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Off topic: can we reinstate 'off topic' topics?


It's great to have some light relief now & then, and get to know people's hobbies, pets and gardens. Especially the dogs!

We used to have a habit of putting 'off-topic' in the title of those sorts of posts, which makes it easy for those who don't want to read them to skip past. And makes it clear to people coming to the site for the first time that the main subject is our RA.

Can we do so again?

(Image is I think an Enbrel molecule)

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Good idea hh .....


Works for me 😊

Sure 😄

Well said hh. X

Like is not working for me again. Good point anyway.

Sounds like a good idea to me. I need a thumbs-up emoticon!

‘Off topic’ is a good idea.

Love the colourful picture. Will think of that when injecting later.

Yes, yes, yes, please x

😗whoooooops sorry!!! Yes I do agree as I was really glad when I found this forum when I found out abt my ra and it was so helpful and the people so friendly even when so poorly but we do need to stick to what it's abt support and I for one would not have coped as well without it I've had some really bad times and there has always been support in the darkest hours , think we got a bit carried away as some people feel like real friends and we really need nras it's the best and we will always try to help others who are struggling if we have been there with different drugs and symptoms and feel lost when trying to explain to people abt how dissabling Ra is and have the support on here is fantastic thankyou

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Still love Bert, 😂, he made my day x

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I think we need both things, as it's good to know a bit more about people...and RA isn't just about doom and gloom so we can be friendly too!

Nsmith13 in reply to helixhelix

Yes I agree thanx

Good idea, in fact I'll add it to my latest off post post. Must have been before I joined as I don't remember though I do choose off topic from the list it's not obvious in the title.

Very good idea, it's good to have fun stuff too that would be easier to search for

Got me thinking though(?) Where do you draw the line? What if the post has both off topic and RA related stuff?

helixhelix in reply to Simba1992

We have inflammatory arthritis, we're used to finding our way around less that clear distinctions...... either that or it's like bridge and any mention of RA trumps everything else....

The onset of my RA was triggered by high stress life for about 3 years non-stop. Some great destressers for me are the lovely pictures some of you post, the everyday stories some tell about normal life and family. I don't think those things are 'off topic' for me. They are 'make me feel good' things that help with de-stressing. Maybe you could call it something else. I like it. 🐕🐕😊

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