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Cimzia injection


Anyone taking Cimzia to put RA into remission ?¿

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There is no guarantee that a specific drug will lead to remission. I am on CIMZIA and in remission. CIMZIA has helped, but many other factors play into it like, diet, exercise, knowledge of RA and all other aspects of self management. These are just as important if not more. I wish you all the best.

Thx....1 day and boom my inflammation went away....i was like woow. I'm an active person all together, I'm always out & about. I'm going to make a diary once a week how I'm feeling ( keep a mental note to myself. Guess I'm just waiting 4 the side effects to hit me.

My attitude to side effects has always been: if they are no worse than the pain and damage I'd get without the medication, then I am happy to put up with them.

I have been on Cimzia for several years in combination with Methotrexate and Hydroxychloroquine.

Apart from the occasional twinges in my hands I am symptom free. No guarantee it will work for you. The nature of RA is that the drugs don't work in same way for everyone. Some will have side effects others won't. Cimzia works for me, it does nothing for some.

Thx...I'll keep that in mind but for now i going keep up my stretching & exercise.

I take Cimzia, it took a good few weeks to kick in, but on the whole has been amazing. I hope it works for you, good luck.

in reply to Pea3 far so good. Fingers crossed.

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