the student is registered with. Take Care.

Wherever they are registered the whole thing seems to be completely out of control.

Exactly! So many students moved the virus with them to their universities. These uni’s are huge. It is like a city in itself at the Univ of Leeds campus. I used to work there. I read that 500 lectures/teaching staff at the Univ of Leeds had the virus a week after a main bulk of students (70,000) returned to study. Then that’s just one Uni .. there are more in Leeds.

Ajay575 in reply to Neonkittie17

Ahh maybe not ?

Did you see the parrys and disobetung off the rules and over 100 in a corridor shouting dancing etc residents locked in frightened and fire alarns set off in some as well with the partys and security and police involved

Neonkittie17 in reply to Ajay575

Seen so many incidents of madness from freshers I cannot recall where all of them were.

Ajay575 in reply to Neonkittie17

All over all the way up to Scotland

Im sure that and the young generation the cases are starting now

Starting to pass it on to older

The care homes are still a concern should really get a grip on the care homes and bring them to account maybe

Hence less deaths this time

Vonnie10 in reply to donnabrain

So they say ????

AgedCrone in reply to Vonnie10

Sorry to disagree with you Vonnie, but I’m sure nobody hates anybody. ....it is just an impossible situation & yes a lot of people are missing seeing family.

At least it seems now local councils and health authorities are being listened to...& the covid+ numbers are generated locally so the Gov can’t be fiddling them.

These new Tiers were discussed with local authorities....and what was announced is what was agreed.....of course it’s not 100% agreement.....But it’s a move in the right Direction.

You can look up your local area figures & compare them with areas in Birmingham and London.

Apart from just imposing”Rules” across the whole of England.... which most likely nobody would abide by......what do you think the Prime Minister should do?

It is apparently too late for Herd immunity.....So what is happening is supposedly seen as the best answer to an impossible situation.

It’s no good getting too upset & talking about hate ....that just stirs up anxieties ...often for people who are worried & unhappy enough already.

Vonnie10 in reply to AgedCrone

Ac I'm still seeing my family 100 percent hd enough now..this will destroy liverpool peoples jobs and home will be lost ...bojo does not like us it's been said tht man is a full blown snob some of the things he as said over the years.. liars the lot of them..hd enough our city will ot recover it's funny its just us on level 3 there all corrupt I do not trust them.

donnabrain in reply to Vonnie10

It,s not funny at all.

The reason Liverpool is the only area in tier three is because its having a spike in numbers.

And if people don't adhere to the rules, it won't go down.

Ajay575 in reply to donnabrain

Its the hospital admissions as well that made the decision ,nhs came out and said it is very high now

The other areas as similar but not the hospital admissions im sure thats wot made the decision

Im sure others will follow soon

Vonnie10 in reply to Ajay575

AJ our hospital is ways on red before all.this winter pressure I do not know but I do not trust this lot.

Ajay575 in reply to Vonnie10

i can see both points ,it will be the same when they relax back to square one

.maybe open up and let us get on with it and make own decisions maybe

Neonkittie17 in reply to Ajay575

I hope not re own decisions as it hasn’t worked so far as so many people seem clueless to even bother themselves there is a virus.

Agree it could be back to square one but if no good results from what is being asked at the moment then I feel for sure more strict measures for all. Even if they don’t want to impose draconian measures.

Ajay575 in reply to Neonkittie17

We are not getting anywhere either it is never ending ,cannot see it changeing ,in 3 weeks or after easing the same will happen

Im still of opinoun the cure is now causeing more damage

All parties are all over the place mow as well

Liverpool ,Manchester, Nottingham and labour mayors want easing kier now wanting full lockdown it is a mess either way

Vonnie10 in reply to donnabrain

I do not think it's funny all my friends and fmy have bars so why do you think I'm.making it funny there going to lose there livelihoods and homes ..

Vonnie10 in reply to donnabrain

Donna it's not 1 but funny it's sad I cant believe a word these corrupt bunch say

donnabrain in reply to Vonnie10

Not what I meant.

You said earlier that its funny that only Liverpool are in top tier.

I know you didn't mean funny haha, but funny as in suspicious, as in your not convinced.

Vonnie10 in reply to donnabrain

No I'm not convinced cant believe anything they say..london and Birmingham are more condensed and poplutaled then us ..were I am.isnt bad were spread out open spaces ..I do not trust them at all.

AgedCrone in reply to Vonnie10

If you base your opinion on what you read in the papers Vonnie you are going to be believing an awful lot of rubbish. Just read it -smile - and forget it.

BJ has an unenviable job...& unless we attempt to abide by the rules that will hopefully bring the infection rate down, we might not be around to comment.

All the rules coming out about who can go into whose houses apply to the majority of us not just Liverpool...& it’s common sense.

Do you want yourself or your children to be contaminated by your next door neighbour’s family coming from an area with a very high Covid positive rate...& playing with your family in the back garden? I know I don’t.

I live alone ...have no family in this country and nobody apart from somebody who helped me with a techie problem has been in my house since last March. Sat in the garden and had a drink yes, but not indoors.

It’s not much fun but I keep myself occupied & it sure is better than exposing myself to Covid!

