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Low white blood cells

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Does anybody else when they get their blood results have a low white blood cell count? this has happened twice now to me. Once over a year ago and the most recent blood test has shown it again. Apart from my RA I feel well. I have been asked to have another test in 10 days . My RA nurse who called me did ask if I had been on antibiotics or had I recently had an infection. I have not been on antibiotics and apart from a very bad allergy (all over my legs and arms) which was very red and sore I’ve been well . The allergy actually only went a few days before my last blood test but did but think about this when I was talking to the nurse . I’m hoping when I have another test the white cells will be back to normal . Not sure if i have a vitamin deficiency or need to Rethink my diet . thanks 😊

11 Replies
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Hi I yes regularly get white cell problems. My TCZ however is designed to lower immune response thus white cells, sometimes they just go lower. When it happens they dont give me that months drip.

It does mean to be more careful of getting infection as your immunity is slightly lower.

My white cells comes back up on their own normally and its therapy not diet related.

Currently though due to covid virus they are being more careful ( apparently a sign of covid can be low white cells) so that's why they ask are you feeling unwell or sick, but I must stress low cells in our case are normally just a sign out treatment is working a bit too much !

So they will recheck your blood and decide a level that is good for you where you can have your treatment, my cells are often low when I get mine !

Good luck x

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Thank you 😊 hoping they are back to normal next blood test 🤞

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I have this too this week and waiting for a conversation with my GP on the phone this afternoon. I have recently had an increase in my DMARD and been prescribed a course of steroids. So suspect this could be the cause. Hope your next lot of blood tests are ok. x

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Seagulls14 in reply to Summerrain14

Thank you 😊

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It's usually due to your medication working too well, or to the effects of an infection (some of which supress your white cell production).

For most of us it is just a temporary blip. I've had concerned phone calls from the surgery asking 'Are you feeling OK?" and come and have another blood test before now, but, for me, it has always just been a blip and the blood test has gone back to normal.

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Thank you 😊

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Yes, I have chronic/permanant leukopenia (low white cell count) and neutropenia (low neutrophil count, the part of white cells that fight infection.

White cell count should be between 3.8 and 11. Mine is between 1.9 and 2.5 when tested - no matter what.

Neutrophil count should be atleast 1.8. Mine is 0.5 to 0.6, when it is 0.9 that is high for me.

I was eventually diagnosed with SLE in October 2019 after many tests over the previous 6 months after a battle with pneumonia and pleurisy in March and April 2019.

Not on any medication for leukopeni, neutropenia or SLE due to having no access to rheumatology due to politics and devolved NHS. ANd according to Public Health Wales, I am of 'no additional risk to COVID-19 to an otherwise healthy person'. Ok then.

Good luck with the investigations, I hope it's nothing to worry about and 'just one of those things' and readings return to normal :)

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Brychni in reply to Ceri-NorthWales

this was 10 months ago - but have you been seen yet??

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Hi. Yes, it happens to me randomly twice a year. The same routine as you. I leave off the meds and get another test the following week and all is well again. freaked me out the first couple of times. Don’t worry for now. These things have a way of correcting themselves. Obviously have to be aware but don’t get yourself in a state just yet. Just read other replies. Lots of us get it.

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My total white blood count dropped to 2.8 just as the lockdown started. My lymphocyte count is continuously too low at around 0.77 and I have been neutropenic in the past with low neutrophils.

I had repeat bloods taken 2 weeks later after stopping 20mg MTX weekly injections and my TWBC came back up.

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I too have a low white blood cell count this week, probably because my TCZ was upped a bit for the last 2 infusions. I have been asked to get another blood test, hopefully things are improving otherwise they might play with the TCZ dose again.

I did panic a bit the first time it happened but am now used to occasional problems, it can make me a little more tired than usual.

For me it is all medication related and my body usually adapts and sorts it out itself, I hope yours is the same

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