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Useless hand!

Thanks to you all who replied to my last post- here we go again regarding the hand.

Today has been terrible- I could not peel the veggies for tea, my hubby had to peel the sprouts, never in my married life have I had to ask him to do any of the meal preps but today I could not do it, I am proud as many of us ladies are, I peeled the carrots out of anger with my left hand cos my right would not work.....what a palava!

I then called the hospital up- my specialist nurse WAS suppose to be calling me yesterday or today......did she buggery Then I called the hospital today only to discover that my consultant is off for 2 weeks( she only just come back from a aussie trip for a month-the secratary is off for 2 weeks, and my nurse has gone home early (I called at 2pm )

What a to do.

What do I do now?

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Have you got any splints, Tramadol and Naproxen? If not you should phone NHS 24 or your GP and get these things asap as they might tide you through this flare. This has happened to me about 4 or 5 times in the past year - always worst in my right wrist and knuckles although the left seems to echo the same. Don't bother with your rheumy just go to your GP and get the right medicines. My attacks have so far not lasted for more than a few days at a stretch but the last one did alter the shape of my hand slightly (ulnar drift starting apparently) and I went to my GP as soon as they were open on Monday morning and got these medicines and my physio is looking into getting me customised splints.

I don't think there's anything they can do apart from perhaps give you a steroid injection in your wrist and good pain relief and in the long run your rheumy needs to know. Apart from that if your wrist, knuckles or fingers are swollen it would be a good idea to get an icepack on it and if not and you prefer warmth then run them under hot water or put a heated wheat bag on them. Sorry that's all I've been able to do for myself so far because I don't have a rheumy nurse to contact and if it's the weekend it would just be NHS 24. Take care - it will die down soon I'm sure and if not it's Friday tomorrow so your GP should be able to help you if you ask for an emergency appt. TTx


Dont worry about asking your hubby to help out i'm sure he wont mind. I havent been able to do those things since i was diagnosed 2 years ago i fell down 3 stairs and that was it RA eventually diagnosed and i havent got the full use of my left hand since and my right hands been up and down also. My hubbys had to adapt and now cooks and irons!! Its a case of adapting, i use hot water in the mornings to get things moving, wrist splints during the day and a soft splint to sleep in to keep the swelling down. Your OT should be able to get these for you. Its so annoying when the consultant and the nurse are unavailable at the same time, i come across this a lot. Luckily my drs are great and do call back the same day so i can get extra meds if i need it. I do find tramadol helpful and i use icepacks if swollen and heatpads if just aching. Hope that helps and i do sympathise i call my left hand my useless one too! Sue x


Oh dear! I know how you feel. i have been exactly the same since xmas. splits are great but only when used with tramadol! I use an infra red lamp for heat and just plenty of rest. hubby won't mind helping after all he won't want to see you suffer. good luck.



My hubby peels the spuds as I have a bit of a problem holding them. I can do it but feel that he eats more of them than I do so he gets the job!

The advice given by others here has covered almost everything. Another thing to try would be to get through to another RA team at the hospital and see if you can get an urgent appointment with them.

Hope you get some help ASAP



Thank you for all your tips .

I have today got my OT appointment through- the physio is choca so I dont expect an appoint any time soon.

Its my right hand thats useless- it feel numb and tingly,Im right handed.

Its so frustrating this condition it gets me so mad.

Once not too long ago I was really fit and active, now I am exhausted and depressed.

I want my muscles back!



It could be a trapped nerve/ carpal tunnel, I get temporary deadness sometimes, peel veg isnt on my list either I cook potatoes with skins on!


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