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Low white blood cells

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Hi All

my last two blood tests show low white blood cells but they don’t seem to worry. Has any of you had this. I did have to have 2 months on steroids due to a flare up could this be why?

Any thoughts on this? I have been worried silly.

Pam x

10 Replies
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Sorry i haven't,hugs.xx

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Hi Parker16-

It is common to have this problem with eg methotrexate (MTX).

I was often told to stop taking it for a week, retest, then restart when white cell count was back to ‘acceptable’.

However, the levels used for many blood counts when on DMARDs is usually a bit lower than normal because they factor in these effects and weigh them against the danger of allowing RD to be less suppressed, and the risk to health of blood counts.

Best to discuss with your GP/Rheumatologist/RD helpline if there is one in your Rheumatology Dept.

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Parker16- in reply to charisma

Thanks I will call the nurse tomorrow as I keep feeling giddy so was going to ask what she thought as I am now trying leflunomide as I had to come off methotrexate .

Thanks for taking the time to reply


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charisma in reply to Parker16-

Leflunomide is what I am on and it can make you dizzy. I found it wears off though as the body adjusts. :-)

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Which white blood cells are low? My Dr's ignore low lymphocytes but stopped MTX when I had low neutrophils.

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Parker16- in reply to BoneyC

did not ask I will find out



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I've had a low white cell count, neutrophil and lymphocyte count since becoming unwell with RD, predating commencement on methotrexate. Methotrexate has improved my white bloods.

In my case the low count has been labelled 'chronic idiopathic neutropenia', suggesting they don't know why my white cell is count is low and it's just part of me. It's not.

I believe it is part of my RD as bloods checked in 2009 and 2012, showed normal white cells.

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Parker16- in reply to Mmrr

Thanks for reply

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I always have borderline white blood cell count. It just goes over and under the required reading. My specialist has told me it is normal for me and not to worry about it. I have been in remission for years. We are all different. Just take advice from the experts. Big dips are the only thing that would worry my rheumy now.

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Parker16- in reply to Gillian15649

Thanks for reply

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