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Spread the dose throughout the day


I take amitriptyline at night. I have been booked off work, can I take amitriptyline during the day to help with the sciatica pain, if I spread my dose out throughout the day?

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How did your doctor tell you to take it?

it’s usually written on the pharmacy label...if it isn’t ask the pharmacist.

As AgedCrone has said what does it say on the label. As it is to help you sleep i don't think it is advisable. xx

Hi know sure if it is for pain your takeing it for already, it is widely used for pain usually low doses even then they usually recommend later in the day for takeing it but you can take it in doses through the day usually lower dose if it is for pain , i would ask doc and tell doc it is not touching the pain through the day,the other alternatives if pain is bad is pregabalin as well ,i would ask doc on monday ,

Check with the pharmacy first. I don’t think you should spread the dose. Amitriptyline did nothing to help my pain.

Amitriptyline should be taken 2 hours before sleep.


I found it very useful for the severe pain in my sternum I used to get at night (costachondritis) and for back pain.

Is the sciatica a new thing?

Costachondritis :( not fun at all. I found (find) naproxen the best to relieve this pain 🙂 Docs tried telling me a few times I had sciatica ... I knew they were wrong and soon they did too 😁

I don't know but took Pregabalin for Shingles nerve pain and it worked well day and night. And crikey that hurt! x

I take 25mg in the morning & 50mg at night, but that was as prescribed by my GP. I'd prefer if you checked with your initial prescriber if you should split your dose Janeylily, we're obviously not the ones to ok that. Are you even sure that amitriptyline is the correct med to help ease your sciatica pain when it flares up? If it was me I’d either ask for an appointment with your GP to discuss or a telephone consultation at least. It could be another med like an NSAID or appropriate pain relief to support the amitriptyline is necessary.

I hope you manage to get on top of the pain, sciatica can be so disruptive. Have you tried stretching & hot & cold, whichever works best for you?

Thank you all for your reply. Take care

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