So please try think of people who are a lot worse off than us...with no access to medical treatment if they are infected....& try to stick to the rules on your area.I do know it’s not easy...but it’s sensible.

Yes we are all leading different, difficult lives....it’s no one individual’s fault ....the virus descended here uninvited ....maybe the actions first taken weren’t right, but we are where we are .....so we’ve just got to go long with the rules.....all of them.

Because I for one do not want to be infected by somebody who thinks they know better than the health professionals.I would be quite happy for a temporary law to be passed....to issue substantial fines to those who don’t keep their distance or wear a mask....but that is a whole other discussion.

Vonnie10 in reply to AgedCrone

Ac bojo and is little mob all set themselves up to make money from it...never mind my family... appreciate your opinion so if no vaccine is found for say 2 years am I not suppose to see my family ? My family work.in the nhs ...luckily I retired 18 months ago..I dont know what I believe anymore I do know people will.die not just from covid there isnt just covid going on I'm.just so angry by it all... you cant say fine people dont.hink that's right.. all that fine money will.go into there pockets ..somehow.. x

AgedCrone in reply to Vonnie10

No Vonnie nobody wants to separate you from your family for any longer than necessary ....and fines will be administered by the Courts ....BJ will not get his hands on any fines imposed on the public

If BJ and his “little mob” are making money out of this i’m sure the Chancellor will get his hot little hands on it and put it into the Treasury....To start paying back everything he has spent keeping a lot of people and businesses afloat with his Furlough scheme.

I should think as BJ & his mob are mostly millionaires anyway...they don’t need to fiddle money out of anything.

I don’t care how much money any of them has, as long as they are putting their best efforts into controlling this virus and letting us all go back to our boring little lives in suburbia!

The regulations are being brought out in the hope we can control the spread of the virus......get those that need treatment into hospitals and cured , and isolating those testing positive, but not needing any particular treatment ....at home.

Once that is achieved the rules will likely be relaxed...but that isn’t going to happen tomorrow..

So unless we all obey the rules and stop Covid 19 viruses breeding like rabbits ... We shall be having this conversation over and over and over.

Vonnie10 in reply to AgedCrone

Ac I cant believe you believe there straight shooter..there more bend than a ten bob note..chris whitty was bang at it setting up for them at the beginning ..you know that drive he went on to test is eyesight.. that one to make money from it dont be naive AC thèŕe more corrupt than any criminal.doing a 10nstretch... be the fine company will be owned by them there worst than the Russians bloody conman.. enjoy your tea AC.

Vonnie10 in reply to Vonnie10

Ac I will be with my family end off...

donnabrain in reply to Vonnie10

And thats the reason the North has higher figures right there!

AgedCrone in reply to Vonnie10

I think that was Dominic Cummings Vonnie...not Chris Whitty.

I don’t bother myself with their personal finances ....as long as they get us out of this Covid mess they can win the Lottery and whistle Dixie whilst dancing a Tango for all I care.

After all BJ has a wedding to plan hasn’t he?

I know nothing will convince you we aren’t being run by a Westminster Mafia... but as I say ....if they get us out of this mess ASAP, they will be back in number 10 in 2024...if not that address will no doubt be up for grabs.

Vonnie10 in reply to AgedCrone

Oh there worst than the Russians sneaky men them in the government do not trust any of them.

KittyJ in reply to Vonnie10

Worse than the Russians, wow. ( apologies to anyone from Russia on here )

Vonnie10 in reply to KittyJ

I.meant the Russian government not Russian in general

KittyJ in reply to Vonnie10

Vonnie I know you did.

AC, Boris said he couldn’t afford a child minder 😳

Do you think I should volunteer?

Heh heh .. well you could try talk some sense to him!

donnabrain in reply to Vonnie10

That wasn't,t Chris Whitty, that was Dominic Cummings

To be fair, Chris Whitty should be one of our heroes. Without him and his team, there would be no biologic drugs for us. He was head of the development team 🤷🏼‍♀️

That's interesting to know.Ive always liked him. He explains things clearly.

bienassis in reply to Vonnie10

Vonnie, this virus is bigger than any of us - including the government (any government) - and if people decide to take risks willy-nilly with their health they must realise that they are also risking the health of others. I know I am speaking from a privileged position - that is, I'm not of working age so don't have to worry about losing my job and perhaps my home. Those who do have these worries are always those who suffer the most whatever the crisis. This particular crisis is leaving all of us emotional as it is not one we have experienced before, and not one easy to deal with. It can't be legislated against. It changes its shape as it moves on; it's as slippery as an eel.

Sorry there's no comfort in any of the above; we must hope that those working on a vaccine will finally come up trumps. Meanwhile, we have to try keeping calm and supporting each other as best we can.


Vonnie10 in reply to bienassis

Well.i wont be having there vaccine

MadBunny in reply to Vonnie10

I hear from my brother that Nottingham is heading the same way.

