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Called back for repeat chest X-ray

Hi I had a chest X-ray and blood tests prior to starting biologics. I have been waiting for CCG funding for the last 5 weeks and got the go ahead last week. Now I’ve had a phone call from my hospital X-ray department asking me to go in for a repeat chest X-ray from a different angle and of course I’m worried. Has anybody else had this? Barbara

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Yes I had this, went back for the repeat X-ray and it was fine.



Thanks Clemmie for that info. I’m probably worrying unnecessarily, but I’ll be glad to have it done 😊

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In my experience they are doubly cautious when screening you before biologics, so it's not necessarily anything to worry about. And *if* there is a problem, it's been picked up when it might not otherwise have been, so that's good too.

I had a borderline TB test in my screening, so there was a bit of a question mark but in the end it was all fine and didn't really delay things by more than a week. Good luck!


costochondritis - look it up - rib flare - DICLOFENAC drops 60 $ relief


Yes I have and told I have lung disease, I was quite shocked, don’t worry about it too much , I had chest infection which wouldn’t clear.good luck


I had to have a CT scan prior go biologicals and this picked up enlarged lymph nodes in neck and under arm. Had to have biopsy on underarm one and to see a breast consultant, the weeklong wait for results was worrying,but all ok said Inflammation was due to RA. At least they were thorough before starting. It's hard not yo worry when called back but best to be sure before starting treatment. X


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