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Husband got excited about spinach

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We were watching Foods Unwrapped and hubby picked on subject that spinach had same affect as steroids. So he said to me look eat lots of spinach and be off steroid pills. I kept watching 4-16kg spinach needed every day to get effect.

I think NOT I love spinach but..............

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Bless him 🤣🤣 he so wants to help

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... there are limits! 🙄

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I sort of replied this to him😊

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If you’re going to be Popeye, that will make him Olive Oil!

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If only!😁

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I love spinach as well but don't think I could manage that much! Shows he cares though!

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Haha. Its a nice effort.

I've eaten a lot of olives & their oil, since I heard that a combination of light & dark is meant to have anti-inflammatory affects.

Not sure this actually works. Its probably the same kind of quantity to get the benefit but I tell myself its a health food so have some almost every day anyway.

Happy munching! 😄

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Misguided, but sweet. Wrong kind of steroids. But bless him for caring <3

Hmmm...spinach is very high in oxalates. Probably won't make you feel too good.

At least he's taking an interest! 😁

Thanks all he has now bought me an infusion tea pot as we eat a lot of ginger already but it also raved re ginger properties and I said I love fresh ginger guessed it😁

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Don’t forget the ginger snaps to dunk!

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You might do this already but JIC. I freeze pieces of peeled fresh ginger and then run one or two through the juicer with carrots etc or put them in a smoothie - really nice!

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Mmrr in reply to Dobcross1

Most of the major supermarkets sell frozen chopped ginger, garlic, parsley, corriander, onions, and some other products too. Brilliant for cooking with. I have a stock in my freezer, saves the old wrists chopping and no waste either.

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Re spinach, think of all that folic acid!

Lol. He tried

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I like spinach too but it contains too much iron for me and has a tendency to have a bit of a laxative effect so I have to avoid it a bit.

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