Hi Vonnie, I’m sorry you’re in the midst of all this and as I said last night it needs to be all of us trying to do something to stop the virus and we all can if we all take some responsibility and don’t believe it’s someone else’s responsibility. We should not have anyone round or go to anyone’s house when we’ve been asked not to. I’m just south of Leeds in the Kirklees area which has had a smaller lockdown a couple of of months ago and I’m also right between Bradford and Calderdale so surrounded by areas that have been under many restrictions on and off for some time now. It isn’t easy and although my area is now on high risk and not deemed very high, I am shielding as I recently had Rtx and have been advised to shield. Many of us are still shielding and many are semi shielding and going out a bit more as have to go work or shop. That’s very necessary.

I think if we don’t comply as I said last post, then this thing surely amplifies and perpetuates and you don’t get to see family for even longer. You push it back further. You cut your nose off to spite your face as such! I feel we must try see the strategic side of this and hang in there. Also, Boris is trying these measures now as he doesn’t want to be the guy who puts us in lockdown over Christmas. Who wants to be remembered as The Grinch?! He wants people to spend for/at Christmas too for the economy.

The case figures are from local authority too and not just from London/government as AC and others have said, so it isn’t them deciding to pick on Liverpool. Bradford, 9 miles from me was really “clobbered” 2 days before Eid to try stop large groups of people socialising and it was a massive disappointment for them and many did complain and feel hurt and victimised, but they mostly did what was asked to help lower the cases. Leicester have had a long lockdown too and hardships, so Boris isn’t hating Liverpool. I doubt he’d hate such a fantastic city. Such culture and influences and history. I miss going as I’m usually there every few months at The Walker/Tate.

I don’t know how far the authorities will take it re Liverpool .. if they find people are flouting and still meeting others inside houses, then people who are already struggling financially could find themselves with a large fine for breaking the rules of social distancing. The house party in Norwich is an example of fines of £10,000 for each of 3 young women although that was because 100 people attended.

I hope when Boris reviews the situation for your city in a few weeks he is able to let the very high category be dropped to lesser restrictions because people have been doing what was/is asked to lessen the spread of the virus. Don’t hate Boris .. it’s a wasted energy. (I felt like that about Trump a while ago and had to not look at him.) Boris won’t go away anytime soon and he won’t change his mind on your city or any of this at the moment.

Defiance and non-compliance are natural reactions at first but please see that we’ll all be out of it sooner if we do what is asked. I fully expected Kirklees and Leeds and Bradford to be in the very high category and I think they may well be shortly especially Leeds given how huge a student city it is too, like Liverpool. x

I'm.not flaunting the rules ...I'm.seen my kids my daughter in as just gone into labour do you think I'm.not going to meet my grandchild ??? My sister just passed away at home not from covid her 2 daughters are nurses my daughter is as well... they all work at the nhs I was sheilding due to ritx but do you think i was not going to nurse my only sister cos of covid ....she was told at the start of covid no more can be done ...nothing stopped me and her kids from been with her...she passed away at home with us by her side it's down to me i wear mask when i go out...and so on...my husband is manager at the nhs what am.i suppose to dom throw him.out the house...its not like were having house parties .just living our lives .. xx

Hi Vonnie, I feel you have mis-understood part of my post .. I have not said you have personally flouted anything .. I just read back over my post. “You push it back etc” is a generalisation of what many people are doing at the moment and not meaning that “you” push it back personally referring to the virus slowing down etc. I didn’t recall/see the post about your daughter (in law?) having a baby and you wanting to go see her. If I commented about the new grandchild before and forgot then my apologies. We’ve so many posts at the moment. I hope all is well with them. I do very much recall your failed RA med and also your Bereavement. 😢 I am sure you need some happiness after the sad times. I did give my condolences and support earlier when you posted a little while ago. I understand how hard it must have been having lost some people over the summer. We were not allowed to see them. Hospital rulings.

I am not quite sure how the city of Liverpool and surrounding areas are going to patrol any restrictions, and whether it will all work well enough but I really do hope so. I am not entirely clear yet on your area (only read through my own so far) what exactly you can and can’t do when it comes down to it re visiting people or if they say it has to be outside or in a restaurant. That’s what I understood to be for my area. High risk but not very high for the moment.

It’s apparent no one will change your view in what Boris is doing 😳🤪 and that’s your right of course! It’s what you believe and he isn’t my most favourite person at the mo either but I am sure he’s not a crook in the sense some people may think he is. However, as I really dislike Trump I can understand people feeling what they do to some extent. I really hope your city meets whatever reduction in numbers/requirements are needed to lift your lockdown soon. I feel as others have posted here, we can go round and round as to what Boris is doing right or wrong for the country and the North and get nowhere at the moment.

I just still feel we all need to make some careful choices about many things we do every day. Defiance and non compliance are natural reactions meaning people are doing this everywhere when they are told not to do a certain thing. Not meaning “you” are defiant and non compliant. It’s natural for some to not want to change anything .. we know many people who refuse to wear a mask and never stayed home. Have/have had several guests staying over night. It’s happened .. it’s happening. It will keep happening. Maybe the government may feel they have to take such drastic measures again as imposing another national lockdown (and Kier Starmer wanted this to happen apparently for 3 weeks with the circuit breakers.) if lockdown on specific cities doesn’t make the difference to case numbers they need to see. I’m not sure. We just seem to be floundering to much as a nation but as many others have said here we go a few steps forward and quite a few back. There is hope if we listen to what is being asked.

