Sad day :)

Sad day :)


I am not sure what is going on but if it's bullying then I am disgusted with those people who are the perpetrators, to think they can come on this site and drive away people who go out of their way to help and support everyone else when they are here for the same reason as you and me to find support and encouragement to live with this disease that rules our life.

I know I am fairly new both to RA and to this site and I post not as often as I should but already I feel like I have fiends to share this journey with and now you who feel you have the right to bully, harass and hurt them are destroying that friendship shame on you is not this disease enough for us without your stupid behaviour

To those that have left and anyone else thinking of leaving please reconsider I need you no in fact we all need you please don't let these b........ push you away from those of us who care

If I have spoken out of turn and offended anyone other than the bullies then I apologies Jen xxx

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  • I agree with you Jen this site has helped me a lot x

  • Well said Jen

    I'm hoping that once the bullies see this is not the site for them, then the other will come back.

    Joanne x

  • Thanks Jen but as my last post said can we not worry further.

    I will and any of you can, contact the site moderators at the NRAS office which is open 9.30 am today, I am certain that the moderators will investigate , and I hope you have a good day and stop feeling so sad. We have enough with RA, so lets put it to the hands of the site professionals now ? Whatever has happened will then be investigated I am sure. xxxxxx

  • Agree with you Allanah......great flu for your support and thanks for helping get it sorted :)

  • Ah sorry I posted this in response to an earlier post before I then saw your post x

  • hey Jen, sorry did I sound bossy? I dont really know and dont think many do know what went wrong but maybe now is the time for calm and time for the managers to sort out the problem will help, sorry if i sounded quick but obviously now I do feel that enought talking and action is needed!!?

    Hope you feel better today. Ax

  • Well said we have to get across to these bullies that they are not welcome on here. Jen don't be sorry you didn't know Allanah had already posted in much the same vein. We are all disgusted with the way people have been treated of late. If every body now contacts the team today then we will get something done about these horrid people.xxxx

  • The problem is Penny that not everyone on this site feels the same way as you do. A lot of us have seen bullying and ganging up on members who were so upset by the experience that they felt the need to leave. These people were active participants in the community and good friends so it's very sad to see them hurt in this way. I don't think that attacking members of this community and referring to them as a cackling brood of hens helps anyone. Have I reported anyone...yes. Am I ashamed of I personally would feel ashamed to sit back and do nothing. The " report" button is there for a reason and if more people used it then perhaps this site would become the friendly, safe place it used to be.

  • Hi paulywoo... I was not attacking anyone....and this is one of my points, everyone interprets the written word differently.....I was actually laughing as I said that and please believe me no offence was meant.

    I have yet to find anyone that I need to report for anything other than giving wrong and inappropriate medical advice but again that is only my perception

    Have a good day....and actually I mean that, not sarcastically or viciously


  • Hi everyone,

    I am sorry to hear of the issues surrounding the community this weekend. We are in the process of investigating what has occurred and in the meantime would appreciate it if this thread and others which refer to the problems could come to an end now.

    I appreciate your support in this matter and please rest assured that we are aware of what has occurred. Thank you for your cooperation and I hope everyone can move on and continue to keep our community a safe and supportive place for everyone living with RA to come for help.

    Best wishes,


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