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This morning I saw 5 geese flying over I’ve never seen them this early,also the Rowen trees are full of berries normally this indicates a hard winter ,hope the county law is wrong this year .Hope you are all as well as possible.

Regards Mike

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Personally I’m looking forward to autumn and winter. This summer has been very difficult humidity wise. I woke this morning in pain and very limited mobility. I checked the humidity 95% OMG no wonder 😱 it dropped slowly through the day and things improved humidity now 67% can’t believe the difference I’ve just been for a walk as well as a online fitness video. I’m a different woman 😁

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Mmrr in reply to J1707

Me too, I love Autumn my favourite time of the year 🍁🍂

No. I want more sun please, hope we get a good September

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J1707 in reply to allanah

Are you trying to kill me off 😂😂😂😂 funny how we are all different

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bubblyalex in reply to J1707

No killing anyone off please 😂

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Ruth12345 in reply to allanah

Yes yes yes.... me too for more sun. No dont want to kill anyone off please. I'm dreading the cold so I understand you dreading the sun. The heat is great for me but high humidity not so

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AgedCrone in reply to Ruth12345

I really feel as if Summer never happened .....a couple of spells of uncomfortably hot weather is not what I call Summer.

I think 70°f, sunshine, blue skies with the odd shower is what I expect a British Summer to be.

So where is it?

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bubblyalex in reply to allanah

It’s going to be a good one 😁 it is ... really really it is. How are you allanah? I hope your flare has gone down and you’re doing ok.

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allanah in reply to bubblyalex

Got steroid jab and TCZ yesterday

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bubblyalex in reply to allanah

Oh good. I hope that means on the up rapidly. 👍🏻🤞🏻

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allanah in reply to bubblyalex

Me too !! Thanks x

I have noticed this myself, we have some rowan trees in the garden that have been covered in berries for weeks ,I also see that some trees are getting their autumnal colour .

It’s feeling very like that here too. Blackberries have been coming in for the last few weeks or so. Seems so early for them to be pickable at the start of August.

Also, blackberries very early again this year - it's usually late August early September but hubby has picked loads and they are now in jars as Bramble Jelly - they've been done about a fortnight. x

I have just picked another large bag of blackberry beauties from our garden brambles. Yes they are early and I’ve had two bags already from last week and the first week in August and thought exactly the same .. early! These will be eaten as they are .. just washed and dried and vanilla ice cream and a little maple syrup. Last week I made frozen blackberry yoghurt simply by adding the blackberries to Greek yoghurt and some honey and lemon juice and blitzed it in the Ninja. I sampled and it was lovely but it’s in the freezer and we will have that sometime soon. It was the most fantastic soft purple colour! bramble jelly sounds delicious.. bramble seedless jam was my very fave as a child. x

I used to pick carrier bags full several years ago from the fields close by and make loads of jelly. We don't get the same amount now as the brambles have all but gone from around here but still enough close by to make about seven or eight jars - yum. Your yogurt sounds very delicious - food for thought, thanks. xx

Yes it’s so easy to make. I put two mugs of sweet large blackberries and one mug of Tesco’s own lovely thick set Greek yoghurt and added juice from half a large lemon and two dessert spoons of Tesco clear runny orange blossom honey. Blitzed it in the Nutri Ninja. I’ve yet to see if I could tweak the consistency better and I’ll know when I eat it frozen, if I need to do that and add a bit more yoghurt but it looks to have set fine and won’t need to be out of the freezer for long before it’s at perfect consistency to eat. Would love to make some jelly/jam but not sure I’ve enough left on the brambles? x

I don't have a Nutri Ninja, I have a Froothie (Oz equivalent of Vitamix) but that should be OK. Thanks for that Nk. xx

How delicious. I usually pick them to freeze them for apple pies etc in the winter.

And here...also elderberries turning purple/black and sadly swallows are beginning to gather in large groups. Ah well, we never know...we might have AgedCrone’s ideal summer in December!

Quite a depressing thought isn't it but I suppose hardly surprising considering how quickly the year so far had flown past. x

I’m not ready to face Autumn or Winter and being stuck indoors so will hope for an Indian Summer with plenty more sun to come. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

I understand Lola. 💗 I am hoping to buy a small telescope so my hubby and I can go stargazing, all wrapped up in our woollies and duvet coats with a flask of hot coffee in the car, or just set it up in the garden too. I always do a lot of art and crafts indoors so I’m always busy that way but I’ll miss being in the garden planting and pottering. x

That sounds lovely.

I’m hoping I will be more mobile now I’ve just had my drug infusions so that I can get out and walk a bit when the weather is good. If my fingers improve too maybe I can do some needlework and sewing as well. Unfortunately I think it will be many more months before I can go back to playing bridge with my friends again.

Your hands will come back and you will be able to potter. 💗 I’m slow and limited but .. I know my limitations but I do get frustrated about not being able to do everything I’d like in the garden in one session. Doesn’t work that way anymore but I’ll settle for the slower pace of doing things. I think we really do miss our groups. Mine were hydro/aquafit and French conversation. I also did some community artwork too. I can’t easily do hand sewing as I’m unable to negotiate a fine needle that well with my middle finger being so out of alignment, but I can do some but it is slow. I paint and draw no problems and haven’t lost my skills there st all. I would love a lightweight sewing machine. Revisit some dressmaking. I hope you can soon do your needlework and sewing again. 💗

Lucky you Nk, I wish I could plant and potter in the garden, I really miss it. xx

What about some small pots on small plant shelves? Easily accessible for someone with bending issues. That’s what I have. Many crops in pots which are producing some excellent results. The things in soil beds are planted and sown by my hubby as I can’t bend down that far. x

It's my hands and my back that mess me up. I had loads of flowers in pots but I can't do it any more. x

i agree about the early Autumn too.

A lthough high humidity and pressure upset me, I dread winter too. Living in Bradford I am still shielding. I spend my time gardening, dog walking and meeting my friends weekly in a park.

What am I going to do in the winter . The telescope is an idea ...

I’m 9 miles from Bradford .. and very frustrated to be in this area, given the lockdown etc. I have wanted a telescope for some time and my OH is keen too so I’m going to do some research on them.

Let me know how you get on.

Will do!

Yes berries on the bush means a hard winter

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Neonkittie17 in reply to sylvi

Every year the newspapers try scare us with the coldest winter ever etc ... but I am sure we will get a harsh one soon. Hope it isn’t this year. xx

Noooo. I dread autumn and winter. So dark and dreary I can almost feel the black dog stalking. More sunshine and warmth not blinding heat would suit very well

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Gnarli

Just a nice warm temp of around 20 is good good for me but anything in excess and I can wilt!

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Lolabridge in reply to Gnarli

Me too!

Lots of berries are nature’s way of feeding her own! Hopefully a hard winter will kill off the covid!

Wish I was a goose flying south too 🤓

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J1707 in reply to Green230461

Kill off covid .... now your talking 😁

I’m hoping so 🙏✌🏻

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