I am deeply sorry for the passing of your sister and it’s been a horrible time for you. With your RA also. Stress won’t have helped that at all. We have lost two very dear people in the family and a friend during the lockdown time and recently. Unable to go see two of them in hospitals. The other passed away at home. My husband’s cousin was not allowed to visit her Mother in hospital when she was dying. One family member only allowed in June so as her elder sister was not working and the younger one was, the hospital said was the one with less risk and not working (as she was retired) could go but not her sister so the cousin who worked couldn't say goodbye to her Mum. That’s very hard I am sure you’d agree. Also my friend didn’t see his grandson for three months when he was born so wasn’t easy for him or his wife. I lost a friend and ex colleague. Such a lot of hard separations. Many friends I know haven’t seen children or grandchildren properly for months and then only at distance in the park. 😑

This has been a very emotional time for you I do understand, and so many people here have said about Boris and I am sure he is not singling out Liverpool as a place he hates etc. I would have thought Bradford had a huge reason to feel that, given the quickly arranged Eid restrictions, as I said. I still believe if we do as asked we will all stand a better chance of getting out of this sooner but I know people will do their own versions of lockdown and .. that’s what they’ll do. I hope they all stay safe and also don’t risk the lives of others, which is a common sentiment on this message board.

Stay safe, Vonnie and I wish you and yours well. X

Hi I'm.just angry and grieving and stupid reaction to steroid . I know your have supported me kit ...lifes so hard when you hear more bad news it tops it off.. I've over reacted to every last thing lately... for the very same reason my sister stayed at home because we knew the situation in the hospital.. my sister kids looked to me to.help so ive had 6 months of that and no treatment from clinic ritx did not work so well this year...its very sad your cousin mum and your friend I would have been devastated she must be so angry...I'm worried over this new baby ...and should I see him or her....its all a worry.. sorry to people on here if I came across angry...we bide by the rules only place i went was my sister and for walks on our beach and woods.... and kit I would.do. that all again with my sister I'm just grieving . It's all a huge mess.. and worry with our new baby coming...still.think there crooks just in suits. Take care kit. X

Firstly a gentle hug to you. I know you’re grieving and upset. 💗 I understand but I was worried to see you posting like this so upset. You’ve done nothing wrong walking in woods and on beaches. That’s exactly what I’ve done. We need to walk outside and get fresh air or we will get prison pallor! I understand too how steroids can make people feel. Had ten months of them so I get that. Ugh. You are allowed to get cross .. absolutely (maybe you need one of those Boris cloth dog toys to give a whack!) as you’ve had a naff time indeed. 😢 Then after we’ve done a primal scream and said a few naughty words we have to get wise and think of safety and how we can somehow manage to make the best of a bad situation. Grief doesn’t just go away so don’t be hard on yourself. Can you speak to someone impartial on the phone. Do Macmillan have bereavement support?

Yes, sad we had to watch the Family members’ and friend’s funerals online. Felt crazy doing that sitting in the garden watching on the laptop. . I feel so awful for the cousin who wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to her Mum. She’s feeling bad about it. She was only allowed to wave at her Mum at her window from below during the summer before she went quickly downhill as she just dropped off goodies and food and books for her, as she was in sheltered accommodation/a flat. Auntie knew what was going on re the virus as she was sound of mind indeed and lovely but fed up of it all. As I sad she was then allowed to have her elder daughter in. The carer also. That was it. It was supposed to be Auntie’s 90th party in August but she passed away suddenly a few days before. Not the virus as she was kept so safe but she was fed up of isolation. It was her heart we believe. Sudden. We had got the invite in March in advance to save the date etc. How we wished we’d all been there to celebrate with her. 😑

Vonnie, you do need some permanent RA med to control your RA though and get some relief as it’s too much with everything else for you. Please tell your rheumy things aren’t easy at all for you if you haven’t, or your doc by phone if you can. Friends and family can always listen but impartial advice is often better as they tell you straight. Argh, I am sad Rtx didn’t seem to work. Wish it had done for you, Did you discuss any other meds or aren’t you suited to what’s left to try now? I remember you said there wasn’t anything left to try? I wasn’t sure how that ended up for you last time you spoke with your rheumy.

We just want you to do what’s safe for you, your family and others at the mo. We all need to. It’s hard as the new baby will be too tiny to go out and meet you outside for any length of time, but could you go look at him/her, say from the car when he/she arrives or would that be too frustrating not to make contact? Let’s hope Liverpool get on top of this and satisfy coming out lockdown ASAP. Show us all how it’s done. I hope you are able to do Skypes and Zooms with your family. You take care too. Gentle hugs. X

Hi..I’m in tocz let see how that goes .ritx was great last year not so well this year maybe the added stress with my sister may have added I don’t know... steroids have tipped me over but I was in a huge flare up.. and if I didn’t have this with my sister I would have went without reflecting back..to late now it’s done steroids usually last 6/8 I’m me.. I’ve probably got a bit of ptsd.. 6 months watching this beautiful girl go down hill and down to 6.6 stone was hell.. her daughters are young and lent on me lots and the final decision was on me...so yeah possibly the steroid and bit of ptsd thrown me over.. so sorry if offended anyone don’t mean to.. so sad your aunt passed away and her poor daughter wasn’t able to be with her it’s sad.. my next door is young 93 in similar situation... she behind the door now could possibly kill her and I don’t mean the cv... sad. Take care and thankyou for taking some time with me. Xx

Vonnie10 in reply to Vonnie10

Let’s hope our R comes down and we go back to 6 but if theses student would just behave like in Liverpool and London we may get the R down .

