super excited

Hi all.Been quite some time for me.was at the gyna last week and he confirmed am now 5wks pg.was so excited and still am.I know that's one huddle past and now the main journey has thankful am feeling great except for mild nausea and backache occasionally which was told its normal.

Thanks to everyone for the preconception advice and support.Looking forward to Sharing this special part of my life with you since you have always been there for me when dealing with RA.

Lots of love

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  • What wonderful news, congratulations. Much love Alison x

  • Congratulations good new

  • Many congratulations. Clemmie

  • Fabulous news. I hope you keep healthy and happy , congratulations

  • Congratulations, exciting news :)

  • Awww well done xx baby is guaranteed to have lots of cyber wobbly aunts and uncles x

  • Lovely news! its nice to read good news! I hope all goes well for you. x

  • how wonderful. congratulations x

  • I hadn't followed your story as I'm relatively new to the site, but nevertheless am so pleased for you & your partner. You fell so quickly too!

    I hope you continue with few symptoms & look forward to sharing this wonderful journey with you.

  • Congratulations fab news

    Jen x

  • Congratulations!

    NRAS Helpline Team

  • Woo hoo I don't know you but what ab fab news. Always good to hear good news gives us all a lift :):)

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