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New day new drug


Hi everyone hope your all well ? So had rheumy yesterday and they have started me on Hydroxy 400mg a day as well as my Sulfasalazine I’m hoping to see a difference soon and get out of this constant flare . If you’ve been on it how did you find it ? If you had any side effects what were they and how long before they showed there ugly face x

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I got a bit of dry mouth and itchy eyes but started using eye drops and seemed to be fine. It all seemed to settle after a month or so x


I’ve been on hydroxy for about 20 years now and I’ve never had any problems with side effects. Yearly eye tests (which I assume you’ve been told about) as it can cause eye problems in some people. I hope it works for you 😊

Hi the only side effect I had was an upset tummy but after 6 months I had to change to Methotrexate as unfortunately it did not work for me.

I love how I feel on Hydroxy 400gm, but had to drop down to 200gms because of being under weight for it, which now is not so effective, tried Sulfasalazine but wasn't very well on it, but others have done very well on Sulfasalazine

I hope they both work for you

Been on Sulfasalazine for 5 years did fab but stopped doing its thing unfortunately

Was put on hydroxy and sulphaselazine at same time about 15 months?ago. No eye problems. Some nausia but it cleared after about a month. I now always take after food twice a day. All the best.

Been on it for around 10 months now, my how time flies! I haven’t had any side efffects ao far and it has certainly calmed things down for me- all the best! X

I take side effects.hydroxychlorine improved me better

I have been on both of these for about 12 months. I was fortunate and had no side effects and they seem to have done the trick so far.


I take 200mg HCQ with no issues. However I was on 400mg at one point and then I did have gut issues.

Folk on this site suggested splitting the dose (one with breakfast, one with dinner) and that got rid of the gut issues in a couple of days.

I know others find the coated version of HCQ help them with their side effects, but splitting the dose was enough for me.


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