You’re welcome Vonnie.💗 I think you’re right re the mega stress and maybe it didn’t let the Rtx work as good as it should. No coincidence but I’d been on Rtx a year and was working great for me and then my Mum passed away in 2015 after a 2 month decline from steady Alzheimer’s, aged 94. She’d had it for 4 years but was steady with it. I carried on perfectly calm on the outside doing the legal stuff, etc in a business like manner and did all the probate and house clearing and got it up for sale (helped by my OH but doing a lot on my own whilst he was out at work.) I then went downhill fast as I was in turmoil inside and I flared. Hospital couldn’t get me in on time for Rtx and I had to wait 7 weeks and totally seized. Was worried it wouldn’t work again as I had gone so downhill bit it did, so understand you thinking your massive amount of stress caused it to stop working for you. I hope Tocz is going to be great for you. There are people on here who have great success with it. I saw your sister’s photo you posted and she was very beautiful 😍and I understand your heartbreak. 😢 You were a wonderful sister and best friend to her.

You mean your elderly neighbour could be in danger due to lockdown loneliness? 😢. That worried me for the auntie from the start tbh. It didn’t add to her decline but she was beyond fed up. So was the SIL’s mum who passed away. She was like family to us. She had been in her own rooms as they had four other people living in a huge house with an extension so that lady had lived in the self contained extension to shield as she was mid 80s and a couple of issues and a bit overweight but on BP meds. Her daughter who worked at home so had less contact with outside, took all her meals in to her. If everyone was out working she went through her own lounge door to the garden and sat out. At least she had that, Wasn’t allowed to mingle with her grandson or granddaughter and fiancé as they all worked and her granddaughter is a nurse in a hospital. So she was only seeing her daughter but thank God for the daughter. She has been a rock and now she’s frazzled too. Like you are.

Hang in there dear Vonnie and week by week the Tocz will be taking good effect on you. 🙏 Don’t lose faith and keep chatting here. Hugs. xx

N thanks. So much you’ve been like my little councillor over these few days...😘 it’s definitely steroids tipped me over made me 😬 act over the top.. no more for me.. we live and learn and when I reflect back I can see oh if only I would have done this or that.. but never mind ..RA is weird from start to now I’ve used steroid apart from the last 18 months..just the ones I had with the ritx and this latest one.. and I wonder if the steroid have caused the issue with my left knee osteo... I get angry over that ....when we can I’m going swimming to try and strengthen it.

Life goes on got a new baby 👶 due anytime..

My lovely neighbour is 93 but a very independent 93 loved her cruises and hoils her gardens are immaculate she is stuck while we wait for a cure... how sad.

I would not bring my sister back to go through what’s she did... heart failure fibromyalgia and her liver her gp as a lot to answer for but that’s another story . Some gp are awful thankfully my practice is very good. Her gp filled her up with drugs no need for it..she had a valve replacement done 4 years ago which went terribly wrong.. no way she was fit enough for this huge procedure ... they punctured her heart in 2 places bleed out and how she pulled through I do not know.. her surgeon said this had only happened twice in his 17 year career other person died ...she went down hill from then on...I had to to tell the heart consultant about the drug misuse really from her gp .. this was a girl who had never took a drug in her life ...hooked on slow release tramadol slow release pregablin morphine patches all in high doses lorazepam and zopiclone .. for fibro...?I know it’s painful but no more than ra ...I think...? sadly it was to late for her liver ....she used to say it’s my heart making me sleepy 🙉 I told her and her kids this wasn’t right...you need to stop with the medication.... I nearly booked a appointment to go speak with her gp but would I have got anywhere ..she always said to me I’m in pain with my fibromyalgia....?? so once her liver was involved there was no more diuretic treatments... . the liver was no good from the all the drugs so sad maybe if she had a decent gp and education...from the start she would not have ended up so sick...Nk I’m so angry over it and what went on with her, how her care was handled...so I half blame her gp and her she but she knew no better... when she came out of itu she was no longer on these drugs bar pregablin little to late... funny enough her pain was no more ? we know what drugs can do to our bodies... that’s also a worry for me the damage these ra drugs do.. we are closely monitored..but still a bit scary...

Nk the anxiety feels like it’s settling down sleep still a issue but I do feel better... I’m off for a walk with my little pug down the beach.

