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a bit confused


hi everyone,

I am due to take my Amgevita injection on Friday morning, but due to it not working after 12 weeks my rheumy team has switched me to tocilizumab. I’m waiting for a call from the home team to start the new drug. But I’m not sure if I’m meant to stop the Amgevita now all together or not ? As I’m changing drugs.

Very confused, wondered if someone could help?

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Only your rheumy team can advise you about your meds really. They are the experts after all

You're going to have to ask your team I'm afraid. They should have told you what to do. I stopped my Tocilizumab (TCZ) 2 weeks before starting my new drug. The nurse said by the time it arrives it will be 2 weeks so stop it now.

I hope you can get hold of someone before Friday 🤞

rang the team and they sent us to the home delivery crew. Deciding to not take and and will hope that the new meds get delivered soon ! Fingers crossed ! :))

Yes you need to check with your team.....but if it is ‘t working what’s the point of taking it?

so true ! that’s what my mum and I were thinking

I’m afraid it’s one for your team to answer. Hope the new treatment when you get it though has better success 🤞

conniegraham in reply to Leics

Thank you ! Me too :))

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