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Low white cell blood count & RA

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Monthly I get blood draws. Per my Rheumatologist. This month WBC was 3.7 (in the red) verses last month of 6.5. Is this something that common having RA and I just deal with it ? I’ve not heard from my doctors yet about it. I started Enbrel 2 wks ago but now have to discontinue bc I had a pretty significant reaction. So, next plan is to try Humira.

Anyone else experience low #’s in bloodwork that was addressed ? Thoughts?!?

6 Replies
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My total WCC goes up and down from one month to the next. My neutrophil count is also very variable, but always low. My rheumatologist asked for an opinion from haematology who said the neutrophils could drop to 1 before I would need to stop meds. They tend to hover just above 1.Two months ago my haemoglobin started to fall too, all part and parcel of RD.

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I had my bloods done on Thursday and had a call of Friday to tell me the same. I've been told to carry on, have another test in 4 week's time and hopefully it will correct itself. This has happened to me a couple of times since getting RA and it has luckily sorted itself out 👍🤞🤞

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Hi Jaeyescats80, as Mmrr says “all part and parcel of RA”. My WBC and neutrophils are always on the low side. Went very low at last blood count so now off my Leflunomide for 2 weeks in the hope they improve.

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I am on MTX and COSENTYX, for a long time my white cells count has been low and they have added neutropaenia to my diagnosis. I have fortnightly tests which is a real pain. Seems to be something I have to live with.

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Hi, my white blood cell count always fluctuates but I’ve been told not to worry unless it drops to 1. I am on abatacept

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