Thanks so much my little counselling thereby it helps xx

Oh bother, I typed a reply and it disappeared as I tried to post it as at the same time my phone conked out of power! 🤨 I hope you’ve had a very decent day and got out with your little pug and had some fresh air. So lovely you can go to the beach. I’ll be back tomorrow to reply a bit more. Hope you can sleep better soon. I’ve been very hit and miss with sleep since the meno but also it’s the meds too which make me very warm and wake up. I try podcasts on my earbuds to send me back off. A lavender and chamomile pillow mist often helps get some sleep. xx

Hi nk hope.your well...with all.this madness it does seems like bojo is doing a north/south thing ... there all going mad over it... he is now saying if they dont comply he wont give them any money so.sad... my husband cousin gave me a bottle of CBD love hemp.. this poor guy as mnd such a lovely fella he as a slow one just in his hand for now but he feels likes it changing ...breaks my heart but he is so positive me and him are going for abig walk on the beach tomorrow... but I had great night sleep for the first time in ages last night .. do not know if it's the CBD or the steroid slowing down but wht ever it was I feel much better...my anxiety seems to be settling finally that in itself was awful..had my gp up the wall and was abit ott on here...no more steroids for me.. I take a small dose of amitriptyline for sleep I'm going to try and wean of it.. hub looking for a exercise bike to try and strengthen my knee.. have nice night nk xx

Hi Vonnie .. I’ve been trying to get back on this thread for ages .. it keeps spinning on the centre and then won’t let me on! This site often chucks me off via FB and tells me I have to rejoin!! It’s my issue, not HU/this forum. My crazy phone. Why some days I don’t get on here.

Ah I was so sad to hear of your lovely sister’s demise from your previous message and you will never forget her and her memory lives on in her kids and hubby and and you . That will never leave you. You will eventually remember more great times than sad painful ones but it’s still to soon I know. I’m glad you have your dog to walk with.. what sort of dog have you?

I haven’t ever taken the CBD oil, Vonnie, but have seen it. My health shop used to stock both ointment and oil, and It’s quite expensive I know. I have some of the CBD ointment for applying it to the affected painful joints/areas and I use it on my dodgy knee and it is very effective. Gives it much more movement, and less pain. Maybe the oil has a calming, sleepy effect when taking it orally? Others here could answer you more on that. I think that walking your dog and fresh sea air exercise will help you to sleep too. Glad you had a good night.

Hope the poor guy with MN isn’t in pain. Presume CBD oil helps his issues?

I think Andy Burnham has a point but if every locked down city starts asking for more and more assistance or dictating to BJ then he’s not going to let them get the upper hand.

Would love an exercise bike again as the old one broke a while back. Think my OH was going like crazy on it and broke the pedal! Need to clear some things out first as not much spare room here. I have a chair cycle you use whilst you sit down so I’ll get that unpacked as it’s unused. I do weights and stretching exercises but I really miss my aqua keep fit sessions and hydro pool. Hope you have another good night’s sleep. It makes such a difference. xx

Hi hydro pool sound lovely is it expensive...our gyms are all shut now. not that I go the gym... they do have a pool I used to go before ra was always cold.tho..loved swimming .. I'm.saying excsesize bike now but highly doubt my knee is bad I'm.just looking for things to.try help.the knee gets stronger everything is masked now ... know myself my knee will.kick off ...this steroid settles then no more walkie be hobbling around again ... for me steroids are great in one respect give my joints some.short term.freedom 6 weeks but once it wears off I cant walk.prooerly with this knee feet and ankles now flip.side i get horrendous anxiety from steroid catch 22 ...its not worth the anxiety I get for the freedom how sad is that...got my hopes.pinned on tocz it the very.last drug been on all.of them.side effect or relapsing ... could be worst could be like.my cousin mnd.....nk is tocz on the sheilding group....my husband mates in work. Hs tested positive and are quite sick...all.a.worry ...lock up here is mad but how crazy we had the new batman been filmed in our town I swear the of the whole crew around 100 people on st georges hall cast and crew big Hollywood block buster not a masks in sight... we have some lovely building in our city we get a few doing movies here peaky blinders is another one ...Robert Pattinson he didnt even have amask until.he got is batman gear on.. highly doubt Robert Pattinson was at the top of our liver building is stunt man more like we had big huge helicopter flying over car chases all.sort... filming in our town centre ...so we had that going on nuts .. I live on the outskirts of liverpool now ...moved few years ago dorma bungalow because of RA we sold up.and bought this so thankfully I've got downstairs shower room. And bedroom ...how crazy all.the students running a mock thyev brought the virus ... we was ok till.these all came ....you could not write how mad our city as been this last week.. . But again our city was all.over the news but london did the same would not go home passed curfew.. this was before lock up... the night it was put in place tier 3 it was all student in town they made a show of our city .......did not see london on itv news and bbc just liverpool...and it was a students carrying on shocking but yet again shame on our lovely city..were all.in bang up... hate that our city is shown in this way... its getting bad here tho lots with it friends are sick got to be careful...bojo i think he will do what ever he can to save the south it's always been that way.tories but anyway..will leave that alone will.just go on ...sick of it.. I've got pug she is old nearly 14 she is lovely she had all.her teeth out 3 weeks ago bar 2 hubby was not happy with vet bill £565 ouch.. this dog is obsessed with me..ah I didnt go walking today..went shopping for some new navy cushions and anew throw sick of the room.been grey..so that's cheered me up my bank not so much... but my room.looks nice..my anxiety as almost gone now nk thankfully.. I do think the CBD oil is helping its not from Holland and barrett it's a good one stronger but got it on offer usually £50 but half price deal £25 my cousin gave me it. MN cousin But I will be subscribing to.the site for it ...you never know could help.with inflammation will keep.you posted.. xxx I've rambled on take care nk.

