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Low white blood count.

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I know I’m not alone. Anyone got any tips to get my levels up. It was 1.34 a month ago. Now 1.65. Normal level 4-11. Nurse says above 2 is ok and I’ve always run a bit low.

Been eating lean poultry, fish, veg. Taking vitamin C.

I’m hoping someone has a little miracle up their sleeve.

15 Replies
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Sorry i can't help you. Hugs from me.xxx

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Sorry can’t help,there will be others on here who can xxxx

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Mine always go down when the inflammation level goes up. Is yours related?

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Esmereld in reply to oldtimer

Funnily enough I did have a flare a few days before I had bloods done and the nurse asked me the question. So yes, it appears that a flare can cause levels to drop. Thanks for taking time to respond.

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My WCC has been on the low side since around the time of diagnosis. It varies according to the meds I am taking, sometimes it goes quite low, particularly if I am not too well. Apart from eating healthily and looking after yourself to give your body the best chance, my understanding is that there is not a lot you can do.

WCC seems to be related to meds and inflammation.

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I wish I knew too. Mine hovers around 2.5. I eat a healthy diet of chicken, fish, plenty of fruit and vegetables, nuts, yoghurt and flax seeds on my cereal every morning but still it doesn't increase.

I am on azathioprine which does reduce my white cell count but right at the beginning of lockdown my consultant reduced it to 50mg a day from 75mg a day - I've been gradually reducing it over the last two years. But my blood test a fortnight ago was lower than right at the start of lockdown; I was very disappointed as I was expecting it to have increased.

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Mine was only ever low when on higher doses of Methotrexate. I just stopped, as instructed, for a week or so till the white blood cells recovered.

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Mine hovers around 2, and I have asked this question many times. I have had meds paused to see if I can get levels up. Am back on MTX low dose now. I am vegetarian and eat Plenty of nuts and seeds. I take a vitamin B12 supplement which someone recommended and eat marmite every day (I know some hate it). This week I had a white cell of 3.2!!! Don't know if it will last, my symptoms are slightly better so am wondering if my white cells are worse when I have a flare?? If anyone has any ideas always interested to try new diet tips.

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I’ve done a bit of reading and the key seems to be Vitamin C although mostly that it should just go back to normal on it’s own. I’ve been taking the most vile tasting vitamin C supplement 🤮 and trying to get plenty of broccoli/peppers/lean poultry and fish down me. Yes, the levels can apparently come down if having a flare. There’s an issue though. Low blood count, less drugs, more flares, lower count. Talk about a vicious circle 😂. More bloods in two weeks.

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My WBC and neutrophils have always been low even when I was healthy and way before the start of RA. After 9 months I've finally got remission and now using metoject 20mg during the last 3 months. During the flares my counts were in the normal range but now I'm feeling really good and in remission my counts have gone back to 'my' normal low levels and now my consultant has told me to come off MTX-metoject for a few weeks to see if my counts go up. I'm planning to contact him next week to inform him of my 'low norm' which I'm sure he's not aware of to see if that impacts his assessment of my condition and current drug dosage.

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Hessie5 in reply to francko

Hi Francko - same for me before RA my WBC / neutrophils are deficient - I had a reading of 0.3 my Rheumy panicked asking if I am feeling ok and stopping all meds 😬

Quick question - how do you personally know you are in remission - would you say no pain / flaring whatsoever?

Best, Hessie 😌

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francko in reply to Hessie5

Hi Hessie5 - my consultant's definition of remission is that essentially all pain / joint issues associated with RA are gone. I always thought remission was feeling good after a course of drugs was complete but for RA it seems to be feeling good even though you're continuing to take the drugs.



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Hessie5 in reply to francko

Thank you Francko - very helpful. I thought remission was off all meds with no pain or flares whatsoever. Wishing you the very best in this RA journey.

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Hi - you are not alone my WBC / neutrophil always low saw a private haematologist as recommended by my Rheumy as he was concerned came back it's my genetic makeup frustratingly.

Zinc and garlic all good for WBC but like anything consult with your Rheumatologist - my Rheumy has a list of all the supplements I take. All the best. Hessie 😌

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Absolutely yes to garlic (study proven to boost both red & white blood cell counts).

I suggest 2-4 cloves of garlic grated onto your food each day (add some oil to take the bite out of this harsh food). Might see results on blood tests in one to two weeks.

~wbiC, visiting

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