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Received a letter yesterday to self isolate and shield my self so here goes 12 weeks of staying at home

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We're in strange times! but it's wise to keep safe. Wish you all the best 👍

Its hard darling, but if the weather stays we will all manage to get into our gardens if nothing else darling.xxxx

I’ve not received a letter but shielding all the same. At least I can sit out in the garden today and be company for our little rabbit which is almost 13

I'm on day 12 of shielding, live alone and finding it ok. I do have a teeny weeny patch of garden with a seat so I can get outside to sit each day, which helps.

Audible books, podcasts, spotify, making soup and Skyping are all fabulous activities to keep occupied with.

I have a glass jar which is rapidly becoming full of post it's with things written on them that I intend doing, when shielding is over.

The time will pass, just keep as occupied as you can.

dawkin_S in reply to Mmrr

What a great idea your post-it jar is: I'm always thinking of stuff I'd like to do, but never remember it. I'm going to steal your idea - thank you! :)

Pippy25 in reply to Mmrr

I think the post it jar is a fab idea Mmrr and I have suggested it to my friend too. I was just starting to go out again and regain my confidence looking to join activity groups after decades of caring for my late parents and bang this virus strikes, so I know there are lots of things I would like and hope to do so I best get writing them down! Enjoy sitting out and looking after that raised bed you've made.

Horrible but necessary.. lots of us are in the same boat.

Same here cleaned oven cleaned fridge cleaned windows what next zzz do these things while I feel I can probably be laid up tomorrow hey ho bring on the sun sit in my lovley garden zzzzz 🌼🌺🌞

It will be my 14th day tomorrow of shielding so wishing you the best and keep safe.

The distancing within the house is hard, I'm actually on week3 . Just try to relax and keep occupied and dont watch too much news as it prays on your mind.

firstlyif I were you I would see if you qualify for home deliveries of food you should as someone told to shield, or if you can phone a community volunteer or hub , as some of them take a few weeks to arrive ,

If you live with people let them see the letter , its pretty explicit on what to do.

Good luck, xx

Hi Steve, I got my letter yesterday, 5 double sided sheets of paper that must have used a lot of paper to send to all of us. Well here goes, glad my shopping is getting delivered today. Best wishes, Day 2 now, what will we do today 🤔

Elisee55 in reply to Lizard28

What do these letters say? I'm in Canada and can't seem to get a straight answer as to what I'm supposed to do. I'm on Xeljanz and prednisone.

Lizard28 in reply to Elisee55

They just tell you that the NHS has identified you as a vulnerable person if you catch COVID 19. You have to stay in for next 12 weeks and they give you a number to register, as they will send you updated messages with latest info. It’s a list of DOs and DONTs really and telling you what to look out for. Basically it’s what we have all read already. Also if we get any of the symptoms we have to call 111 as soon as possible and not wait till we get worse.

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