They have shown Soho in a bad light over the past couple of days or nights I should say .. with them partying in the streets etc and the police having trouble trying to contain them, so that’s London misbehaving. Probably more of it tonight if they decide to get off licence alcohol and take in on the streets. Hope not.

I don’t have the level of inflammation at the moment that would require taking the CBD oil. (My meds are doing the trick and yours will soon too I hope. 🙏) I occasionally still use the ointment on my knee but not doing that so much at the moment. The CBD ointment was almost £20. It’s supposed to be one of the original brands. My health shop sold a lot of both oil and ointment. I do hope the oil helps you.

I don’t think everyone is going to be put off Liverpool in future because of the tier3. I won’t be! More big cities are likely to get tier3 if they have huge increases in cases. 😑

Hydro was £10 for the hour. Not too bad. Hopefully it will reopen next year as its being refurbished.

Better get off to Zzzz now. Hope you have a good night’s sleep. xx

Glad you’ve given your room a little facelift as it makes you feel better. 💗

Aww poor lil pug .. I remember you posting that. 💗

I had a telephone call from Rheumatology recently and asked about shielding as a GP had phoned me at Easter telling me my white cells were low and I should shield for 12 weeks. I asked him what he thought about that and because I received absolutely no advice from him! This was his reply in a letter to GP:-

"She asked me whether she needs to continue to shield due to low WBC in March/April. I see she has chronic but intertmittent lymphocytosis, as is often seen in RA. Her only overt Covid risk factor is her methotrexate use. As per national guidance, this would require her to strictly social distance only."

To be on the safe side, I shall mask up and keep out of people's houses.

I think there is going to be another announcement giving advice to the shielded and vulnerable.

I think the 3 tier system is a bit lame personally. Especially as the scientists wanted a short sharp lockdown and a series of these might well have been a better option. Who knows? We are in uncharted waters here. All that said, it is a difficult job, trying to balance health and wellbeing against economic survival.

I was shielded and won't go back to that, it was too restrictive and too damaging to my mental health. I will continue to be very cautious.

Be safe, go softly...

Take care and be kind ! My family live all over the country my daughter in the USA. Have not seen anyone for a year now. We are all so busy keeping safe time is passing us by!

AgedCrone in reply to Brushwork

I wonder if on day one it had been decided nobody could go further than the local food store for ......say 4/6 weeks........things might have worked out better?

I’m sure there would have been an outcry....but with a bit of organisation it might have broken the spread by X%?

After all.....when we look at what has been tried so far .....it isn’t doing too great is it?

I’m sure everybody who is missing family would far rather have just missed them for 4/6 weeks in one fell swoop ....than carry on the way we are now?

Its as you were, but you need to order a bowl of chips if you want a pint. 🙄

In my position with a boss that won't let me work from home there never has been any support.

Look at the disability equality act! He has to make reasonable adjustments by law! Take no prisoners!!

I have worked here 18 months. He could very easily make me redundant with one weeks notice. (I work within the hospitality sector.) I can't live off jsa till the pandemic ends. Theres predicted to be millions out of work very soon...

Pippy25 in reply to Angjoplin

I'm sorry to hear this as it feels like you must be between a rock and a hard place at the moment. x

If the plan goes anything like the fiasco with the shielding letters last time then I won’t be holding my breath. We all know what we should do by now. Keep safe and look after ourselves, we can’t expect anyone else to do that for us.

AgedCrone in reply to KittyJ

But that is the trouble KJ...some people want the Government to look after them, like they did at the beginning of Covid, when it means getting what they want....but as soon as they are expected to put themselves out by wearing a mask or anything else they feel it isn’t “fair” & they decide they are being hard done by.

Sadly life just isn’t fair & as you so rightly say we have to keep ourselves safe...not only being selfish, but to protect others....because until testing is ramped up...none of us know if we are walking around asymptomatic & spreading the virus ourselves!

I agree with you. If we do not know when we have it we need to assume that we have it

Sadly I think we are in the minority.....right now is the time to do everything possible to stop the virus getting completely out of control...not expecting to get special treatment when we are living in warm homes with food to eat.

There are so many people all around the world who are so much worse off than us in the UK.....let’s just put our backs into keeping everyone safe.

They have announced that we will all receive a letter giving us all further advice but we won’t be asked to shield as before. We need to look after ourselves too and play our part if we can🌺

As was recently said... if the letters we got at the beginning of this fiasco are anything to go by ....you are best to put them in your letter rack and leave them there.

I eventually got three back then, after I had read them and made a decision on each....I had three different decisions.

Too fed up with the whole thing now to start reading letters like that.

Pippy25 in reply to AgedCrone

I think it's gone way beyond letters now and for me it would be better to put their resources into other things regarding Covid or investing in meaningful support and identifying those really in need at this time round. Yes give good clear advice as to what is required if shielding is needed but don't sent letters willy nilly from sometimes age old, misinformed lists based from a variety of sources missing lots of people out and sending them to the deceased. Which if you remember was the case with me getting bombarded by phone calls and letters for my late dad, but nothing for me.

AgedCrone in reply to Pippy25

Yes that was very upsetting for you Pippy....but in my long & varied working life.. I did notice if you don’t work for a private company that has a bottom line and needs to make a profit ....these things happen because nobody is ever disciplined...records aren’t checked & even when they are... Unless a member of the public kicks off & goes public ...nothing is done to correct them.

Apparently Covid has kicked off a resurgence of correcting records but I have yet to seeing any evidence of it....but then why would I?

Dr Sarah Jarvis was on the news at lunch time saying she doesn’t think there will be advice for people to shield any further and it certainly won’t be mandatory.I”think”she said GPs would be advising their patients. But as most people I know can’t get near their GPs I don’t quite know how that is going to happen...but my hearing could be better and I was in a different room from the radio....so.... .I could be spreading false news!

But maybe GPs will open up & will be issuing letters? But I honestly think we just need to look out for ourselves...& if we do need any particular help I think the offices at local councils who did the original telephoning around about any support you might need are still in operation, and they will maybe be of help?

Pippy25 in reply to AgedCrone

My GP said to me right at the beginning of all this you must shield, that was her advice and while I didn't warrant a letter I took her advice and don't regret it. You are so right most people are struggling to get near their GP's now and I feel the same in respect of we just have to look after ourselves as best as we can. The biggest risk for me at the moment is a house move on the horizon and the frustrating delays I am experiencing. I will do my best to minimise risk but know the virus is something we cannot control as we can't with any bugs/viruses. So will have to dig deep, try not to stress and keep as well as I can.

Pippy25 in reply to KittyJ

I never got a letter last time and wont be expecting one any time soon either....did it make a difference to me, probably not. I had to get on with it and that's what I'm trying my best to do now. I just worry for those with illnesses and diseases including RD that are being undiagnosed, untreated, not monitored, those suffering/ in pain or waiting for operations and while I understand the reality and seriousness of Covid....we sadly could lose people due to other health issues that were sidelined or ignored during this time. I agree we have to keep safe and look after ourselves as I have learned apart from some good friends (and support shown on this forum) no one else gives a fig.

Just read through all of these responses... oh my.

The Gov UK website has all the information available for each are... notice I said ‘available’ rather than ‘need’. BJ and his cronies are not good at clarity. What are the parameters that determine the tier an area is in? Surely there should be a clear set of criterion.

I’m in Scotland so it’s different here, probably more strict actually.

We can’t change it.

We surely must do all that is necessary to keep ourselves and our fellow beings safe, regardless of and yet, where possible and understood, following guidelines with maybe some extra ones of our own.

The goal must be - To stay alive and avoid COVID-19.

Let’s just do all we can to achieve that....

Go gently

I wish I lived in Scotland! At least you get the impression that they have your health and welfare in mind! My nephew lives up there he says it’s the best decision he ever made !

NS - does her best for us and tries to keep the politics separate from PH.

It was the best I ever made too!

Ajay575 in reply to Brushwork

You haveing a laugh 😂😂 never in a million years she is 100 % political

Ajay575 in reply to Green230461

It is the opposite green

I do that too! And if I’ve got my walking stick with me I do my Dalek impersonation and waggle it around me to make sure I get the requisite 2m space.

Lola, You and me both!! 😝🤪.

That stick waving vision reminds me of a funny story and happier times when we could go meet friends more easily. Sigh. I had met my two best art buddies in Bradford at a pub restaurant behind the main theatre so it’s was a good place frequented by some decent people. It’s all peaceful in there and we’d had a lovely afternoon shopping and a good meal and a few drinks. We were waiting for my hubby to arrive in the car to drop them off/take me home and were standing outside. A very similar looking car turned down the side street and I lunged forward to identify myself as if he went past it was an awkward one way system to go back round on for ten mins. I waved my stick at who I thought was hubby coming closer in the car to see a scared looking guy .. eyes on stalks .. behind his driving wheel! 😝 My friend fell on a nearby bench howling, as she said she too saw the look of total confusion as he saw us edging to the car and me with my stick aloft! 🤪🤣

Think we need automatic extending walking sticks .. with a boxing glove on the end for those who want to be in our faces in current times. X

Love your story! Yes I think your extending stick idea would be perfect.

Well!!! I am not going anywhere and not seeing anyone. That should just about cover it!

Green230461 in reply to Sheila_G

I agree with you! And if in doubt wear a mask!

We are all going to get. Another Letter soon with more advice.

Yes that is us too!!

See gov.uk. Guidance for People Identified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (ie: if you received a letter previously)....certainly worth checking and passing on. Sorry, I don’t know how to copy the link...perhaps someone else could do it please.

Oh well hear comes kier (labour)asking for a 3 week lockdown ☹

No it seems no help for the vulnerable I agree. My understanding is that if a particular area has a high rate of infections then that area will have a lot tighter restrictions than other Towns/County's. Just wish the pandemic would go away as I'm sure you do?

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